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Posted: 11/09/09

Taking us seriously  - Ray Comfort


"Till you theists approach these serious questions honestly (i.e. drop quote mining, repeating nonsense like atheist believe 'everything from nothing' Evolution leads to Nazism, etc...) and provide answers of substance (with logic and objective evidence), then you have no rational basis to expect others to take you seriously."

Sadly, you are like a man who is slowly sinking in quicksand. You are about to face a terrible death and we are telling you that there is something you can do to get out. Instead of believing us, you rail at us that we should have answers to questions that you consider to be rational. Yet you are the one with the problem, not us. You are in the shadow of death, we aren't. We have been saved from death.

I know that most of you think I'm deluded, or that I'm a snake oil salesman, or that I'm in this to get rich from my books. That's just not true. I don't get royalties through books that are sold through my ministry. I draw an average wage. I don't own a car. I ride a bike to work. I don't have a jet. I fly domestic. Almost every time of the more than 5,000 times I have preached the gospel in the open air, I have given away money, not taken it. There's no charge for you to be on this blog, and I don't have advertising on it so that I can make money from it.

I say these things so that you can't use me as an excuse for staying in your sins. I have cared enough about you to do all I can to warn you. I am completely free from your blood. That's the Bible way of saying that I warned you about the reality of Hell, and you wouldn't listen. You will be damned because of your own sins, and you will have no one to blame but yourself.


"I Don't Believe in Deities."

[lord-shiva.jpg] "I'm called an 'atheist' because I have no beliefs in deities. I also don't believe in what you call 'creation'. i.e. a 'deity' made everything from nothing. I don't even believe that there was such a thing as 'creation'. That is not to say I discount it as a possibility, I just don't believe it. I don't believe in a 'first cause' as there is nothing I can observe in nature that is remotely analogous. I don't believe there was ever literally 'nothing'."

I realize that you are not saying that you don't believe that there are "deities"--gods that belong to different religions. You are rather saying that you don't believe that those "gods" are a reality. They are false gods. In that we agree. They are merely wood, or stone, or only exist in the imaginations of these who bow down to them.

You contend that we don't live in "creation," obviously because that has strong connotations that there was a Creator. I can understand why you do that. You also say that you don't believe in a "first cause" because you can't see anything in nature that would remotely suggest that there was one.

May I suggest to you that this is because you don't believe there is a creation. If I say I don't believe there is a building, it is going to logically follow that I don't believe that there was a builder. I can understand your logic in that. But then you say "I don't believe there was ever literally 'nothing.'" So you therefore must believe that there was literally something. What was that "something," and how did it get here? No doubt your answer will be "We don't know. . . but we are working on it."

I am consoled that I don't have to argue with such illogical beliefs. I know that every sane person knows that God exists, and that they deny His existence because of His moral government. They don't want God telling them what to do, because they love their sins. How do I know this? Because the Bible (the Manual that tells us the inner-workings of human nature) tells me so.

My agenda as a Christian, is simply to warn you that (even though you said five times that you "don't believe") you will stand before a holy God who has seen every sin you have ever committed. On Judgment Day He will give you exactly what you deserve--and Hell is a fearful place. I don't want you to go there, and as long as there is breath in my lungs I will plead with you and every unsaved person on this earth to repent and trust Jesus Christ:

"Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God" (
Hebrews 3:12).

Pic. One of the many Hindu gods

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By Ray Comfort

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Good on Ya, Brother Ray!
Posted On: 11/10/09 07:53:26 PM Age 60, MT
Ray Comfort's patience and focus are obvious and necessary. The circular logic and denying the creation argument without seriously decussing the empirical evidence is frustrating to the Nth degree. The unsaved sinner wants to stay that way during the party. - yes, we did too! - You've no guarantee you'll draw your next breath. Examine the concept of eternity while you can. Ken

Thanks, Ray
Posted On: 11/10/09 08:44:40 AM Age 46, TN
Oh, how I thank God for the faithful witness of Ray Comfort. I pray for God's providential care over this man, his ministry, and his family. This sort of pity and love for railling scoffers is only possible through the grace and mercy of God.

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