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Posted: 03/04/09

No Right and No Wrong...

"Who was the atheist who said 'lying is wrong?' I didn't get his/her name. Anyway, there is no right or wrong in the natural world. However, there are things that are a good idea while other things are bad ideas. That is not 'good' or 'bad' in the moral sense, but 'good' or 'bad' in the sense that if its a bad idea it might get you into some type of trouble, while a good idea might keep you out of trouble."

You did the right thing to call that atheist out on the admission that lying is wrong. He let the cat out of the bag. But in your effect to put the feline back in, you put yourself onto a slippery slope.

So you think that there is no right or wrong? There are just good ideas and bad ideas. Do you remember little Jessica Lunsford? She was the nine-year-old girl who was kidnapped from her home in Homosassa, Florida in the early morning of February 24, 2005. She was raped and later buried alive (clutching her teddy bear) by 47-year-old John Couey who was living nearby. Nothing wrong there. Just a bad idea. I wonder why the judge gave him the death sentence?

Six million Jews gassed to death by Nazis. Bad idea, depending on your perspective. There were 200,000 people murdered in the United States in the 1990's. A lot of bad ideas. Never mind. Nothing wrong done there.

This good idea/bad idea philosophy sure is going to save our country a lot of time and money in the future, because there will be no need for court systems, judges, lawyers, and prisons because there's no right or wrong, just good ideas and bad ideas. And you can't prosecute someone for having a bad idea.
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By Ray Comfort

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Sorry that you . . .
Posted On: 03/18/09 09:29:42 PM Age 45, AZ
Based on your words, it is a shame that you do not know God and Jesus as your Savior. Are you not aware that over 20,000 children also die each day of hunger? Why do you blame God when you have not sent one penny to help feed them? If you want God to provide a perfect world for every little girl and boy, why do you rebel when God' Law instructs you not to lie, steal, cheat, and commit idolatory (making up your own god and deciding what your god/genie should do to suit your worldview), worshipping things over the one true God, or complaining that this would make you a robot under God? Please understand that you have broken God's Laws and after you die, you are destined to go to Hell and later the Lake of Fire. By God's standards, you are NOT a good person and you must pay the fine. Based on the ignorance of your words, you may not really understand that Jesus also legally took your punishment and died for you. God will allow this legal transaction where you can receive credit for punishment He received in your place IF you REPENT and turn away from your rebellion against God and God's Laws, ask Jesus and place your trust in Hime to save you from the punsihment you deserve. That is the core of being a Christian. To verify this, read the book of John and Romans Chapter 3. Also, you can go to and read more on all of this. Your future salvation and the eternal destination of your soul depends on it; do not fail yourself.

Posted On: 03/14/09 11:07:01 AM Age 65, OH
Dear friend,do you not speak of what you know nothing about. Have you ever met this little girl or been in her home. Do you think that even people who knew her family really knew what was going on. We as mere humans are easily fooled and it is hard for us to see the truth. You know nothing of this little girl and her family, why even speak of her. Do you know God, have you even read His Book. Have you bothered to ask Him about this, rather than accuse someone that you do not know and know nothing about. Even evil stupid men do not accuse others under the law without a investigation of the facts. These same evil and stupid men also make their accusations to the defendant not others. They also consider the defendant innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and not merely public opinion. The defendant is also asked to give a defense and his defense is listened to in every detail. - As far as the Jews go; do you discipline a strangers children or your own children. God only is responsible for His children, not the ones who have made Satan their father. You are a servant of who you obey. If you obey Satan then you are his servant and if you obey God then you are His servant. Not all the children of Abraham are God's children. It is only the ones who trust God to save them as Abraham did that are His children. The Jews answered when asked by Pilate what he should do with Jesus, "Crucify Him".. and "let his blood be on us and our children".... and "We have no king except for Caesar". The innocent blood of Jesus has been on their hands and the hands of their children, by their own choice. And Caesar has been their king and when Hitler was Caesar he was not very kind to them has he. They would have been better served to have made Jesus their King. I had many of these same questions that you did. I bothered to ask God about them and He began to show me. I was not aware of it, but Satan used to be my king and he was a really poor master and treated me terrible. But now I have made Jesus my King and he has taken wonderful care of me. Wise men seek The Truth. Lou Newton

Posted On: 03/12/09 06:35:43 PM Age 40, NV
Ray, where was God when this little girl,Jessica Lunsford, was being kidnapped, savagely raped and buried alive? Why does God witness this amazing brutality perpetrated on an innocent child and do nothing? Is he indifferent to our suffering? Why did he let six million on His chosen people die humiliating and excruciating deaths without intervening? How can we draw any moral lessons from a God that witnesses little children being slaughtered and does absolutely nothing to stop it?

No Boundaries: No Moral Order, No Civil Society
Posted On: 03/07/09 04:54:58 PM Age 60, MA
Many preach John 3:16 but not John 3:16-21. Many are “preaching” 1 Timothy 2 since Election 2008, but not 2 Timothy 4. Many refer weakly to our Lord’s call to be “Salt and Light,” but without rebuke or reproving the world of sin. Is this not the PRIMARY reason the culture war has digressed this far? Kingdom of God warriors: Those who not only honor their Lord’s call to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, but also honor what Christ said in the same breath as recorded in John 3:16-21 and what Paul recorded in 2 Timothy 4. Has political correctness deceived and seduced the majority of even God’s elect (Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22, Romans 8:33, Titus 1:1) into not judging right from wrong, God’s righteousness from sin? The Greatest Nation on earth won’t be turned around until the Holy Spirit is allowed to convince, convict, and reprove the world of sin (John 16:7-8, Titus 1). Read the rest here:

Good job Ray
Posted On: 03/06/09 10:41:07 PM Age 52, IL
Just ordered Doug Wilson's Letter from a Christian Citizen. Have you read it and what do you think of it?

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