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Posted: 06/08/09

The time bomb-Ray Comfort

I saw Disney's "Up" recently. I went because a close friend said that it was so good and so funny, he saw it twice (he rarely goes to the movies). The skillful animators were able to show the joy of true love in marriage. In a matter of minutes, a cute kid and his girlfriend grew to adulthood, got married, and loved each other with a deep passion as they grew old together. Then she died.

Suddenly, every joy filled memory became unbearably painful for the elderly man, and they captured that deep pain in caricature. I cried my eyes out. I wanted to call my friend and say, "I thought you said this was a comedy!" Up took me down. I cried that night at home also, because I was graphically reminded me of something I carry daily. Every loving husband and wife will be torn apart by death. It's just a matter of time. Each of us is strapped to a ticking time bomb. But that's not the tragedy that drove me to my knees. It's that God offers eternal life to every dying person, and most refuse His "unspeakable gift." That's the real human tragedy.

I know that many of you think that I'm ignorant, because I make a mess of what you believe about evolution. But it's not deliberate. I'm not slightly persuaded, but I'm slowly learning. I know many of you also think I'm a calculated liar and that I'm just out to make a fast buck. Believe that if you wish, but don't use it as an excuse to reject God's offer of eternal salvation. Please think about your sins, then think about the Savior and what He did for guilty sinners such as us. God knows that my motive is that I want to do is see you in Heaven. Up is where I want you to go. Don't ask God for "proof." You don't need it. You already have the necessary proof through your conscience and because of creation. Ask instead for salvation, while you still have time. Every beat of your heart is another tick...

The atheist's greatest argument

"A man rapes and murders a twelve year old atheist girl; brutally tortures her for weeks then slowly murders her. Afterwards he regrets his action and repents and trusts in Christ for salvation he will have eternal Bliss. Meanwhile his little victim will be damned to hell because he murdered her before she found Christ. That is what your God says . . . Even the very rapist murderers I despise so much are a million times more moral than the cruel storm God who rewards them for no greater deed than asking his forgiveness . . . " Ryk

It seems that nothing angers an atheist like the thought that any murdering child molester could be forgiven by God. It is normal for him to create a scenario such as the above, where the girl goes to Hell and the monster goes to Heaven. Then sparks are spat at God, because in his mind He is the real evil One in the story, because He is unjust.

But why is the atheist so angry at God (whom he doesn't believe exists). It is because the atheist intuitively demands justice. As a rational human being he has the moral Law stamped on his conscience. That's why. It's not his "social conditioning" that caused the outrage. Every sane human being has a God-given conscience no matter what he is taught by society. No other creature other than man has this--not apes, dogs, cattle, sheep goats, fish, horses or cats. Only human beings seek justice, and demand retribution for that which is considered evil. What the professing atheist thinks is his greatest argument against God, is his greatest argument for God.

A question from an atheist - Does God speak to you audibly?

"I am curious...the other Christians that post here (including you Ray...does God speak to you audibly?" Dave B.

If I start hearing voices I will get some professional counsel, quickly. Mental institution are filled with people who hear voices, and many think that God is actually speaking to them. Others mistake the voice of their conscience as the voice of God, or even the voice of their own subconscious.

I speak to God each day in prayer (most Americans pray regularly), and He speaks to me through His Word (the Bible) which I have been reading every day without fail for more than 37 years. It is through the Bible that I have learned about the character and nature of God. It tells me what His will is for my life and what's in store for those that obey Him and those that don't.

"For us here that have at some point in our lives sincerely begged and pleaded for God to intervene, to give us a sign that He exists, let alone cares about our lives...why have we heard absolutely nothing?" Dave B.

That's like standing outside of a large and beautifully constructed building and pleading with someone to give you some sort of sign that there was a builder. You don't need a sign that God exists. You simply need eyes to see the genius of His handiwork. God exists because creation exists. If there was no God, there would be no creation, and because of that the Bible says that you are without excuse (see
Romans 1:20).

You have heard "absolutely nothing" because God doesn't come on your terms. You are cut off from Him by your sins (see
Isaiah 59:1). How arrogant and conceited would I be to say, "I summoned the President of the United States to come to my house to speak with me, and he didn't come. I didn't hear a word from him, therefore he doesn't exist." If I want an audience with someone of importance, I have to approach him on his terms, not mine. So stop asking for a sign and do what God tells you to do. Repent and trust the Savior, then you will have the ear of God (see John 14:21).

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By Ray Comfort

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Eternal Love
Posted On: 06/21/09 04:54:41 PM Age 34, OK
Loving G-d above all and everyone. scripture says if love mother father son or daughter more than me... A man tells Jesus to let him bury his father and then he'll follow him Jesus said let the dead bury the dead Love G-d with all your heart,all your soul,all your mind,all your strength, then love your neighbor as you would yourself. I had to learn in this life, men let you down, men die,people dissapoint you and hurt you no matter how much you love them I looked up to my big brother i wanted to follow him anywhere he went like a stray puppy, as I got older following my brothers views,examples, and habits was a detriment to me that helped me go into sin, he wasn't there to rescue me when I fell into trouble. I had several men that hurt me even my own husband emotionally,physically,verbally,and was unfaithful to me. Those I relied on to take care of me failed.Those I thought would bring happiness and peace and life would be better failed Divorce was like a death to me that broke my heart in pieces.He wouldn't help me he wouldn't protect me. The only one stood there willing was Christ I have called you as a woman forsaking... We've had to loose people we love in this life to see there is only one not man can do this for us bringing us eternal friends even though they love us are not our lifevest. You may lose love ones in many ways but they can't be your source of life we lose them eventually somehow someway we can't be a source of life to them we fail,it has to be Christ he's the only way back to our father.He's the only hope in the dark places There's only one way UP

Posted On: 06/12/09 12:16:35 AM Age 65, OH
TO DAVE B. - I used to foolishly ask God to prove to me that He did exist. I heard nothing, because I was, as Ray said, wanting to do things my way. This went on for years, but when I finally really wanted to know if there was a God, and was willing to submit to Him, and do things His way, He revealed Himself to me. God did the same for Peter. If your child, comes to you and asks, "where are my shoes", but makes no search for them, will you go and find them for him. Would you not, want to see your child, make a real effort to find his own shoes, and then you might help him. I said, I did not know that there was a God. But when I got desperate enough, all of a sudden, the little belief that I had was enough to really seek Him. - Lou Newton

prayer in america
Posted On: 06/10/09 12:29:00 PM Age 38, HI
very good article, although I would have to disagree that most Americans pray. Not sure why I even felt the need to comment on that...

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