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Posted: 12/31/69

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If only in this life time
Posted On: 04/11/09 04:51:57 PM Age 52, CO
it was ones said : this foolish game , oh , still the same, our prayers fly off into the air. I know it's true , that jesus died for you , he is all we really got to shair. but if it's not true then we are only halling at the moon.. Paul said the same thing in 1Cor.15 . if only in this life time we have this hope in christ , then we are the most misurrable of all men. faith brother faith. thats what G-D wants.and our faith isn't blind!!!

Resurrection Proclaimed
Posted On: 04/11/09 06:47:06 AM Age 62, MO
The only justification for the resurrection that I need comes from the Holy Scriptures of God which proclaim it, and my own personal revelation of a Living Jesus. George Cancilla

Posted On: 04/10/09 12:54:06 PM Age 65, OH
David, this is the best article I have read by you. Your reasoning and insights are truly outstanding and hard to believe are not from The Holy Spirit. None of the false objections answer, how was the tomb empty. I would like to ask you about one point that does not compare to the importance of your overall focus of the article. Without the resurrection there is no Christianity and it is very important. But Paul did not say that he wanted to preach Jesus Christ and Him "resurrected", did Paul not say that he wanted to preach nothing but Jesus Christ and Him "crucified". Jesus did not say, take this cup and bread and remember my "resurrection", Jesus did say take this cup and bread and remember my "death". You say, "There is simply no way to overemphasize the importance of the resurrection". I think there may be only one way to do just that, and that is to put it above the crucifixion. I think that the Holy Scriptures show us that the crucifixion of The Lord Jesus Christ is the most important thing to ever take place in this universe. Grace and peace to you. - Lou Newton

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