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Posted: 07/27/09

Did God "Murder" His Son? –Ray Comfort

"Sorry Ray, I do not take my morals from a God who drowns opposing armies in the ocean, killed every living thing on Earth in a global flood, punished humanity for all time for eating a piece of fruit, rained fire and brimstone on entire cities because he didn't like their behavior, killed the first born of an entire nation, and murdered his own son. Thank God he does not exist." askegg

It seems that you don't know your Bible. God didn't "kill every living thing on earth in a global flood." He allowed all the fish, and a family of eight people to be saved. He didn't punish humanity "for all time for eating a piece of fruit." Adam was punished for his "disobedience" (see
Romans 5:19). If you refuse God's mercy, you too will be punished for your disobedience, not for Adam's.

You are also wrong when you said that "God murdered His own Son." The Bible says that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Jesus of Nazareth was the Creator in human form (see
John 1:1, 1 Timothy 3:16). The reason God became a Man was to suffer for the sin of the world (taking the punishment that is due to us). We violated God's Law (the Ten Commandments), and Jesus paid our fine. That means you can have your case dismissed. It means you can escape Hell, and receive everlasting life as a gift from God (see Romans 6:23).

God warned the Pharaoh ten times that He would judge Egypt, and you pin-pointed the reason for God drowning his army. It was because it was an "opposing" army. That's a good lesson for us: oppose and you lose. Like Pharaoh, you have been warned (through the Ten Commandments) that God will judge the world because it is at war with Him (see
James 4:4). If you refuse to surrender and carry on with your rebellion, God will give you over to what the Bible calls a "reprobate mind." I would hate that to happen to you.

You are right though about the fire and brimstone. The same Justice of God that fell on Sodom and Gomorrah abides on you (see
John 3:36), believe it or not. Please, think about your eternal salvation. There's nothing more important.

The Dilemma, Again

"Wow Ray, I have personally answered your versions of infinite regression, and 'nothing creating everything' and corrected your pathetic misunderstanding of the second law of thermodynamics... Not that I am claiming you are lying in this regard, I don't think so. You are simply expressing your ignorant opinions. However if you had any intellectual honesty you would acknowledge that there are answers given to your supposed stumpers that you are unable to refute." Ryk

I am happy to acknowledge that answers have been given to explain the "nothing created everything" dilemma, and I choose to believe that those answers are wrong. There's nothing to refute.

I have seen numbers of those who called themselves "atheists" change their minds and admit that they weren't atheists, the moment they realized that they did believe that "something" created everything. That was because the alternative was ridiculous. That realization is the pin that pops the bubble of atheism. That's why I am staying with this, much to the annoyance of the faithful posters.

However, my consolation is that if they don't like me saying this, they are free to go elsewhere. Think about it. If every professing atheist leaves, this would no longer be "Atheist Central." The Blog would dry up. I would be out of their lives forever. Or could it be that they get bored talking to those others who profess to be atheists?

So, what do you believe: creator or no creator? You could say that there is no such thing as "creation," which many atheists say, which is absurd. You could say "I don't know." But if you do, you are not an atheist. You are agnostic. You could try to define "nothing" as being something, which is also ridiculous. One of your atheist friends said, "An atheist is someone who believes 'the something' is NOT INTELLIGENT, because cosmology, abiogenesis and evolution show you don't need an intelligent designer to end up with a planet filled with life." Crazy-talk. So you do have a dilemma.

Here's another atheist's attempt to distance himself from the essence of atheism: "Let's say I believe that something caused the universe to form. SOMETHING not NOTHING. However I think that something was natural and not God. See, I am still an atheist because I don't believe in God, and yet at the same time I believe that something caused the universe." So he believes in a creator as the cause of the universe. He's not an atheist.

Let me add to all this that I am honored that you post here. Best wishes to you and yours.

"The Sky is Definitely Blue."

"There probably isn't a God. I'd never be stupid enough to commit myself 100% to the statement that 'THERE DEFIANTLY IS NO GOD!' because I don't know it for a fact. It's summer here in the UK, so I can look out my window and say, for a fact "the sky definitely is blue." You could say that to a color blind person that the sky isn't blue, but you'd be wrong because the color blind person has a vision deficiency causing them to see incorrectly." Andy Duchemin

I appreciate the fact that you have illustrated my point. As an atheist, you can't be sure of anything in this life. You can't be sure if God doesn't exist. You can't be sure of evolution. You can't be sure of what is right and what is wrong. But you are sure that the sky is blue. However, it's not. It has no color at all. It's an illusion. The only thing you can be sure of is your death.

On the other hand, those who know God (as apposed to those who simply "believe" in His existence) can be sure of many things. This is because God is never wrong. Ever. He is absolutely trustworthy in that which He says. We can therefore know absolutely about our origins, and we can know absolutely what is right and what is wrong. There is no "probably" when it comes to His immutable promises. Rather than let this fact upset you, see it instead as unspeakably good news for those who are tossed back and forth on the sea of speculation. It means that you can have a solid foundation for this life, and absolute hope (know that you have everlasting life) in the next.

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By Ray Comfort

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Thank You, Ray
Posted On: 08/02/09 08:32:47 AM Age 57, ID
Thank You, Ray, for blogging with the atheists. You never cease to amaze me with your wisdom, ability, and determination to minister to those who oppose the gospel. I have learned much from you and your love for the lost. JB

Posted On: 07/29/09 01:17:07 PM Age 65, OH
Askegg says, "I do not take my morals from a God who drowns opposing armies in the ocean". This person sure looks with hate toward The God that loves him. His hate blinds him to the love of God. God was not filled with hate toward the opposing army that was drowned in the sea. God was filled with love for the people who wanted to follow Him. The "opposing army" was filled with hate for these poor people who they had made their slaves, and this army was going to murder them all. It was the love of God who saved these poor people from the ones who wanted to make them slaves again. That is why people call Him Savior. Also God had warned the leader of that army not to go after His people. That King, sent his army to destruction by sending them into the sea, he was the murderer. What kind of hate would it take to send his army into the sea that had just been parted by God. Askegg, surely you do not think slavery is good. - God did not murder His own Son. 1st of all, it was not God who hung Jesus on the cross, but the Jews, whose fathers had been saved by God parting the sea. Of course they could not have had Jesus hung on the cross, if Jesus had not been willing to die for them. The Jews, and all of us, were the murderers, not God. 2nd, Jesus was God Almighty. It was only the human body of Jesus that was The Son of God and the Son of Mary. But Jesus was God Himself, who died Himself for our sins, so we could live with Him forever. God was not moved by hate, but by love for you. So you see that God was not moved by hate and did not murder His own Son. But God went to the cross Himself for us because of His love for you and me. Jesus did this to save us from the slavery of sin and death.- As to the flood, God did not murder anyone. The people of the world were filled with nothing but hate CONTINUALLY. They were filled with violence and hate at all times. They had destroyed their won souls by becoming complete slaves to sin and they did not want to be set free from sin and hate. They had become unredeemable by not having any desire to be set free from sin and death. God could see that there were only 8 people that were not completely filled with murder. God caused the flood to come to SAVE these 8 and all the children they would have. So the flood came to save the 8 and to save you and me. For we all are children of Noah and his wife. - God rained fire and brimstone on the cities of the Dead Sea plain to save you and me from their sin. The people of these cities were raping anyone who would come into their city. This would spread their sin of homosexuality and their disease to others. God destroyed these people to stop them from spreading their disease and sin to the whole world. This would have brought death to the whole world. Mankind can not continue if all become homosexual. We could not have been born. So you see God acted again to save you and me. Every action of God is mercy and grace for those who desire to be saved by Him. - Lou Newton

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