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Posted: 02/18/08

World's Most Hated

Who do you think is the most hated man in history? Is it the murderer of millions, Adolf Hitler, or perhaps mass murderer and terrorist Osama Bin Laden? I don't think so. I think Jesus of Nazareth is by far the most hated person of all time. Who else can you think of whose name is used daily as a cuss word? Two thousand years after He was on this earth, even Hollywood uses it as profanity, in the name of entertainment.

Why is there such a deep contempt for Jesus Christ? That is easy to answer. This is what He said of why the world hates Him: "The world cannot hate you; but me it hates, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil" (John 7:7). The world hates Jesus Christ for the same reason criminals hate the police. He accuses them of crimes against God.

Despite the hatred, the Bible warns (and Scripture cannot be broken) that every hate-filled human being will bow the knee to Jesus Christ and be judged by Him. Most think of Him as "the Son of God," and limit Him to being whatever they think that means. But the Scriptures clearly tell us that He was actually God "manifest in the flesh" (see 1 Timothy 3:16 KJV, NKJV) and that "all things were made by Him" (see John 1:1-3 and Colossians 1:15-16). That's why they will bow the knee.

The reason that God was manifest in the flesh was to provide a morally perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world, and the reason that we needed a sacrifice is because we are in debt to God's Law. If you don't believe you are in trouble, listen to this part of the moral Law: "Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already with her in his heart."

Jesus warned that the Day will come when every one of us will stand before God and give an account even of our secret sins . . . sins of lust, of hatred, and evil imaginations. The Bible tells us that liars and thieves will not enter Heaven, and warns of a terrible place called Hell that awaits for all who are found guilty on that day.

The last words of Jesus on the cross were "It is finished!" In other words "the debt has been paid." His suffering on the cross was sufficient to pay our fine for us. His consequent rising from the dead means that God can now legally commute our death sentence. All we have to do to find everlasting life is to repent and trust Jesus alone for our eternal salvation. The plan of salvation is that simple.

A word of warning. Once you find peace with God, hold on, because the world will hate you because you belong to Jesus Christ.

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By Ray Comfort

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Say Huh?
Posted On: 02/23/08 08:35:39 PM Age 47, MO
Have we made ourselves feel better that we are so loving and accepting? I ask because you wrote that age 50 TX had some valid points, what points were those? The fact is that most people DO IN FACT hate Christ. Christ said: "If you love me you WILL keep my commands." Do most people keeps God's commands? Do most people even attempt to keep God's commands? There is no middle ground, it's either God or Satan, no do overs, and no pergetory. And yes, I understand grace, that's not the issue because Christ did not save the sinner to continue sinning or hating. John

Even from birth
Posted On: 02/22/08 03:35:33 PM Age 33, OK
A ruler had babies 2yr's old and under killed to eradicate him. Religious men tried to kill him running out of synagogues, they tried to trick and deceive in words,and malign his character.They paid false witnesses to lie against him and a man to reveal his whereabouts. They showed more mercy for Barabas a criminal then a man preaching God's kingdom and healing,delivering,feeding,helping their own people. They slung slurs at him while he was dying. When proof of his resurrection his truth was shown by neutrals party of soldiers they lied about it to generations,Religious people have killed,tortured,kidnapped,persecuted his followers for thousands of years now. Atheists have slain,persecuted for the mention of him in bibles in churches,in coversation in communist and muslim countries. Godliness and the name of Christ have been used in jokes,cartoons,and movies as Ray mentioned,while other false deities are forbidden. The Nonbelievers cry out against any mention of his words as discriminatory and untolerant for them. Any symbol or holiday towards him have become vile to them. Any belief system that is reflective of his words is repulsive to them and spurns anger,mocking taunts,gnarling teeth,or a middle finger.They are slowly trying to pass laws to restrict us from following him. Only a watered down multi-faith acceptance is allowed with restrictions to them. After professing a faith in Jesus Christ to others,his miracles and goodness towards me I understand the scripture"Do not cast your pearls before swine" you get it thrown back in your face and trampled on. It is precious,awesome,wonderful to you to others its a cause of hatred, ridicule,and foolishness.

If you love me... keep my commands
Posted On: 02/22/08 09:53:36 AM Age 47, MO
Actually, most people DO hate Jesus. Jesus said, if you love me, you will keep my commands. The fact that most of the world ignores Christ and follows them-selves is all the evidence you need that they hate Christ. Perhaps, the word hate is to strong for most people, that's a shame but is indicitave of PC acceptance. It is also indicitive of a watered down Christ and an ignored Satan and Hell. John

I have to chuckle at your comment.
Posted On: 02/21/08 06:16:38 PM Age 20, MN
I was not aware you had a post man by that name. ;) But on a more serious note, I merely asked because some people seem to come up with a concept of Jesus not based in Scripture, so I figured I'd better make sure (if I didn't, it might up in endless circles of discussion because we didn't define who we meant by Jesus). And as it appears, MN 31 does agree, so I was able to answer the post without (hopefully) any confusion. :) You have a great day and God Bless! :D

Most people...
Posted On: 02/21/08 06:09:28 PM Age 20, MN
..hate Jesus because of the very reason He died. He died for everyone's sins (and this includes myself and you) and if He died in our stead that means that if we don't accept His free gift, we are guilty of sin. Many people hate Jesus because of the fact that He himself hates sin and because humans prefer darkness rather than light. Oh yeah, many people would espouse Jesus to be a great moral teacher, to be "go against the flow" guy, etc. But when it comes to it, people hate who Jesus is (how the Bible shows Him). So they make Him into just (note the word "just", I'm not saying He wasn't one) a great moral teacher, etc. Jesus also gave an exclusive claim: You can't go to heaven via Buddha etc. :) That is why people hate who Jesus is. Hope that helps and have a great day! God Bless! :)

Posted On: 02/21/08 04:22:31 PM Age 28, FL
that are that sarcastic usual have unresolved anger at something. I was just like that I use to come into place like this and mock everything just like him, and I was angry. But you are right and I apologize to the man in Texas.

Posted On: 02/21/08 04:16:49 PM Age 28, FL
Thank you, for point out my misuse of vitriol it should have been vitriolic. What did he say that raises so many concerns? He quotes Jesus himself saying that the world hates him. You are right though that most people do not hate Jesus, but they have made him into something that they are comfortable with, not the Jesus of the Bible. What it comes down to is if you believe the bible is the inerrant infallible word of God, or not. And if you donít believe that what parts of the bible are true then. We canít pick and chose what we believe in, that just leads to chaos, as we are seeing in this post-modern worldview. I will pray that you find the answers that you are looking for.

Posted On: 02/21/08 11:38:56 AM Age 31, MN
I understand what you are saying about sarcasm, but the writer (age 50 from TX) has some valid concerns about the above article. The above article is really concerning because Ray's idea of reality seems to be distorted. Most people (whether Christian or not) do not hate Christ, they are just annoyed by people who claim to be his fundamentalist followers. And, there is no vitriol (which is an incorrect usage of the word) against Christianity - only valid questions. I'm a christian (not a fundamentist) that is still searching for answers about my faith. This column and a lot of the feedback leaves a lot of open questions that new christians bring to the table.

Response to Query
Posted On: 02/21/08 09:45:17 AM Age 31, MN
Yep. The same Jesus that said Love One Another. But what does this have to do with Jesus being the most hated man on earth?

How doyou know?
Posted On: 02/21/08 07:49:53 AM Age 44, ENGLAND
I'm curious, how do you know TX has not found peace? (maybe he has, maybe he has not) Is it because of his comments on the way Ray writes his articles etc...are we to take it that ifs somebody does this then they do not have peace with God? Scrtach that itch for me. Thanks, Steve

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