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Posted: 12/15/07

The Big Three

 What is it that keeps most people from coming to Christ? That question probably has a three-fold answer: 1. Pride, 2. Love for sin, and 3. A lack of knowledge. The Bible tells us,

"The wicked, for the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God" (Psalm 10:4). Sin and pride are intertwined. We puff our rebellious chest against the heavens and say, "Who is God to tell me what to do?" There's no fear of God before our eyes. The reason we don't fear Him is because we lack knowledge. We cling to our image of God like a child clings to his security blanket, and if you have ever tried to separate a child from his blanket, you will know what a hard job that is. But that's what me must do (with the help of God)--separate the sinner from his idol. And the way to do that is to preach the Commandments, as Jesus did.

The moral Law makes the issue clear--God is holy, and He will not tolerate sin in any form, nor will He tolerate any other gods before Him. That's right--God is politically incorrect. He is uncompromisingly intolerant. Hell with prove that. The light of the Law not only exposes idolatry, but it humbles the sinner, and gives him the knowledge that without the grace of God, he will perish. So never despise God's Law, and never neglect it when heralding the glorious cross

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By Ray Comfort

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The only reason
Posted On: 12/30/07 11:06:42 AM Age 45, PA
The only reason people don't come to Christ is they are not called by the Father. By your manipulation, though admirible, just creates unregenerated church people. Now the number one reason people don't go to church is unregenerated (hypocrates) church people.

Posted On: 12/19/07 01:39:24 PM Age 64, OH
You say no Christians are hypocrites. I do not disagree with what you are trying to say at all. But I would like to clarify it for others and feel you would agree with this. All Christians are sinners and the law says if you break one part of it you are guilty of breaking it all. So we all are hypocrites sometimes and have been guilty of this terrible sin. Certainly the scriptures are true and God gets a bad name because of his people. Most of the time it is from people who only claim to be his. But some of the time it is from people who are his. What a humble and merciful God to say I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Patrick , and Lou. You would think he would have disowned us all because of our sin; but in his great mercy and grace he points out to the world that we are His sons. What mercy and grace. Lou

Posted On: 12/19/07 01:26:03 PM Age 64, OH
Yes Patrick what you say is true. but i think you missed my point. Only Jesus knows the condition of their hearts and so knows exactly what they need. He knows if they are hypocrites or beat up by religion. You can not ever do better than following the Holy Spirit can you. This is exactly what Jesus did. He gave some both barrels, so to speak, and to others he gave comfort and forgiveness. I do not stand against preaching the law but just say to follow the Holy Spirit and always ask Him what we should say and do. Those who walk in the Spirit are the sons of God. May the grace and peace of God be with you. Lou

Posted On: 12/17/07 05:46:46 PM Age 51, MO
Enough said. Look at the present political debate. We have canidates fighting over who the best Christain is while at the same time fighting about who is going to torture and kill the best. If I was an atheist or new Christain I would be driven away by the bigoted, hateful, talk I hear on Christain radio. If the church fails in this country it will be the churches' own doing. They have done a poor job of showing and demonstrating Christ's love for all mankind. Christ's said.. "What ever you do to the least of thee, you do to me." This simple tenant of faith has long been forgotten by the Christain community and certainly "being one's brothers keeper" is talk from a liberal, socialist, un-American commie. I am still waiting for someone on this board to explain to me why they believe the world gets worse everday. my e-mail [email protected]

Lou: By the Law is the knowledge of Sin...
Posted On: 12/17/07 02:41:42 PM Age 45, NJ
LOU: Only by their seeing themselves in the mirror of the Law can ANYONE be contrite and repent!!! And unless you repent you WILL perish. From there a man will believe God and can be rescued by His trust in Jesus. but as long as someone considers himself to be righteous, in other words he is self-righteous, he will not see his need for the savior. A Rich man has no need of Jesus until he sees his riches will nto profit him on the day of Judgment. and it is the Law that shows him that. You say you only wait for a prompting to speak the truth and only as you are lead to? Then be lead by Jesus as He said to seek the lost. Jesus did not make that optional. And Jesus, with his Disciples, ALL used the Law to explain what sin is to a self-righteous person, giving grace to only those who are already humble. Don't throw the pearls of God's Grace before the self-serving swine! Use the Law to bring the conviction of sin as Jesus and the disciples did. Keep up the work Lou but do so effectively and Biblically, the Way Jesus Did. Go to and learn how share your faith correctly, so you don't create false converts. We already have ENOUGH Ted Haggards running around. Seek the Lost wherever he can be found. Patrick burwell/

There are no Christian Hypocrites
Posted On: 12/17/07 02:32:01 PM Age 45, NJ
The scripture is clear, pretenders will be rejected by Jesus. There are no Christian Hypocrites. Hypocrites may be in the building but there are no hypocrites in the Church. I suspect you may have bee dealt with badly, or someone close to you has been mistreated, by a pretender to the Faith. You need not worry as all liars will have their place in the Lake of Fire.............. So, are you a good person? You'd better know the answer before you die (and 150,000 people die every day so don't say it couldn't be today as it could). Because only the righteous enter Heaven. Test yourself and find out... and get the answer to the question "What do I have to do to be good enough to enter heaven?" Go to and get right with Yahweh now, while you still have time. .......after you die is too late. Patrick Burwell/

My top three
Posted On: 12/17/07 02:14:48 PM Age 40, CA
1) Prosperity teachers who preach and focus more on self-centered riches instead of Christ-centered service. I visited a very poor church in central Mexico who was fooled into giving the only possessions they had (mostly watches, rings, etc.) to a prosperity teacher who disappeared after the service. I'm not saying that all prosperity teachers do this, but I am saying that a lot of people are left with nothing after giving all they had with the hope of receiving -- except for an excuse: "but you didn't have enough faith..." 2) Multi-Million-dollar Mega Church buildings, structures, stadiums. I read about an atheist who was a wonderful husband, a loving father of three, a productive citizen who generously gave his time to help his community and who regularly gave to the poor "...instead of to a multi-million dollar glass cathedral." Although I don't support Atheists, I must accept that he did have a strong point against mega-churches. 3) Christian neighbors who hinder the light of Christ in their personal everyday lives. But, in general, allow me to say when God calls someone, it doesn't matter the predicament he or she is in. I was born and raised in a few Pentecostal congregations, in which I saw an incredible amount of hypocrisy, adultery, fornication, hatred, fights, dishonesty, and much more that caused me to despise "church" from a young age, and to become one of the top sinners in my community. Note: Yes, I know -- I sinned because I was a born sinner not because of anything else. But I believe my experience catapulted me into the worse pit of sin -- as compared to others who gradually find themselves in the mire of sin. Yet, by the grace of God, several years later, God awakened in me an incredible deisire to learn about him. I had been given life, and through this life, I hungered for His Word that I, at one time, had avoided as I do any contagious disease. God freely gave me the nature of Christ (when I wanted nothing to do with Him) in the form of a baby who craved the milk of His Word, and as this baby grew, so did my love for God. I never made a commitment to the Lord, He commited himself to me and I fell in love with Him -- and now I can't live without him. I believe the situations that keep God's children from Him are only temporary; and ultimately, in one way or another, God will draw them to His Son Jesus Christ (John 6:44, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them."

Posted On: 12/16/07 11:46:15 PM Age 45, NJ
Hallejuah! When you use the Law of Yahweh as a mirror, as Jesus did, to show a man his true state he gratefully receives the mercy of God and seeks no other Hope but that found in the Grace of God in Y'Shua the Messiah. Glory to God in the highest that He shows such goodwill towards men, those who only deserve His Wrath. Patrick Burwell/

I thank God for you, Ray.
Posted On: 12/16/07 12:07:11 AM Age 44, TN
If Timothy was like a spiritual son to Paul, then you have a whole lot of kin-folk in Tennessee. Thank you for being faithful to the call. May your work continue to bear fruit to the Glory of God. "May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering."

Blaming the Victim?
Posted On: 12/15/07 03:15:50 PM Age 45, KS
From my experience, Christian hypocrisy has to be #1.

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