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Posted: 04/01/10

Ray Comfort Celebrates Texas Victory Over Secret Service
In June of 2006, the Secret Service raided "The Great News Network" --a Texas-based Christian organization, and seized 8,300 "counterfeit" Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts. In September of 2009, the president of the Great News Network, self-made millionaire, Darrel Rundas, took the United States Secret Service to court, claiming "illegal search and seizure."


The "counterfeit" millions were produced and published by Ray Comfort. Comfort, who is a best-selling author and president of Living Waters Publications, said, "The day of the raid we were thrown into a panic. Here was the United States government seizing 8,000 of our million dollar bills, charging that they were "counterfeit" money. This was serious. We quickly alerted our customers as to the seizure, and to our amazement sold more than half a million that same day. There was so much demand, we had to take it off because our staff were so overwhelmed."


This week a Judge ruled in favor of The Great News Network and ordered the return of the 8,000 Gospel tracts. Comfort said, "We thank God that the Judge also ruled that our tracts are NOT violations of the counterfeiting law (the basis for the illegal search and seizure)." 


Additionally, Judge Solis stated that two of the Secret Service agents "conspired together" to cover up their actions, including lying on the stand. 


Comfort added, "For years we have wondered why the Secret Service didn't raid Living Waters here in California. After all, we were the publishers of the 'counterfeit' money. This verdict is good news for all Christians, but particularly for our ministry because it means that we can continue to sell millions of the millions. To celebrate, we have slashed the price for this month and we are expecting another run on the bank. We are particularly pleased that we can also keep our new very realistic Trillion Dollar bill [PICTURED]. It's such an easy one to give out. I just say, 'Here's your trillion. I'm trying to fix this economy.' People love it." To help further fix the economy, see
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By Ray Comfort

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Posted On: 04/03/10 08:26:02 AM Age 67, AL
Justice delayed nearly four years is not justice.

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