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Posted: 05/05/09

26 Similarities Between America and Nazi Germany  

Three Forces Destroying the America We Know

By Brannon Howse



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Even the most nominally aware person knows all too well that our nation-and the world-is engulfed in a major economic catastrophe. Thanks to the variety of factors at work, some observers have characterized it as the perfect economic storm. Yet this drama is a mere thunder shower by comparison with a far more devastating potential that threatens to wreck not just the American dream but the entire American ideal. If this maelstrom reaches its full power, liberty and justice for all-to say nothing of the pursuit of happiness-will be wiped from the face of the earth.


A perfect cultural storm is developing from the convergence of three forces, any one of which would seriously harm our way of life. But together they portend the near certain doom of the most cherished American values. Socialism, pagan spirituality, and pragmatism have come together over the last several decades to produce a cataclysm waiting to happen.


Socialism imposes the redistribution of wealth and private property through an all-powerful, freedom-robbing central government. Pagan spirituality embraces the worship of nature along with occult practices and beliefs. Pragmatism proclaims that the truth or worth of an idea is based solely upon the results it brings (pragmatists believe that truth is relative, situational, and that a desired end justifies any means required to reach it). All three of these political, spiritual, and intellectual systems have taken a dominant place in the American worldview.




It's been said that if we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. There are those who have even compared the rumblings in America today as similar to those in pre-Nazi Germany of the 1930s. While I don't buy the notion that our government might be ready to establish concentration camps, the storm clouds heading this way have brought ideas into our public policy, laws, and national consciousness that bear a frightening resemblance to what has gone before-in the worst of times. This same collection of worldviews laid a foundation for the atrocities and godless government of Hitler's Germany.


Adolph Hitler, you'll recall, established the National Socialist German Workers' Party. He also bought into what I call One World Spirituality, a merging of the three worldviews of evolutionary humanism, Hindu pantheism, and occultism.


Atheism in America is no longer in vogue among our "intellectual elite." It's being replaced by the far more insidious pantheism-insidious because it is more acceptable to the masses than outright disbelief in God. Pantheism is on track to become the dominate worldview in America and around the world in very short order.

Similar Is as Similar Does

Please understand that I'm not sensationalizing when making these observations. First Chronicles 12:32 says men of the tribe of Issachar were called wise because they "understood the times and knew what God would have them to do." To help you make your own assessment of the situation, I've distinguished 26 benchmark issues that clearly define the intensity of the tempest that is nearly upon us. And yes, there are obvious comparisons with the growth of Nazism in Germany. I will point them out unabashedly because it's only reasonable to say so if something that looks similar to an earlier, dangerous historical parallel actually is similar. After all, storm warnings, by nature, foretell bad news.


As you read through my list, I invite you to understand the times and prepare to respond with a Biblical worldview.


  1. In 1935, under Hitler's rule, prayers ceased to be obligatory in schools. In 1962, The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed school prayer.  
  2. Hitler eliminated Christian holidays in the schools first by calling Christmas "Yuletide." Most American public schools now call Christmas vacation a "winter break."
  3. Hitler took Easter out of schools and instead honored that time of year as the beginning of spring. It has likewise become common for schools in America to refer to time off at Easter as "spring break."
  4. Hitler controlled the church using intimidation and threats. A half-century ago, U.S. Senator and Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson, promoted a bill that included an amendment to use the Internal Revenue Service to remove the non-profit status of a church that speaks against the election of any specific political candidate.
  5. Hitler enticed thousands of pastors to promote paganism in their congregations. Neopaganism is one of the fastest growing religions in America, doubling every 18 months according to a June 2008 article in The Denver Post.  Many American church-goers practice paganism such as "Christian" yoga, contemplative prayer, and walking a labyrinth. As evidence that church doors continue to open further to aberrant beliefs, a 2008 survey found that 57% of evangelicals do not believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God. 
  6. Hitler was an environmentalist and vegetarian. Marriages performed by the Nazi state frequently included blessings of "Mother Earth" and "Father Sky." Today Americans increasingly accept radical environmentalism, pantheism, and the celebration of Earth Day.
  7. Hitler was fascinated by eastern mysticism. Today an increasing number of American pastors encourage their followers to become "mystic warriors".
  8. Hitler believed in reincarnation. He even convinced SS officers that by murdering millions of Jews and other "undesirables" they were allowing them to get on with the reincarnation process and come back more quickly in an advanced status. Americans increasingly accept the idea of reincarnation as well as good and bad karma.
  9. Hitler's holocaust killed between 8 and 11 million Jews and non-Jews. Americans have killed an estimated 50 million babies since abortion was legalized through the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973. According to a July 7, 2008 article on "An abortionist who claims to have destroyed more than 20,000 unborn children and who once was Hillary Clinton's OB-GYN says he is doing 'God's work' when he terminates a pregnancy…He admits that abortion kills a human soul."
  10. Hitler killed 270,000 handicapped people through active euthanasia.[1] America and the courts are rushing toward the same with the murder of individuals such as Terri Schiavo. Oregon voters passed their Death with Dignity Act in 1994 and re-affirmed it in 1997. Washington state voters legalized doctor-assisted suicide on November 4, 2008. In December 2008, a Montana judge ruled terminally ill residents of that state have the right to physician-assisted suicide, and "death with dignity" is gaining acceptance in other states as well.
  11.  By 1938, all private schools were abolished by Hitler and all education placed under Nazi control. There is constant pressure from federal and many state education authorities to require that Christian schools use state-mandated, humanistic textbooks. The Home School Legal Defense Association is fighting numerous battles at any given time to prevent parents from loosing the right to educate their children as they see fit. In August 2008, a federal district court ruled that the state of California university system may choose not to recognize the diplomas-and thereby deny college entrance to-students who attended a school using textbooks that express a Biblical worldview in the areas of history and science (i.e., Christian schools).
  12. Hitler prevented dissenters from using radio to challenge his worldview. Many powerful liberals in America have made clear their intent to reintroduce the "Fairness Doctrine" that would require conservative and religious radio stations to offer equal time to anti-Christian, anti-conservative worldviews.
  13. Pastors who spoke against Hitler's worldview and his murderous regime found themselves on trial and frequently imprisoned for "Abuse of Pulpit." In America, hate-crime legislation has the potential to criminalize Christians and pastors who speak out against the homosexual agenda.
  14. Many Christians in Germany justified their allegiance to Hitler through a belief that "Their duty to God was spiritual; their duty to the state was political."[2] Many American Christians now have bought the lie that their worldview can be divided between the secular and the sacred-the politician has one area of responsibility, the pastor another, and never shall the two meet. Yet the Bible teaches that all issues are fundamentally spiritual.
  15. Hitler outlawed the cross and replaced it with the swastika. Today many churches, Christian colleges, and universities have willingly removed the cross from their buildings. Numerous court cases sponsored by the ACLU have required the removal of the cross from public grounds. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the Ten Commandments cannot be posted on public grounds for religious purposes.
  16. Hitler was fascinated with Friedrich Nietzsche and distributed his writings to his inner circle. Nietzsche promoted Nihilism, the belief that life has no meaning, and he is best known for his position that "God is dead". Nietzsche is presently one of the most widely read authors by American college students.
  17. Hitler exploited the economic collapse of Germany to take over as dictator and usher in his brand of socialism. America's financial crisis has given liberals in both political parties the opportunity to grow the size of government and implement freedom-robbing socialism at lightning speed.
  18. Hitler was obsessed with globalism, and many of America's most powerful political leaders are willing to subjugate American sovereignty to contemporary globalism.
  19. Many Germans responded to Hitler by retreating into neutrality. Today most Americans prefer to remain neutral on moral issues that they think don't affect them personally.  
  20. On trial after World War II, Hitler's henchmen used the defense that they had not broken any laws. True, they had not defied the laws of Germany since those had been re-written to fit the goals and objectives of Hitler. The Nazi leaders were nevertheless found guilty because the courts at the time recognized a "law above the law." Yet now the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the law of nature and nature's God by claiming that as society evolves, morals evolve, and so the law, too, must evolve.
  21. Calling upon Darwinian evolution, Hitler convinced the German people that purging millions of people was acceptable because of the need to create a pure race; also referred to as eugenics. American students across the board have been educated in Darwinian evolution because the Supreme Court has ruled that creation cannot be taught in our schools-even if both creation and evolution are taught side by side.
  22. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood in America became acquainted with the doctors and scientists that had worked with Nazi Germany's eugenics program and had no quarrel with the euthanasia, sterilization, abortion, and infanticide programs of the early Reich.[3]  Sanger even published several articles in Birth Control Review that reflected Hilter's White Supremacist worldview. Planned Parenthood now grosses one billion per year.
  23. In Germany, pastors often cited Romans 13:1-2 to encourage Christians to obey the Nazis. Today in America, many pastors have a false view of Romans 13:1-2 and have convinced millions that to disobey governing authorities is to disobey God. This poor training would facilitate Christians here doing just as the German Christians did if faced with similar challenges.
  24. Germans accepted socialism to avoid pain. Today's Americans are rejecting capitalism in exchange for government-sponsored "free" healthcare, education, and countless other government handouts.
  25.  Many Americans accept what I call, One World Spirituality. This is actually an amalgamation of the three worldviews of evolutionary humanism, Hindu pantheism, and occultism. I noted earlier that Hitler embraced all of these.
  26.  America is rushing toward government-sponsored, national healthcare. We already have a form of this in Medicare and Medicaid. Hitler, too, expanded and centralized Germany's healthcare system. As Melchior Palyi explained, "The ill-famed Dr. Ley, boss of the Nazi labor front, did not fail to see that the social insurance system could be used for Nazi politics as a means of popular demagoguery, as a bastion of bureaucratic power, [and] as an instrument of regimentation."


If the church in Germany had truly acted like the Church of Jesus Christ, if Christians had understood and lived out a Biblical worldview, Germany would never have accepted Hitler. I believe he would have been rejected and overthrown within weeks of his true worldview coming to light.


Most American church members today are simply reflect the culture instead of correcting and changing it. If we are to quiet the brewing storm, apathy, political correctness, and intellectual laziness must be replaced with a passion for Biblical truth, sound reasoning, logic, and the desire to lead.


Becoming a leader does not mean you must be on the radio, give speeches, or even stand up in front of a group. An effective influencer leads through his or her actions and lifestyle. Lovingly defending and proclaiming truth in a world bent on  political correctness is being a leader. Even in private conversation, leadership can take the form of lovingly correcting someone's false beliefs or ideas.


America needs Christians now more than ever to take the lead. If not, the perfect storm is ready, and annihilation is what it portends.


Articles in our next magazine will include:

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[1] Holocaust Museum Unveils New Eugenics Exhibit by Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express, April 22, 2004.

[2] Dr. Irwin Lutzer, Hitler's Cross, (Moody Press, Chicago, IL, 1995) p. 111.

[3] George Grant, The Family Under Siege: What the New Social Engineers Have in Mind for You and Your Children (Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, 1994), p 62.

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By Brannon Howse

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Awful article
Posted On: 05/02/12 08:20:20 PM Age 0, SC
Logic does not exist in this article. You seem to have intentionally skipped most of the ways that the U.S. actually IS like Nazi Germany so you can focus on getting Christ into schools or whatever. This is misleading and damaging "information." Truly awful article.

just stoooooooooooooooooop
Posted On: 02/23/12 03:23:06 AM Age 0, MI
I would like anybody to challenge me on the fact that only 3 or 4 of these points hold valid. my AIM is [email protected] and you should E-mail me before your ignorance gets out of hand (I noticed the 750 character limit and I have a 3500 word paper to counter the massive lack of validity of this article)

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth
Posted On: 05/06/09 11:18:04 AM Age 66, OK
If there's any evidence of editorial opinion in this article I haven't found it. It stands on its own as a factual account of the parallels that exist between where we are presently in the United States of America and where history shows we are likely to go if we stay on this path of self destruction. As was said at the beginning of the article: For those who fail to read and heed the lessons of history, they are inevitably doomed to repeat it. And so it is that we the people of the United States of America are seemingly mindlessly and helplessly proceeding on a path of self destruction in a moral and political sense. Political Correctness seems to be the key operative terms applied to just about anything that offends the sensibilities of most. It of course connotes nothing vis-a-vis the truth rather it is simply an act of appeasment, passivity or a go along to get along mentality, i.e. conformity with what is perceived as the direction the herd is going even if over the proverbial cliff. Pragmatism/Relativism and Pantheism/Pluralism are indeed melding together as the dominant guiding forces in our country. I fully expect that Shariah Law will soon be proposed as the basis for our jurisprudence thus displacing the holy decologue, Ten Commandments, which were the foundational basis for American law from its beginning. While there may still be time for political action to stop our slide into darkness, namely the 2010 midterm elections, the time may soon arrive when more forceful action will be required to rescue our beloved nation from the internal threat it now faces. All great nations/empires in history that were eventually swept into the dustbin of history did so not as a result of some external threat and conquest but from internal decay which was acknowledged by all but continued on nonetheless to finality. Are we fiddling while Rome burns? The truth always trumps a lie and always prevails. We have but to seek it out and use it to our advantage. That was never more true than in politics where the truth is almost always the first casualty due to the sinful nature of man. There has always been a source of absolute truth, the Word of God. No Christian worth his/her salt should ever fall for the stupid pragmatist notion that truth is relative. Even those who claim absolutely that there is no absolute truth have thus trapped themselves in their own web of deceit.

Of course, Hitler was defeated!
Posted On: 05/06/09 09:46:59 AM Age 62, KS
The problem with American's is that we allow thing to fester until it's almost too late then we act. The good thing is that we do act....eventually. The parallel that we should see is between the old Soviet Union and what has been happening in this nation. We live in a democratic republic where we elect our leaders. It is our responsibility to stay on top of our leaders and let them know how we stand on the issues. It's also important that we un-elect those who don't represent us as we desire and need. We have cable news channels that harp 24/7 about their opinions usually as an offshoot of their own management. We accept this as actual news when it is simply one organization or person's opinion. The Fox is in the henhouse so to speak. We must research things for ourselves and find out the truth on things that really count. We need to make informed decisions on who we vote for and why. Not on labels placed on people by the opinionated of our society. Especially those on the aforementioned cable channels. Even this site has an agenda which is primarily one persons opinion. It's his site and he can say what he wants and present material to support his thesis. Smart people will research beyond this as well. There is two sides to coins and this is one side. The bottom line is this. We can all sit around and complain and talk about all the "socialism" as well as "anti-Christian" stuff happening in our world. We can find sites like this one that adds to our volume of thougts along these lines. Or, if we really feel threatened, we can act. Act by literally getting involved in local, state and even federal government. By getting involved in a local church beyond just sitting there on Sunday or whatever day one would attend. Become a total citizen!! Research the issues, talk to those who are decision makers and breakers. Read lots of material.....tons available at the scroll of a mouse and click of a button. Above all, Christians should finally become who we are supposed to be. What did Jesus teach us during his time on earth? What does it mean to really be a Christian? To really follow Jesus and to live a God approved existence. Think, read, live, love and pray!!!! Above all .... ACT!! Honestly, it ain't that difficult.

God is Sovereign...stop being scared.
Posted On: 05/06/09 08:41:40 AM Age 25, WA
God is Sovereign, preach the gospel...that will get you in trouble enough. Stop worrying about it. Either people will repent or Christians will be killed. Why should we be in a different circumstance than any other Christian in the world?

Excellent Work!
Posted On: 05/06/09 06:30:27 AM Age 45, MS
This information ought to be a wake-up call to the sleeping church in America. I wish everyone who read it would send it along to everyone in their sphere of influence.

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