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Posted: 01/29/08

Plane Speaking

Two hundred years ago "rational" thinking folks would have mocked you if you spoke of the possibility of massive jumbo jets floating through the air filled with human beings. Any sensible person knew that massively heavy objects couldn't possibly float through the air, as though they were lighter than a feather. They "knew" this because of an invisible law--the law of gravity. But we now know that it is possible for this to take place, because of another law that overcomes gravity. When a certain object moves at a certain speed, it supersedes the invisible law of gravity and enters into another invisible law--the law of aerodynamics. Gravity still remains, but the heavy object breaks free from its influence.

The Bible says that all of humanity is subject to an invisible law-- "the law of sin and death." That law says that the soul that sins will die. Those who deny that it exists should simply take a trip to a graveyard (they will one day). Universal death proves that law is a reality. However, because of the cross, the Christian breaks free from the law of sin and death. The moment he or she repents and trusts in the risen Savior, they move into the influence of another invisible law. This is a higher law--"the law of life in Christ Jesus." This is simple to prove. The skeptic needs only to step into the plane. Most don't, because of a closed mind. "For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death" (Romans 8:2).

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By Ray Comfort

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Posted On: 02/01/08 11:24:38 AM Age 64, OH
I did not make my self clear as to how our lives depend on not only mercy but also JUSTICE. If justice was suspended and only mercy was in force then we would all be lost to the law of sin and death. The law of JUSTICE says that if there is innocent blood shed for sin then the penalty of death can not be applied, for the penalty has been paid. Jesus was innocent of sin and yet was put to death. So Jesus paid the price of sin which is death. Now that Jesus has paid the price of sin then JUSTICE demands that anyone who appeals to the mercy of the Lord Jesus who paid the price and Jesus covers them with His blood that they be declared not guilty. JUSTICE demands that the penalty of death not be applied to us even though we have sinned. For justice demands that if the penalty is paid then there is no penalty to be applied. If it were not for JUSTICE then Satan could still demand that we be put to death for our sin. Our very lives depend not only on mercy but also justice. Just as the plane depends on gravity so as not to go out of the atmosphere and all die. We depend on Justice to demand that the blood pays the penalty of death for our sin IF we are covered with the blood of the innocent Lamb of God. Lou

Posted On: 01/29/08 11:08:44 PM Age 64, OH
Ray, the law of gravity is not the focus of the article but i thought you might want to know the truth about that law also, since it is a law of God also. You said,"the heavy object breaks free from its influence", speaking of the airplane breaking free from the influence of gravity. This is just not true, Ray. Even satellites in space do not break free from the influence of gravity. If the plane or the satellite did break free from the influence of gravity then they would go right off into deep space and away from the earth. Any plane that would break free from the influence of gravity would mean death to all who were in that plane. The plane does not break free from the influence of gravity but the LIFT from the wing becomes greater than the pull of gravity on the plane. Gravity never stops pulling and when the plane slows down then the lift is less than the gravity and it returns to the ground. The faster the plane goes the more lift the slower it goes the less lift. So we can see that gravity is very important to the safety of the passengers. It is the same with the law of Justice of God. We never are outside the influence of the law of justice. It is just that Jesus in his mercy has paid the price that justice demands of us which is death for our sin. Justice has not been overcome but has been paid. It is just that we can pay the price of justice for even if we did die for our sins that would not pay the price for we are not righteous. So Jesus paid the price of death that justice demanded of our sin. We are not free from the law of justice it is just that Jesus has paid the price. That frees us from the law of sin and death. But our salvation also depends on the law of justice as well as the law of grace and mercy. God does not choose between mercy or justice but God is always merciful and just in everything that he does. Lou

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