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Posted: 04/22/08

Wonderful Atheists

We were in Santa Monica, Southern California, looking for colorful interviews for the Third Season of our television program, especially for the opening four episodes. One program was called "Joe Average." It opened with a man named Joe getting out of bed, making some toast and honey, drinking a glass of milk, then going outside in the early morning sunlight and checking his garden and the day's weather. The script says, "Joe is a typical man. He doesn't think much about the creation that surrounds him, let alone the Creator. Even though God gave him life itself, if you asked Joe if God had ever done anything for him, he probably couldn't think of one thing. It's just another average day for Joe Average. Not quite. There is nothing 'average' about Joe or what he has done that morning. He's actually a miracle machine that no man-made mechanism could ever begin to even imitate." Then the program talks of the marvel of his body, and where his milk, toast, and honey came from. It's a wonderful and unique episode.

I stopped a couple on rollerblades and asked if they would like to be on television, talking about what they believe happens after someone dies. They looked at each other and said, "We're atheists!" It told them how much I love atheists, and they gave their consent to be on the program.

First question: "Has God ever done anything for you?" Their answer was a predictable "Nothing." I said, "He gave you life." Again, a predictable "Our parents gave us life." I said, "That's right. And their parents gave them life, right back to Adam." He agreed, then said, "No!!!!," He laughed, and added "You got me!" That set a relaxed tone for the interview.

I said, "I have a task for you. Make me some milk, from nothing." He looked a bit puzzled and said, "We would need a cow." "Okay then, make me a cow, from nothing." He said he couldn't do it. His wife agreed. So I asked where the first cow came from. "Evolution." How did evolution create the cow? A predictable "The big bang." Where did the materials come from for the big bang to happen? He didn't know.

When I asked them both to make me some honey, from nothing, they went back to the bee, and ended up with the same dilemma. They had no idea what happened "in the beginning."

I asked them to surmise that there was a God in the beginning, and a Heaven and a Hell. Were they good enough to go to Heaven? A predictable, of course they were . . . that is, until they saw the perfect righteousness of God's Law--they were guilty of lying, stealing, blasphemy and adultery of the heart (lust). If there was a Hell, they both admitted that they were going there when they died. Did that concern them? It did. I then explained that 2,000 years ago, a legal transaction took place between God and man.

When Jesus of Nazareth suffered and died on the cross, He was paying the fine for the moral Law that each of us has transgressed. Because of His suffering death and resurrection, God can now legally dismiss our case. We can leave the courtroom. He can commute our death sentence and let us live.

I explained the necessity of repentance and faith, and how (if the husband cared about his wife and five kids) he needed to get right with God. He looked at me with wide-eyes and said, "I have never had anyone explain that to me before . . ." It was a wonderful interview with a couple of very nice people. It was also just what we needed for the program. It wasn't the first time atheists turned out to be a God-send.

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By Ray Comfort

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Posted On: 06/09/08 12:28:15 PM Age 33, IN
I said I don't know. I didn't say that I checked my brain at the door and will now believe whatever thing someone decides to throw against the wall. There is ZERO evidence of a creator. ZERO. Provide any evidence at all and the idea of a supernatural being will be accepted. At this time you have none, you only beg people to please please please please please believe in your God. Well, I can make up anything I want (I have a great imagination), and now, according to your rules, you will have to consider the possibility that it exists. How ridiculous is that? Very. Now, stop doing it yourself. WE DO NOT KNOW. Let that be good enough. - M. Kirk

Nice try...
Posted On: 06/09/08 12:20:41 PM Age 33, IN
There are several errors in the bible, simply google it. Therefore, since that is what you asked for, the Bible is wrong. Now, there are thousands of other mythological origins to our universe. Please provide evidence against all of them. I'll stick with not knowing instead of pretending to know -- or, really really wishing hard. - M. Kirk

Seems to me...
Posted On: 06/06/08 01:27:53 PM Age 29, MD
Since you admit that you don't know, then the the answer quite possibly *is* "God did it". Are you willing to at least admit that? Scientists and people who refuse to at least acknowledge the possibility of a creator are doing a great disservice to themselves and those who blindly follow their lead. While they purport to seek answers and consider all the evidence, they limit themselves and the evidence they'll consider and often vehemently deny that that is exactly what they do.

Posted On: 06/06/08 01:01:37 PM Age 29, MD
Prove you wrong? Read the Bible. If you prove the Bible wrong, then we can talk about what you've posted here.

I know the answer...
Posted On: 05/07/08 03:18:50 PM Age 33, IN
Ra the Sun God created the matter for the Big Bang. Prove me wrong. Then prove every other religion (most of which you would call mythology now) wrong about where they think the matter came from. Have fun disproving a negative. You've disbelieved thousands of deities, I just believe in one less than you. - M Kirk

Posted On: 05/07/08 03:15:16 PM Age 33, IN
Unlike others, we (Atheists) don't have to pretend to know all of the answers. We have no idea where the matter came from for the Big Bang. We're okay with that. Seriously. What we don't have to do is act like we know, especially when we may never know the answer. But you see, that is the great thing for you! As long as we say we don't know, you'll get to pretend that God/god/gods exist! Even as science whittles away the ignorance of religion, you'll always have one place to hide. Isn't that comforting? Even future religions that come along and replace yours will have this same excuse. Try to remember, the default answer to: "We don't know", is not: "God did it!" If you want to prove that Goddidit, then prove it. That's where the burden lies. In the meantime, I'll stick with, "I don't know, and neither do you." But won't it be cool if science can someday show us where it came from? That's something worth striving for, not ignorance, mythology, and pathetic wishful thinking. - M. Kirk

RE: Feelgood
Posted On: 04/29/08 11:21:04 PM Age 50, SD
It is interesting that I posed a number of questions, yet you can only come up with some feeble-minded ridicule about how I may believe? Is that all you've got? Step outside your box and answer the questions if you are able. So far, all I've gotten from the so-called open-minded and superior intellect crowd is: "there are answers all over the place if you look." Really. Well give me an example then of where the matter came from that produced the "big bang." Can you answer that, or, are you ignorant?

Posted On: 04/28/08 04:49:17 PM Age 21, TN
Oh geez. Ignorance must truly be bliss. The reality is, people unbound by BLIND faith aren't hasty to argue because it makes it sound like you have an argument in the first place. And yes, science needs to just stop this madness of observation! Have they not gripped a banana!? Seriously people, there's a TREMENDOUS amount of evidence from a wide variety of sciences that coincidentally support evolution. The people that know this just stand around and watch the fanatical people roll around in their confusion. And we feel bad. We really do. Life is beautiful, regardless of whether or not YOUR GOD created it one "day". A simple search (that will lead you straight to hell because you're about to look outside your little safe box), will yield all the information you need about the origins of consciousness and life. Or, get your facts about life from and they will always agree with you! Its like a free buffet of feel-good information that you don't "think" about, its spoon-fed to you!

Posted On: 04/28/08 10:23:41 AM Age 64, OH
NEWTONS 1ST LAW: Objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless acted upon by AN OUTSIDE FORCE. Any physicist believes this law. If all the matter and energy of the universe was concentrated in a point for all time back into infinity. What held this mass and energy in place. It was in that state until just a few billion years ago. Then how did this mindless energy all at once explode into the universe as we know it in the big bang. How was it in a point or at rest for all time up till a few billion years ago then all of a sudden explode. What made it explode. It was at rest. IT HAD TO BE ACTED UPON BY A OUTSIDE FORCE. Arrogance is the thing that cripples man and humility is the thing that enables him to see truth. Isaac Newton believed in the God of the Bible. Did that seem to cripple his reasoning power. No scientist has discovered more than he did. Isaac said it was God who showed him these things. He was humble and looked to God and God showed Isaac much truth. What have you discovered, much more than the man with the crippled reason, Isaac Newton, I hope. Lou

there are NO athiests
Posted On: 04/28/08 08:49:37 AM Age 47, MO
Friend, you wrote: "Christians will have to unlearn a lot before they come to the truth. The atheist starts from scratch." That's an interesting comment, let's talk about it. Sure, Christians have a mindset based upon tradition, presuppositions, half thruths, etc, that is not necessarily so...However, I think they have erred on the side of caution. Athiest's however, also have things they believe based upon ignorance, half truths, presuppositions, etc, that isn't true. The thing is however, your error is willful distortion because you can't stomach God. Yet, there is no such thing as an athiest. Since, God is that which no greater can be thought, we all have a god of our own making. Yours, however; is awfully small, feeble, lonely, enslaving, lying, and weak. Repent and be saved! Truth needs no defense and he who seeks find it. The problem is that we really don't want to seek it because if true- it will require a change. This obviously demonstrates how close minded "athiests" really are. John

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