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Posted: 07/03/08

A Public Statement From Ray Comfort on His Speaking At A Conference With Prosperity Gospel Speakers


Dear Brother and Sister:

You and I both love our Savior, and because we have been forgiven much, we share a passion to see lost souls saved from Hell.  It is the highest honor and greatest duty of the Christian to proclaim the saving Gospel.  That has been my passion for thirty years. 

            Because of my profound concern that souls are saved for the glory of God,  I have spoken in nearly a thousand churches, not from one particular denomination, but from almost every denomination. I believe this has happened because I  believe our churches are filled with false converts because we have moved away from biblical evangelism.   The fields are white for the harvest, and those fields are frequently inside of evangelical churches of all denominations. 

            I have never turned down any request to speak because I thought that the church's doctrine was unbiblical. In fact, they are the invitations I have gladly accepted because I know that false conversions are the fruit of their heretical doctrines. Unsaved people sit in pews in the millions in this country because they have never heard the biblical gospel--and I have to say with Paul, "How will they hear without a preacher?"

            What I have been doing for all these years has been below the radar screen of public scrutiny, until recently. Suddenly the spotlights are on and I am targeted (and fired at) as one that is endorsing false doctrine.

            I am not and have never been a prosperity preacher. I think it is a great error to say that Jesus was rich, etc., or to come to Him for wealth. I preach the simple gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for the sin of the world. That is the heart and soul of my preaching and teaching.

            May I implore you, dear friend--what would you do?  Imagine you were invited to speak at an event or church where false teaching has created false converts. You know that a thousand people will hear a true Gospel presentation from your lips. Would you turn down the invitation?

            I know that not everyone agrees with me on this issue.  Please, consider my ministry, and my heart.  I know we can disagree on this issue and still love one another, can't we?   

            And so, I will continue to preach open air to anyone who will listen, to preach at atheist conventions if I am invited, and to preach to those who are deceived by false doctrine. That may mean that my so-called reputation will be marred, and that I will feel the pain of what is commonly called "friendly fire."  I simply wanted you to understand my heart. Thank you for considering this.

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By Ray Comfort

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Who are you allowing yourself to be aligned with
Posted On: 08/14/08 09:02:56 PM Age 53, NV
on Moriel Ministries Jakob Pradesh has an excellent article on this very thing.. Sadly, when we 'attend' or 'speak' at a event we are lending credibility to the false teachers when they use our public image in their PR. Perhaps Ray can state "I will attend and pay my own way, but will not allow my image or name to appear on any PR materials, other than the actual list of speaker on that 'day' I will be speaking... Sure he might not get as many requests, but Scripture warns all believes to avoid 'even the appearance' of evil. If Ray truly believes that God alone opens the eyes of those He calls, then we should be careful to not trust God fully to bring those captives out of false teachings. Those who are truly saved WILL seek the shepherd as Jesus stated "My Sheep KNOW My voice and FOLLOW Me". So many of the goats will only see Ray appearing at their event(s) as justification for the false teachings, and instead of a 'few' being saved many more will follow the wide path, thinking since "Ray" is appearing the WOF 'must' be okay... Those who attend WOF churches and events bring their bibles and even read them; they alone are responsible for determining truth. Scripture warns over and over about this.... Sorry, but this greatly disturbs me and I am praying that God will open Ray's eyes to the danger of his aligning himself with WOF by 'allowing' them to use him in their PR.... Sure Paul preached at Mars Hill, but he did not publize his upcoming appearances, he just showed up and began preaching.. Maybe a better way would be for Ray to Open Air outside where the WOF conferences are being held? Much Like Lawman Tony did when Todd Bentley was appearing in Los Angeles, but of course then Ray might not get invited back on TBN....

NO Jesus spoke in the synagogues and REBUKED the pharisees!
Posted On: 07/29/08 08:43:24 PM Age 38, MN
Jesus spoke in the midst of false teachers, yes, and got the false teachers so angry they CRUCIFIED HIM.

no one said Ray teaches prosperity gospel
Posted On: 07/29/08 08:41:59 PM Age 38, MN
what was said was that it was wrong to associate so closely with false teachers and let them use you to promote their own program. This is exactly what has happened, and yet Ray has yet to openly without excuse say "I was wrong, Ken and Ingrid were right." Even though he has admitted he was horrified to see his face plastered up there with these charlatans. The goal I think is to preach so clearly that the TRUE gospel and the FALSE gospel are seen in high relief. Apparently this did not happen. There is a place for rebuking false teaching, and so far Ray has let Todd Friel handle all of that nasty aspect of being a Christian speaker. Funny though that Friel hasn't spoken out against Avanzini and what he said at the conference and what he did with Ray's million dollar bill tracts.

Judge doctrine not the heart
Posted On: 07/15/08 07:19:22 AM Age 48, AL
We need to go into all the world to preach the gospel...even if the world is in the professing church. Our obligation to our brethren is to hold them accountable to sound doctrine and not to where it is allowed to be preached. When Jesus and the apostles taught in the synagogues were they somehow supporting the Pharasee's doctrine? Blessings, Mac

Posted On: 07/14/08 01:07:32 PM Age 64, OH
Thank you for the kind reply, Jim. Jesus or the prophets of old NEVER charged for The Word of The Lord on one hand but on the other the people were just enough to take gifts to these men. I think the late Kieth Green had a Godly way of getting his materials out to people. He said they were available for what ever you could afford. If you wanted his book or record and could not afford to pay then he would send it to you. He then asked others to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and if they could afford more than the cost of the material maybe they could send enough for others. How can I charge for something the Holy Spirit has given me by grace and grace alone. Of course I have studied for 33 years and now study every day all day long. I have only what the Lord sends me and drive a 16 year old car. Lou

But We Are Commanded To Take Care of Elders and Deacons
Posted On: 07/12/08 05:52:55 PM Age 40, NH
Fine line but we are to take care of those who preach, teach, shepherd, serve, etc. We are not to muzzle the ox while making sure the person is an ox and not a fox. Grace and Peace, Jim

Ray Comfort Doesn't Preach False Prosperity
Posted On: 07/11/08 12:31:06 PM Age 46, TX
Ray, thanks for this open-hearted alert. I personally testify to the false claims that Ray Comfort preaches any strand of the false prosperity gospel and that those people deceived by this evil error need the Gospel message that Comfort is, cross, resurrection, grace, repentance, etc. May God open even more doors for you among those trapped under the spell of the falsehoods propagated by the Word/Faith deceivers (2 Pet. 2:1-4). Those who support such error are going to pay eternally for doing so (2 Jn. 7-11; Ezek. 14:10; 2 Pet. 2:1-5, etc.). Jesus is coming - ready or not... The LORD bless and continue to teach Ray Comfort our beloved brother in Christ... todd tomasella

Posted On: 07/10/08 05:16:55 PM Age 64, OH
Every person on this earth could benefit from reading Jonah, including you, dear friend. Jesus tells us, 1"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.- So I do not want to judge you or my brother Jonah, because if I judge you or he harshly I will be judged harshly. I do not know about you , but I need all the mercy I can get. It is easy to be harsh with Jonah or any man, but Nineveh was probably the most evil place on the earth at the time. Why else would God pick it out of all the cities of the world to destroy. The ruins of Nineveh still stand in Iraq and are overlaid by the suburbs of Mosul. Mosul is Muslim and evil, but God is not threating to destroy it tomorrow. Nineveh was much worse. Are you an evangelical, I do not call myself one, but call myself a servant of the Lord Jesus. But Jesus tells us to go into all the world to preach the gospel and Mosul is in this world. I have not went there, have you. Have you went anywhere as hostile as that. So why would we speak one word against this poor dead man who did go to Nineveh, when we have not. I have never preached and 120,000 people got saved have you. Jesus said, "A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. 40For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.-- Jesus has never said that He would give a sign identified by my name, has he you. I have never been in the belly of a whale for three days and nights, because I told men to dump me into the sea, have you. I have never died for the Lord as Jonah did and He seen fit to raise me from the dead, have you. If Jesus came back today and told the world that I was a doorkeeper in His Kingdom I would drop to my knees and weep for joy. But look what Jesus said about Jonah, "for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and now one greater than Jonah is here".- Has Jesus ever said one greater than (your name) is here now, He has never said that about me. Jonah is on a boat with a bunch of idol worshipers. A storm comes up that threatens to destroy them. Do you know of any preacher today that would say it was his fault and not the heathens. Would you or I say it is my fault. Jonah said, "Pick me up and throw me into the sea," he replied, "and it will become calm. I know that it is my fault that this great storm has come upon you."-- That is one of the most amazing statements in the entire Bible. Would you or I not blame the Idol worshipers. Jonah was one of the most humble men who ever lived. God picked Jonah out of all the men on the earth, God picks well my friend. Jonah is my friend and my brother, I hope you become his friend too. Lou

Posted On: 07/10/08 02:16:48 PM Age 64, OH
If we preach for money then it is not the gospel we preach at all. If we sell to the poor what God has freely given us, then how are we any different than the money changers Jesus chased from the temple. If we follow Jesus, then we should be like try to be like Jesus in all things. Jesus never charged money for the gospel. The disciples said how can we feed all these people. But it was their LACK of faith speaking. Jesus looked to heaven and then prayed; and the 5000 were all fed. Lou

If you going to preach the gospel.....
Posted On: 07/09/08 04:26:18 PM Age 36, IL
I can see Rays logic but there is also big money at stake here. Honorariums, merchandise , book sales this could easily be a 6 figure gig..... it is a prosperity conference remember. Big ministries have to pay the bills. I would encourage Ray to do it for the right reasons. Preach the gospel and try to get resources in to the hands of these false converts, discount WOM materials for the weekend to show your really there for ministry and not money like everyone else.

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