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Posted: 12/31/69

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re: coercion
Posted On: 03/04/08 05:00:43 PM Age 31, IA
They're definately coercing people, but I doubt it's to Christ.

I call it Coercion
Posted On: 03/03/08 08:30:17 PM Age 61, MO
Coercing people to come to Christ is certainly not a new tactic. As far back as the 3rd Century, Constantine used several tactics to get people to unify in Christ; such as fancy church houses and compromised pagan ideas. Today, coercion runs rampant. I would earmark contemporary coercion back to Bishop Fulton Sheen and his TV show in the early 50's. (I mean he was one cool dude for a Catholic bishop). Then televangelism started coming into full bloom. The Gospel presentations of Pat Robertson and Jim Baker became more about raising money than reaching the lost. Christianity for these people who watched these shows was gathering together alright--gathering together in front of their TV sets. There is something inherently false about hearing or watching ANYTHING on TV, even if it is true. Rob Bell just happens to be one of the latest in a long line of others who have tried to coerce or entice people to Christ. His creative soft sell tactics are not much different than Rick Warren or Joel Osteen. Essentially their message is the same: "Get on board the Jesus train. You don't need a ticket, you don't need to be born again, and you certainly don't need a Cross." Well, that train may be picking up passengers from coast to coast, but I don't think it will make it to heaven. George Cancilla

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