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Posted: 12/11/07

Not So Senseless Killings

There was another "senseless" mass killing this week. This one was in Colorado. I'm hesitant to talk about it because I may sound simplistic and repetitive. I don't think the killings were senseless at all. Something is not senseless when there's a predictable pattern. Here was another disillusioned and bitter 'backslider" (a false convert), who no doubt gave his heart to Jesus because of a promise of a wonderful new life in Christ, and when the promises didn't deliver the goods, he was angry enough to kill. He targeted four Christians, and murdered them before being shot by an armed (a sign of the times) church security guard. My own pastor recently held up a Bible and a copy of a very popular book by "America's pastor." The publication promised God's best for you right here and now. It was another things go better with Jesus book, or what I call "the modern gospel." My pastor said that both books were left by the church dumpster with what amounted to a suicide note scribbled in the Bible, saying that the promises of the Bible didn't match the promises of the book. How unspeakably tragic. The world may speak well of smiley preachers who refuse to open up the Law so that sinners can see their terrible danger, but they are in truth betrayers of the ultimate trust. May you and I never sleep on our watch. Most armies in history have rewarded such treachery with a firing squad.

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By Ray Comfort

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Who is America's Pastor?
Posted On: 12/13/07 11:07:40 AM Age 58, IL
Which pastor is Ray referring to? Rick Warren or Joel Olsteen?

Makes Sense To Me
Posted On: 12/12/07 04:06:40 PM Age 56, OK
This "Not So Senseless Killings" makes perfect sense to me. It's called the "Judgement of God" starting at the house of God first. Judgement begun in this country a long while back. Christains have been so decieved by the lies of preachers they haven't been able to see. When the terrible happens the preachers have been quick to say, it's not God! He loves you! They are false sheperds and prophets. They have christians believing there is no judgement of God because they are christians and God would never bring judgement. These killings and much more that has happened in the past, has been the judgement of the God of the Christian Bible. The answer to stopping the judgement is to repent and turn back to God and His Laws.

America's Pastor
Posted On: 12/12/07 12:42:57 PM Age 61, MO
Do you think that "America's Pastor" would want to make a public apology if he knew about what you have reported here? It reminds me of the great Dr. Spock, who after having destructively influenced many people for many years, away from spanking their children, later in his life admitted that he was wrong. Maybe this incident at the New Life Church in Colorado will open some eyes to the seriousness of Gospel soft sell. George Cancilla

Are we saying this murderer was reading a book from Pastor Smiley?
Posted On: 12/12/07 10:40:21 AM Age 24, NJ
"America's Pastor" sounds like a connection to good ole Joel Osteen. Is there any evidence of this? I read this murderer's post on-line. He really hated Christians. I wonder if he was possessed at the time, perhaps with the same spirit that had those guys at Columbine several years ago. Very tragic. I pray the people shot were truly saved. What is our life but a vapor. Let's share the Gospel of Salvation by God's grace through Faith while there is still time, before their vapor vanishes.

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