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Posted: 01/13/09

Lying Swindlers, Looking for a Fast Buck?

Hector (presumably a Christian) said "I wonder if you have found any really good sites for these kinds of things. You can go to Answers in Genesis website; also Institute for Creation Research for some really compelling things."

Lago (presumably an atheist) replied, "Wow you really are just full of it. I have visited those sites and they are even more amusing than Ray's. Did you know there was actually a captioned picture stating that one of their 'scientists' had clocked a river moving at 107,000 ft per second. I hope you can do the math, but just in case you cannot, that translates to 200 miles per second, or 720,000 miles per hour. I do hope you realize how absurd that figure is. This figure was also used in conjunction with saying how that Grand Canyon was formed rapidly. So no Hector, they have only convinced me that they are lying swindlers looking to make a fast buck off of people such as yourself."

Lago . . . I may be wrong here, but I think you are misunderstanding what the scientist is saying. It is not a reference to a river moving at a speed of 107,000 feet per second, but the volume of 107,000 feet of water being moved in a second of time. For example, the following is a government agency report: "Maxima: May 1949: Discharge 107,000 ft3/s (3,030 m3/s) at 6:00 amů.by slope-area method, by city engineer of Fort Worth."

So don't throw out the baby with the river water. Go back and check out what he was saying. I would presume that that amount of water moving at that speed could have carved out the Grand Canyon very quickly indeed. Water can move mountains, but no amount could move a closed mind.

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By Ray Comfort

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