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Posted: 07/03/09

The Southern Baptist Convention's Dirty Little Secret: The Cult in Its Midst

  Below is the text of a resolution submitted to the Southern Baptist Convention's Resolutions' Committee which met before the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (S.B.C.) in Louisville, Kentucky, June 23-24, 2009.  The committee chose not to pass the resolution entitled, "Freemasonry and Current Events," on to the convention where messengers could have had the opportunity to view and vote on the resolution.  The committee killed it!  Therefore, once again leaders of the SBC failed to encourage and warn its members to stay out of Freemasonry.  (There are hundreds of thousands of masons in the SBC.)

The unwillingness to be forthright about this issue has a long history in the SBC, most notably going back to the early 90's, when a study of Freemasonry was commissioned.  The man who did the study is now a mason and has written a book defending this cult.  The study is no longer made available due to the embarrassment surrounding the author's subsequent defection to the lodge.  Though the study was not nearly as strong as it could and should have been, with the author's bias what it was, it still was critical of Freemasonry.  However bad this was, it got worse.  The report which accompanied the study was not altogether accurate, though also quite critical of Freemasonry, but those who wrote the report hedged on calling SBC members in the lodge to repent of their involvement in what was obviously an organization in which a Christian has no business. The report said one's membership in this cult should be left to one's conscience (as if one's conscience is always a good guide).  The lodge declared victory!  Fence straddling carried the day as the SBC spoke with a forked tongue, trying to appease everyone.  However, those who really knew the truth were left out to dry.  The conservative leaders drew the line at this issue as those "stalwarts for truth" found this battle much tougher than the battle over inerrancy.  They had no heart for the heat of such a battle.  Fear won, truth lost! 

There's more craziness!  There was a resolution passed at the 1992 annual meeting (before the 1993 study) condemning participation in voluntary associations that involved secrecy, mysticism, etc, a euphemism for organizations like Freemasonry, but the resolution was so vague that it failed even to come out and call masonry by name.  Fear again?  Why not just call it out and be clear about what you are condemning?  Or is that being too bold?  To the SBC's credit, today if you go to its website,, and go the FAQ #19, it does tie this resolution to Freemasonry.

Fortunately, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the SBC does have some not so well known documents posted on its web site, two of which are referenced in the resolution below, that are very critical of Freemasonry, but once again none of these call for Baptists to flee the lodge.  Many pastors don't know these exist, and even fewer people in the pews know about them.

As to the 2009 proposed resolution seen below, the committee's thinking may have been that it would be premature to address a yet unpublished book, but that was the main idea (it's called being proactive) to take the chance that the book would be about Freemasonry since there was considerable reason to think so and thus warn people beforehand and minimize damage by the book's publication, such as the recruitment of new members and the spiritual damage to the souls of men.  It is also possible that ignorance of this issue played a major role in rejecting the resolution since Southern Baptists still do not understand the spiritual warfare ramifications (the demonic in others words) associated with Freemasonry.  Hosea said God's people perish for lack of knowledge.  That verse has definite application to this matter in the SBC.  Ignorance and fear seem to reign over the SBC when it comes to Freemasonry. Fear might also have influenced the committee as well, such as fear of being divisive or fear of a negative public image or any one of a myriad of fears. But where is the fear of GOD? That fear seems to have been less of an issue over the years! Of course, the committee may have also reasoned that the issue just did not need to be revisited with all that had been done in the past. The problem with that thinking is that it was not done just right in the past and so the resolution could have been a step in the right direction. Even with past action and even if that had been done right, a word of warning today was in order since Freemasonry is being injected more and more into public consciousness. Sadly, while secularists talk openly about the lodge, the Church is in the closet with a severe case of lockjaw. When have you ever heard a preacher even mention this issue in a sermon? Almost no one has!!! Finney and Moody did, but men of their ilk are very rare today.

Finally, whatever factors led the committee to reject the 2009 resolution on Freemasonry, the fact still remains that it missed a golden opportunity to shine light into the darkness associated with the issue of Freemasonry, a darkness that is leading many men to an eternal hell. Southern Baptists and other Christian groups as well need to wake up, stand up, and speak up. NOW! Baptists wonder why they seem to be withering on the vine. Could one reason be the tolerance of evil and error is in their midst? A little leaven still leavens the whole lump!!!

The author's story may be found at under Testimonies.

Addendum:  Since the completion of this article, The History Channel has begun airing a new documentary, "The Secrets of the Founding Fathers." This documentary and the forthcoming book by Dan Brown will likely have a similar theme.



Freemasonry and Current Events


          Whereas, Freemasonry has been featured in the National Treasure movies over the last few years; and

          Whereas, Freemasonry is currently the subject of documentaries on such TV channels as The History Channel and A&E, as well as other TV channels; and

          Whereas, Freemasonry and other secret societies have been mentioned in the widely read books, Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code, written by Dan Brown; and

          Whereas, Dan Brown's next book, The Lost Symbol, to be released in September of this year, will almost certainly feature Freemasonry as indicated in the code found on the jacket of The DaVinci Code; and

            Whereas, the publication of this new book scheduled to have a phenomenal first edition    of five million books, will no doubt renew interest in this subject; and


            Whereas, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) has published a document, A Bridge to Light: An Examination of the Religious Teachings of the Scottish Rite, which states that "many of the religious teachings presented in A Bridge to Light are incompatible with Biblical Christianity", such as "A Bridge to Light Teaches a Works Salvation," and "A Bridge to Light Denies the Uniqueness of Jesus" (see; and


            Whereas, the North American Mission Board has also produced another document, A Comparison Chart - Freemasonry and Christianity, which states that "the teaching that followers of non-Christian religions will also go to heaven is prominent in Freemasonry" (see


            Be it Therefore lovingly and prayerfully Resolved, That Southern Baptists refrain from membership in Masonic lodges in light of the underlying philosophies which contradict "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."



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Posted On: 07/08/09 10:17:04 AM Age 65, NC
Many years ago the Southern Baptist had this on the table but decided not to act on it and one reason is the Southern Baptist is full of masons and instead of doing what was right they went aganist God's Word as they are doing today. Rick Warren and Johnny Hunt should resign and teach something else other than help the decline of the Southern Baptist and leading many lost souls to hell. God will judge them!

The "late" SBC proposed resolution
Posted On: 07/08/09 07:05:34 AM Age 66, KY
The wording of the proposed resolution seems to be (embarrassingly) based more on Dan Brown's novels than on the teaching of the Bible. Maybe that had something to do with why it "died in committee".

Read Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma
Posted On: 07/08/09 12:32:25 AM Age 52, TN
Albert Pike (a Freemason)penned "Morals and Dogma". This book tells all about Freemasonry. You could call this the gospel of Freemasonry. Not only does the book detail the planned deception foisted upon members of the Blue Lodge but it goes so far as to say "notwithstanding the blood of Christ, man is saved by his works". When it details the "furniture" of the lodge it talks about the Square, Compass and the Bible. It then goes on to say that depending on the lodge (Jewish, Muslim etc.) the book is interchangeable. The book is interchangeable!!? God's Word takes second to NOTHING. According to scripture - "What accord has Christ with Be'lial? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, "I will live in them and move among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore come out from them, and be separate from them" Christians should flee the lodge...period!

Backwards reasoning
Posted On: 07/07/09 09:55:35 AM Age 51, CT
Nobody can *really* explain to me why hundreds of thousands of men in the SBC who believe themselves to be good Christians, plus the hundreds of thousands of men elsewhere who believe themselves to be good Catholics, Jews, Congregationalists, Hindus, Muslims, etc., don't seem to have a problem with Freemasonry. In fact, I can think of Catholic priests and Protestant ministers of various denominations who are Freemasons. Could it be that they do not see a problem because there *is* no problem? Freemasons know that there are moral teachings that are meant to enhance and augment those that are taught in their own religion. We also learn to put aside differences of politics and religion in order to treat our fellow man with respect and consideration. Believe it or not, many people (not just Masons) consider this to be a good thing.

Masons entrenched in SBC
Posted On: 07/06/09 06:07:51 PM Age 52, TN
I carried on dialogue with then Pastor Adrian Rogers of Bellevue Baptist Church when I was a member there. In my first response from him I received the 'matter of conscience' response. I proceeded to inform him of the decisions I had to face with my new found faith in Jesus Christ and my being a Catholic. Needless to say, the truth of the Word won out and I renounced my Catholic heritage. I explained to Dr. Rogers that the same decision process should face every Mason who is in the SBC and names Jesus as their Savior - the choice to leave Freemasonry should be crystal clear. Bellevue never made an open renouncement of Freemasonry. I consider this to be the one stain on the remarkable ministry of Dr. Rogers.

Masons and Satan
Posted On: 07/03/09 10:37:42 PM Age 60, WV
Satan appears as a beautiful, logical, appealing entity. The Masonic lodge is analogous to Satan. As Satan was to Adam and Eve--the Masons are to good men.

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