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Posted: 02/09/09


New Breed of Atheists Bad for America-Ray Comfort


"Atheist: someone who believes that nothing made everything." That's the message best-selling author Ray Comfort is pushing through a series of billboards across the country. He has done this to coincide with the Feb 12th, the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. At the same time he has published a new book called, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence But You Can't Make Him Think (World Net Daily) to combat what he calls the fallacy of evolution, and expose what he believes is the hidden core belief of an atheist.

            Comfort said, "Of course they will deny it through gritted teeth, because to say that you believe that nothing made everything is intellectually embarrassing. But if I tell you that I don't have a belief that my Ford truck had a maker, it means I think that nothing made it. It just happened, and that is scientifically impossible! I have been called a liar and told that I am misrepresenting atheism, so we created a website called and posted quotes from Cornell University, which say that they believe that nothing created everything. There are also quotes from physicists that believe the same thing. We even have a clip from Animal Planet which tells our kids that nothing created everything. I am deeply concerned that a generation is being brainwashed by unscientific atheistic evolution. Men like Richard Dawkins tell kids that they are nothing but apes and that there are no moral absolutes. And when they act like animals and kill each other, we wonder why."

            When an atheist group recently created billboards that mocked Christianity, he decided that he had had enough. "Their agenda isn't just to promote their beliefs. They want to take from Americans the unique liberty that we have in this nation to worship God. They hate Christmas, they protest nativity scenes and public prayer, they go to court to stop the Gideons from giving Bibles out in schools, and they want to remove 'Under God' from the Pledge and 'In God we Trust' from our money. They even want to change AD/BC. Back in 1963 (A.D.), it took only one atheist to take prayer and Bible-reading out of our schools, and so I'm not going to sit back and do nothing."

            Statistics show that ninety percent of Americans believe in God's existence, but with nearly one in four college and university professors professing atheism or agnosticism, those statistics are changing. Comfort said, "Universities are churning out atheists like there is no tomorrow. A 2007 survey in the U.S. showed that the number of 18-25 year olds who were atheist, agnostic or nonreligious had increased from 11 percent in 1986 to 20.[1][1]  So what do you say when your 17 year-old returns from his first semester, and says, 'Mom, dad, I don't believe in God any more. Evolution created everything. It's been scientifically proven. There is no absolute right or absolute wrong.'? That's why I wrote, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence But You Can't Make Him Think. It will tell you what to say. Or how do you respond when your church-going husband says that after watching the Discover or History channel, he no longer believes in God, because he now believes that evolution is scientific and that atheism is intelligent, when neither is the case?"

            He has also published The Atheist Bible (unauthorized version) and The Charles Darwin Bible (200th birthday edition) to coincide with Darwin Day. The Atheist Bible also deals with contradictions in the Bible, ten questions atheists can't answer, do's and dont's for atheists, arguments for atheism, the ten most common mistakes atheists make, what atheists believe about God, how to know God exists, and it even lists dates when famous atheists met their Maker.  The history of Charles Darwin Bible addresses such questions as how we can know if evolution is true, what Darwin believed about God, "contradictions" in the Book of Genesis, questions believers in evolution can't definitively answer, and how to know God exists.

            Comfort said, "I think these Bibles have a strange appeal. One atheist said of The Atheist Bible, 'No atheist will ever buy it . . . Actually, hey, would I be imposing to request a free copy?'"

            Comfort, who also co-hosts an award-winning TV program with actor Kirk Cameron, says that he has many friends who are atheists, and maintains many of them are quite friendly. "The freedom to be an atheist is the God-given right of every American, but this new breed of atheists is vicious. They are filled with hatred and they hide behind the skirts of the pseudo science of Darwinism. The unproven theory of evolution has done to real science what hypocrisy has done to religion. It has corroded its credibility. Many of these 'scientists' should have obtained jobs as Disney imagineers. We have created to prove that fact. Ten minutes roaming around there will convince any thinking 17 year-old that evolution is a fairy tale for grownups, and that atheism is intellectual suicide."


[1][1], Jan. 24, 2007

Trillions of Trillions of Years Ago

"Questions Theists Can't Answer: So Ray, what was God doing for those the trillion years before he created the universe? and the trillions of trillions of years before that? and the googol years before that, and the googolplex years before that?"

Time is a dimension God created, to which He subjected man. With God there is no time. He dwells in "eternity," a dimension of which we have no comprehension. You will go into eternity when you "pass on" from the earth.

Think of how the average man five hundred years ago would have mocked the thought of television, radio, GPS, or even instant communication via the wireless telephone. There are dimensions in creation we haven't even begun to discover. So let's be careful when we mock things of which we have no understanding.

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By Ray Comfort

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Posted On: 02/13/09 09:15:43 AM Age 65, OH
Words are easy to type but truth requires that we sell everything we have to buy the whole field and then dig up the whole field to find the pearl of truth. The Constitution was not written until almost 200 years after the Mayflower Compact. Read it and see that this nation was started by men looking for Jesus Christ. That is why our nation was so much greater than the nations of South American which was started by men looking for mere material gold. - George Washington was called the father of our nation for good reason. George is listed in many books as the greatest military commander of all time. Washington took a 13 little colonies that had no Army or navy and defeated the greatest empire of the face of the earth. When the British Navy, that had never seen defeat, was defeated by the French Navy at Cape Henry, some of the British said it was as they were not fighting against mere men in wooden ships but against Almighty God. General Washington had standing written orders that said all of the men in his Army were to attend the "Christian" church of their choice every Sunday. Washington fought with Congress to pay Christian Pastors for his entire Army. Washington honored Jesus Christ in his orders, his speeches, and his prayers. The entire Army was asked to pray and fast and to humble themselves before the Lord Jesus for Washington said they could not have victory without His help. This nation grew from a nation with no Navy or Army to the greatest Empire on the earth. And now like the British did, we want to forget the One who helped us. What has been the result so far. Our children come to their school to murder their classmates. Our economy is in shambles. Our nation is full of broken homes and children with no father of no mother. We have no industry and no jobs. Men who honored The Lord Jesus Christ made this nation great. Now men who dishonor God are watching while it is destroyed. Lou Newton

Posted On: 02/12/09 02:25:04 PM Age 65, OH
Dear friend, I do not know about you, but I can remember when I was an infant. I used to lay on my back in the grass and look up at the clouds and talk to God. I had to believe that God existed to try to speak to Him. I had never been taught or been to any church. But I chose to disobey Him and go my own way. But even in my rebellion, I would look up at the heavens and could not believe that it just all happened. I had become observant enough to know that the creation can not create itself. The heavens declare the glory of God. When my children were born they believed in God but I was still a disobedient son. My youngest son was born after I gave my life to my Creator and we would talk about The Lord Jesus and he would always talk as if he already believed. IF THESE THREE CHILDREN WERE BORN ATHEISTS THAN WHY DID NO ONE HAVE TO CONVINCE THEM THAT THERE WAS A GOD. Does not an atheists know there is no God. How could these children be convinced of something they disbelieved in without any argument or convincing. Men are not born atheist but decide for themselves to make themselves god so that they can do as they please. Look at the men who were atheists. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and many others. These men were all atheists so that they could do as they pleased and not be held accountable to anyone. Also we should look at their actions, they were responsible for the murder of many millions of people. Atheists are not born but they are made by their own selfish ambitions. Lou Newton

We are all born atheists
Posted On: 02/11/09 01:12:37 PM Age 40, NV
Lou: Your assertion that our government was set up to worship Jesus and no other gods is false. Nowhere in the constitution is either Jesus mentioned or is it stipulated that only the Christian god is to be worshipped at the exclusion of others. Your statement is patently false. The United States of America is not, and has never been, a theocracy. As for the topic of whether a man has a right to be atheist, I’ll begin by pointing out that everyone is born an atheist. Nobody is ever born with a set of religious beliefs, and if a person was never exposed during their lifetime to religious dogma, he or she would live their entire life without any notion of the existence of one god or another. Evidently religious beliefs are not innate, but acquired. In essence, following your logic, God creates ONLY atheists. And that would logically make it a God-given right to be an atheist.

Posted On: 02/10/09 09:17:00 AM Age 65, OH
Good job Ray. I would like to comment and I think you would agree; you say, “The freedom to be an atheist is the God-given right of every American". 1st of all no man has a God given right to be an atheist. God gives us the freedom to choose, but that is not a right to choose wrongly. We are obligated by the fact that God created us to ask Him to reveal the truth to us. We have no right to be fools and decide for ourselves. In the final judgment, Jesus will in perfect justice send those who insist on having their own way to hell all eternity. No man has s right to decide for himself, but every man has an obligation to his Creator to seek the truth and humble himself and ask his Creator to show him the the truth. This nation now has come to the point where the government thinks it has the right to give its people the right to be atheists. But no government can give this right. That is NOT how this nation was started by our forefathers. They wrote the constitution to give all men the freedom to worship The Lord Jesus as they heard from the Holy Spirit through the Holy Scriptures for themselves. But their writings show that this government was set up to worship Jesus Christ and no other god. The difference between this nation and South America is this; it was men seeking gold who settled South America but it was men seeking Jesus Christ who settled our nation. Lou Newton

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