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Posted: 02/02/09

Celebrity Millions Stimulus Package Exceeds National Debt--Ray Comfort   


More than 20 million million dollar bills have been given away in recent years in the form of a unique gospel tract. That's a total of 20 trillion dollars--twice the national debt. The unique gospel tract received national publicity when 8,000 were seized by the Secret Service in Texas in 2006, where there is a on-going court case. It has also been in the news when two different people were arrested for trying to cash the bills. Ray Comfort, the tract's creator, said, "Since the day the Secret Service had a seizure, sales have exploded. The case is ridiculous. They are not counterfeit, because there's no such thing as a million dollar bill. 


Comfort (who co-hosts an award-winning TV program with actor, Kirk Cameron), originated the idea of the tract about ten years ago, and recently decided to combine "celebrity" with the millions. He said "They have taken off like hot cakes on a cold day in Alaska." He added, "We normally experiment with a new title, and restrict the first print to 50,000. But we had a first run of a million with these


because we knew people would love them. Each pack of 100 has 20 A-list actors in the set, and when people see that there are different images they run after you and ask for more. This is a wonderful way to share the gospel with people who normally wouldn't darken the door of a church. They have perceived value, and look like a collector's item.  I don't think authorities will have a problem with the new celebrity millions because they don't look too much like American currency." 


He added, "As with everyone at the present time, we are concerned about the economy, so we cut our prices in half so that Christians could afford to get these tracts and give them away to those who need them. I want to stir the Church up with a new enthusiasm to reach out to those who are spiritually bankrupt, so these tracts are a stimulus package that helps more than a sagging economy." The entire set of twenty A-list celebrity caricatures can be seen on   Enquiries   


The World's Most Amazing Atheist

Years ago I emailed the world's most amazing atheist. No, it wasn't Richard Dawkins. Let me give you a clue as to his identity. He was an ordained minister for 19 years, and during that time he even wrote songs about Jesus, from which he still receives royalties today.

I upset him to a point where he said that if I ever made contact with him again, he would have my email account shut down. He was really mad.

I can't tell you his name because he is lawsuit-crazy, but I can tell you what I said to him. All I wrote was, "Judas lasted three and a half years. Yet you managed to fake it for 19 years! Amazing."

Most professing atheists complain about the Church being full of hypocrites. There are millions of hypocrites sitting right in the middle of God's people. They are pretenders, whose lives don't match what they profess. Some remain within the Church, while others move on to other things (some to atheism).

But that's the missing link with false converts (hypocrites). They don't know the Lord because they are strangers to true repentance. They hold onto their sins and think that they are Christians, when they are not. They are fakes.

Jesus called the ones who stay, "goats" among the sheep, and said that they will be sorted out on Judgment Day (see
Matthew 7:21-27).

My lawsuit-happy friend played the hypocrite for an incredible 19 years. No doubt at the time he thought he knew that Lord, just like Judas. But Mr. Iscariot had no idea who Jesus of Nazareth was, evidenced in the fact that he also saw Jesus as simply a means of making money. No doubt today he's still being paid for what he did.

Some would say that this atheist's bark is worse than his bite. I don't think so. He is more than just a barker. He is an angry and bitter man who hates the God he once professed to love.

Amazing, and yet tragic. This poor man obviously never understood the cross.

The Atheist and the First Dog

Imagine being there when the first dog evolved. Let's say it's the African hunting dog (Lycaon pictus), the wild canid of Africa. There was a big bang, and millions of years later an animal with a tail and four legs, a liver, heart, kidneys, lungs, blood, ears and eyes evolved (through natural speciation) into the first dog. Fortunately for him, his eyes had evolved to maturity after millions of years of blindness, so that he could see the first female dog that had evolved standing by him. It was actually very fortunate, because if the female dog hadn't evolved also and been at the right place at the right time, with the right parts and the willingness to mate, he would have been a dead dog. He needed a female to keep the species alive.

When some thinking person on an atheist blog said, "It is my understanding that the evolution of sex remains something of an unexplained mystery," there was a quick reply: "Nope. For example, the selective advantage has recently become clear: it serves to keep transposable elements from completely taking over the genome."

Let me paraphrase what our "I haven't a clue, so I will blind him with science" atheist just said: "The evolution of sex is not an unexplained mystery at all. For example the natural selecting choice for the best that evolution makes has recently become clear. It serves to keep the movable material from completely taking over the genome (a genome is a full set of chromosomes; all the inheritable traits of an organism). If you are not sure what chromosomes are, they are a threadlike linear strand of DNA and associated proteins in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells that carries the genes and functions in the transmission of hereditary information. If you are not sure what eukaryotic cells are, they comprise all of the life kingdoms except monera. Eukaryotic cells also contain many internal membrane-bound structures called organelles. These organelles such as the mitochondrion or chloroplast serve to perform metabolic functions and energy conversion.

"So that's how you can know for sure that the female dog evolved at just the right time, at the right location, at just the right age, with the exact reproducing female parts to mate and keep the species alive. Keep repeating to yourself that evolution makes sense, and that it's extremely scientific. I know that it is intellectually beyond you, but we have all the answers. Trust me."

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By Ray Comfort

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Posted On: 02/03/09 10:19:53 AM Age 28, KS
Ray, I understand your temptation to take a parody of evolution to ridiculous lengths, but I want to point out that the theory of evolution doesn't claim male and female animals evolved separately. The claim is that way, way back when animals were first evolving, all life was maybe something like ameobas and other very tiny organisms, somewhere at THAT point one of these very simple creatures evolved the ability to sexually reproduce in addition to its normal asexual reproduction (splitting itself in two, like many simple microscopic life does even today). That makes the question of who it mated with easy to answer. It split itself in two and mated with its clone. The claim is that gradually the sexual reproduction ability took over, and gradually, the organism evolved into more complex life forms. And all the complex life forms we see today that reproduce using sex originally have a common ancestor that was this tiny simple little organism.

Are you "Barking" up the right tree?
Posted On: 02/02/09 09:32:14 PM Age 40, AZ
Ray, you are hilarious, smart, and witty. Atheists don't stand a chance. God Bless you and all you do for His Glory. Heather R

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