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Posted: 06/11/08

Some Personal Questions

Do you like to snuggle up in a warm bed on a cold night? Do you have a favorite position for going to sleep? Have you ever woken from a nightmare, and taken about ten minutes to shake off a feeling of terror?

Has your whole body suddenly "jumped" because you thought you were taking a step, just before you dropped off to sleep?

Do you get annoyed when someone asks you personal questions, or do you feel a sense of identification, because you have had these experiences?

I hope you do identify with me. The reason for this is that it's my knowledge that you are just like me that drives me to try reach you with the gospel.

Whether you like it or not, you are like me. You have many of the same loves, fears, desires and concerns. You, like me, want to enjoy the pleasures of this life. No one in his right mind wants to be unhappy, and you therefore instinctively don't want to die. Everything within you pulls back from the experience of death. It's the ultimate root-cannel for which there is no pain-killer outside of conversion to Jesus Christ.

So, if you don't know the Lord, ask yourself some personal questions about me. What is my motive for pleading with you like this? I don't get paid for having a blog. I don't sell advertising on it. I have never asked for your money, nor do I want it. Christianity doesn't do anything for my ego. Neither is my motive to get you to join a church or a religion. It's simply a deep concern for your eternal welfare. Please, repent and trust the Savior before death seizes on you, and it's too late.

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By Ray Comfort

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Posted On: 06/14/08 11:33:12 PM Age 55, FL
I like your focus Ray. Like Ray, don't like Ray, bet he doesn't care. Bet he does care if you come to genuine faith in Christ. Who can be more beautiful than Christ? He takes flawed limited ones like us, and turns us into pleasing vessels. In due time, he will make of us something like himself. Then we too can be most beautiful. Don't be among the ones who ignored Ray's hope for you. Thanks Ray.

Do You Fear the Lord?
Posted On: 06/13/08 10:24:06 PM Age 39, MD
C.H. Spurgeon once said, "Men have been helped to live by reminding them they must die." Something else to consider, do you fear the Lord? This may seem like a silly question to some "christians" but it really is another good personal question. Take a good hard look into what the scriptures teach about fearing the Lord and the answer will show you how good a question it really is. As Jesus says, "..fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." - Matt 10:28b. Next ask yourself what kind of fear. Reverence, respect, honor, terror, awe. May a Godly fear drive you to the mirror of His law to see yourself as you truly are then in tears turn to the cross of Christ to have your fear relieved. If you have done so already then let the wisdom gained from a Godly fear drive you to a dead and dying world to sound the alarm in order to rescue the perishing. In His Service, Jason

Posted On: 06/12/08 08:45:46 PM Age 31, IA
Have you ever sinned? You're quite a bit like Ray. From what you said in your post, one could say you're just as vain as Ray is.

What is God going to Protect you from?
Posted On: 06/12/08 08:19:12 PM Age 42, MD
It sounds to me like you are unhappy.Ray Comfort was just being genuinely concerned for where you will spend eternity. I need to ask, "What type of life did God give you?" And, "What will God protect you from and how do you have this assurance?

I am nothing like you
Posted On: 06/12/08 03:18:45 PM Age 56, CA
How vain can you be to believe that anyone is LIKE you. I am nothing like you. I don't have the same loves, fears, desires and concerns that you do. I'm not happy, nor am I unhappy. I'm content living the life God gave me. Sure, like Paul, I have my feast and famine cycles, but content no matter what happens in my life because I know God will protect me. Nor am I afraid of dying. In fact, I welcome it just to be with the Lord. But while I'm living I do anything to accomplish His will - to spread the true gospel. Not the gospel you teach.

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