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Posted: 12/31/69

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Founding Fathers?
Posted On: 07/22/09 07:46:52 AM Age 45, ENGLAND
I am always surprised by Americans’ deference to the Founding Fathers. Too often a discussion about what should happen becomes a debate about what a particular Founding Father thought. Founding Fathers can be wrong: “what would Jesus do?” may be a guide to action, “what would Jefferson do isn’t”. If the thesis on Jefferson’s Calvinist views outlined above is true (there are good reasons to think that it is not) then this is simply a case of “Jefferson got it wrong”. The existence of societies that manage to be good with neither extensive state religious action, nor common observance of the public (eg Scandinavia) demonstrates that neither are necessary conditions for a “good” country.

Posted On: 07/15/09 10:46:16 AM Age 58, NC
People love to use the word Calvin as a pejorative. I believe people don't have a problem with Calvin, they have a problem with "Sola Scriptura". They want to add humanism to the dynamic of salvation. The problem is it isn't in scripture. They need to look at Calvin's doctrinal statements and see if they are in scripture, if not they should be rejected. People need to know what they believe and why. Many don't want to emphasize doctrine because what they believe doesn't line up with scripture.

Calvin or Christ?
Posted On: 07/15/09 10:18:53 AM Age 67, CA
I have studied Calvinism for a number of years, and have been taught by a number of great Calvinist leaders, and it is amazing how the church body is so willing to follow man. Calvin WAS a great reformer but he did not take the place of Jesus Christ or the inspired word of God. Yet there are people and congregations that deify him to the extent of nausea. The question is What form or sect of Calvinism should we follow? In my small town of less than 100,000 I know of three very diverse flavors of Calvinism, all off on their own interpretation of what Calvin tried to do. My question is this -- If Calvin was scripturally correct then why do we need him? The answer -- Because it is a way that we can re-define scripture to our own needs and still claim Christianity. God inspired all scripture, and to think that we need some man to tell us that God in His wisdom wasn't able to communicate His Word properly and so we need man's help to understand God's Word is just plain dumb. We are to be lifting up Jesus Christ, not man.

Posted On: 07/14/09 07:00:13 AM Age 46, PA
Calvin, Murderer, Tyrant, Laywer, French, need I say more? Just kidding about the French part.

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