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Posted: 03/29/10


What Atheists Believe . . .
Ray Comfort

"Atheists believe that 'nothing created the universe' in the same sense that christians believe that 'nothing created their deity.' So, tell us Ray. What was it that created your deity, if it wasn't nothing?" Pvblivs

If that's true and you are speaking on behalf of atheists, then they are all believing something that is unscientific. The universe cannot be eternal. This is because of entropy (or the Second Law of Thermodynamics). Everything is running down. It is degenerating--from the sun, to rocks, to fruit, and even your own body. If you leave an apple on your table for a month, it won't get better. It will get worse--it will rot. Everything material does. That's common knowledge and a scientific fact.

If the earth was eternal, as you say that you and atheists apparently believe--that it is multiple quattuordecillion of years (plus) old, then it would have crumbled to dust trillions of years ago.

God is a Spirit (he is not material) and He is eternal--without beginning and without end, and He is the Creator of all things. He is nothing like what you conceive Him to be. He is not bound by time or space, is utterly perfect--something called "perfect holiness." When God spoke to Israel they thought they were going to die, because the experience was so fearful. So dash any image you have of an old man in the sky, reaching out to a naked Adam. That's idolatry. Instead, study the Scriptures and you will begin to understand what you must face on Judgment Day. If you get a right understanding of the character and nature of the One who gave you life, that will bring you to the Savior.

"[Ray] continuously misrepresents what we believe. It's because he calls us fools and says we have no morals. It is because no matter how many times we try to explain what we actually think and believe he refuses to listen and sticks with his straw man representations of what we think and believe. It is because he delights in telling us how wicked we are and that we are fools. It's because he loves to try and make us sound stupid to accepting scientific theories backed by 150 years worth of evidence from multiple different fields." (Rabbitpirate)

The problem the atheist has is that he can't say what "we" (atheists) believe. Who is he to represent the world's atheists? He isn't the atheist pope, he doesn't have an atheist Bible to state the official belief held by contemporary atheists. He can only speak for himself.

I have never called atheists "fools." I have pointed to and quoted God's Word--which says that those who say in their heart that there is no God are fools (see Psalm 14:1).

Of cause atheists have morals. Who doesn't? However, God's moral standard is infinitely higher than ours (He considers lust to be adultery and hatred to be murder).

I have never in 38 years once "delighted" in telling anyone how wicked they are, but I have to admit that I do love to show how the nature of the evolutionary theory is stupid and unscientific. It has no proof, and it makes no sense. I don't believe (as Richard Dawkins and many others do) that nothing created everything. I don't believe that we are primates and cousins of bananas. That's crazy-talk. The only time evolution and science should be mentioned in the same sentence is when talking of science fiction.

I believe that we were created by an eternal God, that we are made in His image--with an innate sense of morality that separates us from the animals, and that we and all of living creation were made as male and female, with the ability to reproduce after our own kind. That makes sense.

"Ray, I'm sure you wouldn't object to someone trading in your Koran, Ghagavad Gita, Book of Mormon or any other religious book for a Bible... what's the difference?" Abe

Why would I want someone to give up their religious book? However, I would gladly give them a Bible in addition to their religious book, because there is a huge difference between "religious" books and the Scriptures. It is not just the continuity of the message of the Bible (the promise that God would destroy the power of death), or the amazing Bible prophecies that run through it, but it's that it has a unique message. From beginning to end it tells us that man cannot make himself right with God through his religious works. God gave His Law (the Ten Commandments) to reveal how morally perfect He is, how sinful we are and to show us that the leap we are trying to make by offering good works in exchange for immortality is like trying to jump the widest part of the Grand Canyon blindfolded and with your legs tied together.

That leaves us with a knowledge that the only way we can be saved from death and Hell is by His mercy, and then He provided that through the suffering death of Jesus of Nazareth on the cross. Then He raised Him from death, and offered everlasting life as a free gift to whoever would repent and trust in the Savior. No religious book has a message anywhere near anything like the one in the Bible.

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By Ray Comfort

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