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Posted: 05/25/10

Chocolate and Atheists – Ray Comfort

"I believe (with 100% conviction) that the moment an atheist dies he (of she) will cry "Oh no! There is a God, ..." And I believe that if I eat chocolate I won't gain weight. It's just frustrating that I can't convince my bathroom scale to agree with me." Weemaryanne

There one big difference between my conviction, and you chatting with your bathroom scales. Mine is based on trust, yours is based on fantasy.

However, the analogy does hold up when you realize that it is impossible to reason with bathroom scales. The scales don't have a brain. It doesn't matter how much you plead with them, they will turn a deaf ear, and you will continue in your frustration.

Such is the case with you and other atheists on this blog. You cannot be reasoned with. But my consolation is that others here are seeing your mockery, and realizing how foolish it is to toy with your eternal destiny.

Speaking of chocolate and scales. You and I have been "weighed in the balance" of God's Law and "found wanting." How many of us are guiltless when it comes to lying, stealing, coveting other people's things, lust--which is adultery of the heart (see
Matthew 5:27-28), blasphemy, and of the sin of ingratitude?

So why would anyone want to give up what the Bible calls "the pleasures of sin"?

Imagine that your doctor said, "You are allergic to chocolate. Even a small piece will instantly (and with much pain) kill you." If you believed him, you would immediately deny yourself its pleasure. If you didn't trust your doctor or didn't care about your life, you would indulge and suffer the consequence.

And there is the essence of your problem with God. You lack the virtue of trust in Him, and you don't love life. Prove me wrong.

A Personal Conversation with Andy

"I'm sorry Ray and I don't mean to sound disrespectful to you, but I'm quite sure that when I die, if there turns out to be a God after all, and again for arguments sake, it's your God, I won't be begging for mercy. If this God is as just as you claim, I will be put on trial for my 'crimes'. This will mean that I will able to make a defense for my actions. It will be my right to demand that God demonstrate that his laws are as perfect as he claims they are." Anndy Duchemin

You are right. You won't be begging for mercy because there won't be any. If you die in your sins, you get only justice. The door of God's mercy will be closed. There is no second chance.

I know that you don't believe this, but my heart breaks for you and others who think of God as an old man in the sky (a sky-daddy, etc.), and therefore dismiss the idea of His existence.

Just for a moment, please put aside the thought that God doesn't exist, and think about the universe, and how incredible God must be if He made it?

Think about the sun. The earth fits into its volume a million times. Think of its surface--the massive flames that reach up thousands of miles into space. If God created just that sun, then He is unspeakably powerful and (if you are wise) He is to be greatly feared.

Think now of your amazing memory bank. I'm 60 years old, but I can instantly recall almost every incident of my youth. I can go there and relive a multitude of experiences. Think of the things that are recorded in yours--those things that you did that were morally wrong. All of those things will come back as evidence of your guilt.

Add to that the fact that you are a fornicator (as you admitted recently--see
1 Corinthians 6:9-10), and you are in BIG trouble.

Andy, you know that I like you, so what I'm going to say is out of deep concern for you.

It's because your concept of God is erroneous, that your consequent concept of Judgment Day is reduced to that of a civil court.

Judgment Day is more like you falling onto the surface of the sun, than you demanding anything from God. To say that you will be terrified is the understatement of eternity. You have no idea of the awesome power and holiness of the Almighty God that you have offended by your sin.

However, we can get a tiny glimpse of it through genuine conversion (something called "regeneration")--where God instantly makes you clean and new on the inside. That can only happen through humility, repentance, and trust in the person of Jesus Christ (see
John 3:3).

What do You Expect?

"Fantastic post Ray, one of your best in a long time. You have really done a great job of showing how little respect you actually have for atheists. Please keep it up, these posts are just wonderful and do an amazing job of turning people away from your brand of theism. …Oh I'm an atheist by the way in case you were unsure." Rabbitpirate

You are partly correct. I respect atheists because they are human beings, but I have no respect at all for atheism. What else should you expect from me. Remember what I believe--I am 100% convinced that (what you call) your "lack of belief" will bring you unspeakable pain. I will therefore will do everything I can to try to warn you that what you are trusting in is utterly foolish. I believe (with 100% conviction) that the moment an atheist dies he (of she) will cry "Oh no! There is a God, and I am a wicked sinner who has violated His perfect Law!" I am horrified at that happening to anyone.

Again, I'm utterly convinced that Hell is a reality and it is the destination for those who are guilty before God. Yet He offers a complete reprieve. Your case can be dismissed because of the cross. God can allow you to live forever, if you will repent and trust the Savior.

And you want me to respect the fact that you laugh at His mercy. It would be easier to respect a child who thinks it's funny to play with a lit stick of dynamite.

Tell me, how would you react if someone you cared about was trusting his life to a faulty parachute? As he stands 10,000 feet above an unforgiving earth, wouldn't you reason with him about the foolishness of what he is doing? And if he laughed at you, mocked you, and even hated you, wouldn't you still plead with him? Of course you would, unless you are an uncaring person. Well, I'm not. I care even to tell you the truth.


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