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Posted: 09/19/07

Invisible Realms (warning: PG13)
- By Ray Comfort

I was having a tough time. I couldn't draw a crowd. In fact, I couldn't draw a thing. That's why I had photocopied a picture of John Wayne onto a large piece of paper and was coloring it in with paints. I couldn't figure it out. When my friends used a sketch board while speaking in public, at least a few people gathered. This day, no one bothered to give me a second look. I was planning to color in the picture and speak about how John Wayne lived and died as portrayed by Hollywood, and how he lived and died in real life. Death was no problem to the Duke; it was commonplace in the westerns in which he starred. So when it came to real life, one would think it wouldn't have bothered him too much. Naturally, it did. He called for Billy Graham to come to his bedside as he lay dying of cancer. The fact is, there's a Hollywood world, and then there's a real world. It is one thing to go out in a blaze of glory in a cowboy movie, but it's another thing to fade away under the merciless hand of a terminal disease. Anyway, there was no point in having a good illustration when there was no one to hear it.

Just as I was about to throw in the brush, a woman in her mid-twenties walked up to me. With an air of confidence she asked what I was doing with the paints and brush. I told her, and found out that her name was Jacqueline. I felt as though I had stepped into a John Wayne movie. She reminded me of the flashy-eyed female with a flower in her mouth and castanets in her hands, who twirls around the bar room, then jumps up and dances on a table amid the drooling of lust-filled, drunken cowboys. Jacqueline had no castanets or flower, but she had those same flashy eyes. As she spoke, I sensed that this sweet little kitten could, at the drop of a hat, turn into a ferocious wildcat. My first impression was an accurate one.

About two months later, I preached for about twenty minutes and was winding down. Thirty people had gathered to listen to the message and to wait for food. It was Friday, and the whole week had been a good one, with orderly lines for the food and quite a number of people making commitments to Christ.

Earlier in the week, my wife, Sue, had bravely come to the park to help me. I felt proud of her. Since she was 4'11", most of those who took sandwiches from her hands towered above her. She was able to get a firsthand glimpse of what I had been telling her about, seeing all those hungry hands grasping for food.

On this Friday, each person stood quietly behind the line I had drawn in the dirt about ten feet in front of me. As I spoke, I saw Jacqueline heading for me. I told her to stay behind the line. She took no notice, walked right up to me and demanded food. I told her to wait like everyone else, behind the line. She refused, and instead sat on the box I was standing on and hollered, "I feel like sex. I haven't had it for two days!"

I was annoyed because she had burst in just as I was about to challenge those listening to get right with God. The timing couldn't have been worse. I was also amazed at how her presence affected the men. Instead of continuing to stand orderly behind the line, they now pressed forward and were yelling and shoving one another. The atmosphere had suddenly changed.

She quickly grew bored and picked up a plastic bottle of water I had brought to bathe Pop's leg. Like the saloon girl with the proverbial whiskey, she took the lid off and began to guzzle it down. I saw Pop move to another location. As he left, I asked him to take the first-aid kit away so that it wouldn't be stolen. I told the crowd, which now numbered about fifty, that they wouldn't be fed if they didn't line up. No one moved back into a line. Other regulars, trying to be helpful, began to yell. Still no one moved. Even Preacher couldn't budge them.

The cowboy movie was still rolling. I was the local sheriff. I had the sandwiches under lock and key, and the lynch mob was there to bust them out of jail and gnash on them with their teeth.

A friend of Preacher's had a stick, and like a riot policeman began using it to push the crowd back. I jumped out of the way as they suddenly rushed the jailhouse. It was hard to see what was going on in the midst of that mass of bodies, but I could see someone lying across the top of the box, trying to stop the mob from busting up the jail. I could hardly believe this was all happening for the sake of a box of sandwiches! As I watched the fight for the food, I heard a bottle that someone had thrown smash behind me. I looked at Jacqueline, who was standing some distance away. She cringed as our eyes met. The little kitten had a twinge of conscience at the trouble she had caused.

A moment later, there she was, transformed into a wildcat, right in the middle of the men, screaming for food. She looked back at me and let out a string of hair-curling four-letter words. I made my way up to the empty box, turned to a guy who was holding on to six sandwiches and told him to give me one. As he did so, I passed it to Jacqueline, who snatched it from my hand and cursed me again.

I picked up the empty box and headed for Pop. As I did so, I saw that Jacqueline still had the bottle of water that I brought to cleanse Pop's leg. When I asked for it, she simply spat out more curses. I smiled because she reminded me of my regular hecklers back in New Zealand. Then I turned and walked away. As I did so, she called my name and threw the bottle at me.

Pop's leg was still a mess, but thankfully there was no sign of the gangrene returning. As I bathed the wound and applied a bandage, the little kitten came alongside. I told her to hold the bandage while I taped it up. She was a completely different person from the one who had so viciously poured curses on me a few minutes earlier. Afterward, without my asking, she helped me carry the empty box to my car.

Who's Pulling the Strings?

The first time I saw the television show "The Muppets," I couldn't understand how some of the puppets were manipulated. They were so well done, so realistic, that a small child could be forgiven for thinking that the puppets were real personalities in themselves. Those who are either babes in Christ, or are not yet born into the kingdom of God, could be forgiven for thinking that this day's happenings at the park were merely personalities enacting the play of daily life. However, those who are adults in the faith know better. Behind the actions of someone like Jacqueline, there is an unseen manipulator. She is just a blind puppet for spiritual powers.

Before I became a Christian, you would have had a hard time convincing me that there was a spiritual realm. If you had said, "Man is a spirit in a natural body," I would have been very skeptical. However, if you reasoned gently with me, saying that when someone dies the invisible spirit leaves the body, you may have been able to convince me of the fact.

Take for instance the doctor who says that a particular patient has just "passed away." You ask him, "What do you mean 'passed away'?" He tells you that the life has left the body. You inquire, "How do you know it left?" To which he replies that he didn't see it, but the invisible life-force, the spirit, left. What remains is a shell, commonly referred to as a corpse.

Many people find it difficult to believe in an invisible spiritual world, so let me relate it to a few things to make it more understandable. Think of an electrical current running from a battery to a remote-controlled car. We can't see the current, but we can see the car move as it is motivated by the invisible force. Or think of television waves. At this very moment, there are images of news reporters, cowboys, soap operas, etc., floating around us. We can't see them because they are invisible; they are in another realm. We need a television receiver to pick up the signal. The same is true with invisible radio waves.

For untold centuries, the hidden worlds of television and radio lay untapped. Two hundred years ago, the most progressive contemporary thinker couldn't have dreamed of what we have discovered hidden in the mysteries of the universe. Why then should it be so offensive to a reasoning mind to think that there are other invisible realms that haven't yet been discovered, realms such as the spiritual world?

Think of a man who has been involved in a terrible car accident, where both his arms and his legs have had to be removed. Literally half of his body has been taken from him, but he is still a whole personality. His soul is still complete. If man were merely flesh and not spirit, as some would have us believe, he would now be only half a personality.

Imagine if I were born blind. I'm standing on a street corner. You approach me, not knowing I am blind, and comment, "Nice day. It's good to see a blue sky."

I say, "I was born blind; could you tell me what blue looks like?"

You reply, "Sure, it'', it's...I'm sorry, blind man, I can't describe it to you. The only way you will understand the color is to experience it for yourself--you need light."

The same applies spiritually. According to the Bible, non-Christians have their "understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart" (Ephesians 4:18, KJV). My earnest prayer is that those who have never experienced the spiritual birth are open-minded enough to receive the light of understanding from God, through these few thoughts.

Perhaps some have more insight than I had before my conversion. They may have looked into the occult and discovered that there is a spiritual realm. Or perhaps they have seen the incredible increase in satanic worship, accompanied by human sacrifices, cannibalism, etc., and know that this is a manifestation of a spiritual realm outside of accepted human behavior. Maybe they have read of people who are said to be "demon-possessed," or heard of serial murderers who claimed to be motivated by spirits.

I know what it's like to be Spirit-possessed because One possesses me. Since April 25, 1972, I have been possessed by the Holy Spirit. Every Christian is: "Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His" (Romans 8:9). But the Bible also speaks of another "spirit"--the "spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience" (Ephesians 2:2). Let's take a look at this spirit.

Hair-Raising Experiences

Allow me to share a couple of hair-raising experiences with you. Because I know that no liar will enter the kingdom of heaven, the following incidents, which are only two of a number of similar experiences, don't have even a tinge of half-truth or exaggeration. They are the "gospel truth," exactly as they happened.

While I was the speaker at a church youth camp, an eighteen-year-old named John stepped into my cabin late at night and told me he was having problems.

After talking with him for a while, I told him that we would pray about his troubles. As I began to pray, he slumped off the bunk on which he was sitting onto the floor.

Then he groaned, rolled onto his back, arched his body, and began pushing himself backward across the floor. Having the gift of perception, I realized that this wasn't normal behavior.

In the Book of Mark, Jesus said, "These signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons," so I began to use the name of Jesus in what is called "exorcising prayer." The demons in John screamed, hissed, and manifested with such velocity that saliva from his mouth hit a chest of drawers eight or nine feet from where he lay.

With the help of God, I cast the spirit of rebellion from him, then asked a friend, who had come in to see what the noise was about, to get John a drink of water. When John came back to himself, I asked him what he had been involved in that got him into such a state. It turned out that he had been listening to occult-based heavy metal music and drinking blood. He and his girlfriend, under the influence of marijuana, would get a cup of blood from the local butcher and drink it in a satanic rite.

Excerpt from, Out of the Comfort Zone--Ray Comfort

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By Ray Comfort

Email: [email protected]

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Invisible Realms
Posted On: 02/20/08 02:03:42 PM Age 16, OH
Wow! Materialists are completely blind to reality. Even at a young age, I have seen the supernatural manifest itself. I know a Roman Catholic family and one of their children is a Wiccan. Something about their house is not normal. It's almost as if demons can be felt in the places where they have control. Several years ago, one of my friends and I were sitting on my front lawn. While we were talking, we both turned to our right and saw a figure in a dark robe standing in a neighbor's driveway. He (it) immediately vanished. I was terrified. We as followers of Jesus should never be scared by Satan's hordes, as the Lord has given us power over the devil's angels. Many people fear the supernatural because they don't understand what's really happening. Cosmic Humanists are the results of those who readily embrace the supernatural in any form. May we pray continually for those ensnared by Satan. Praise be to the Lord forever and ever!

Re: Invisible Realms (warning: PG13)
Posted On: 10/13/07 01:35:11 PM Age 32, OK
Another example I know of brother Ray, I was visiting a church speaking of spiritual affliction, a young mom who did not know of anything spiritual realm and doubted it herself, showed letters ands drawing her young son did happy loving messages to mom then showed us some he did after he became bound. He had gotten with some friend started collecting yu gi oh cards and gotten into it a lot she supported it buying him these until his personality started changing full of anger hate standing over her at night with a knife saying one of us has to die mom. A pastor she was referred to told her to burn the cards but she was reluctant all the money they spent on it. til mysterious lights started to flicker on and off in her house and her young son climbed basketball pole standing on edge in a trancelike state teetering off,she had to call her brother for assistance. She burnt the cards and her boy has changed back to more loving personality again with some scars and pain. Please please be careful what you allow your kids to play with,listen to,watch, and who hang with. I've seen it happen with my nephews too night terrors and rebellious spirits things they have in the house my brother allows. Get rid of these things your children souls are worth far more then the price of keeping up with the Joneses and temporary pleasures and distractions.

Re: Invisible Realms (warning: PG13)
Posted On: 10/13/07 01:08:10 PM Age 32, OK
Right on the Mark again Ray, I was trying to keep away from temptation a few years back keeping in mind the scripture if your hand sins against you to cut it off if your eye sins against you pluck it out. That week I was propostioned by three different men, one old enough to be my grandfather in the church!,one at work and one over the phone heard about my past from someone else, I stated my positon to him of avoiding sin and cutting those things out of my life now. He said yeah, I know what you mean he told me of entering into a strip club and seeing young wayward women dancing around a pole suddenly he sees one like a vision before his eyes change into a writhing snake he hightailed it out of there and hasn't been in any more since. These are bound by that paticular spirit you can even see it in their dancing The Lord spoke to me a passage of this I speak to you of those that try to seduce you remain in me and remain in my spirit. As Christians we'll encounter people bound by those spirits and some 7 times over. We need to be aware of keeping our houses clean and filled with the holy spirit. Some may clean their houses but not fill it where the enemy has entrance,and temptation comes knocking at your door. As a leader in witnessing you're a big target from the enemy keep your shield up and your weapons ready I'll be praying for you.Pray for me too. Love your lil sis in Jesus

Re: Invisible Realms (warning: PG13)
Posted On: 09/24/07 10:43:41 PM Age 49, CO
Hi Ray that was quite a story. Its a most hair raising story I have heard. LIke to thank you for all the work you do. If it were not for God pointing me to your book The Way Of The Master I would have been in the dark about how to properly share the Gospel. Your devotion to the Lord has made such an impact on me and everone I witness to. Thank you so much for being so faithfull to God. Love from you brother in Christ Dale Keith

Re: Invisible Realms (warning: PG13)
Posted On: 09/24/07 08:53:30 AM Age 43, MS
God bless you, Ray. The world needs more men of God who can see the effects of spiritual warfare and aren't afraid to take the fight to the enemy. Seven years ago I confronted spiritual warfare face to face, and I was the victim. I was at a midnight mass at the Catholic church I was attending at the time, and the priest said we would be having a "special" communion. Instead of the bread and wine, he presented us with small cuts of raw meat and a flask of real blood. (I never found out where the meat and blood came from, and I sure hope it wasn't human!) I had misgivings about the whole thing, but he spoke so gently and reassuringly, and said that this was our "next step to full consciousness of the other side." Well, finally I gave in, and as soon as I had taken these "sacrements," I felt a warm rush, and I passed out moments later. Over the next few days I found myself doing things completely outside of my control. I would be able to control myself for a little while, and then BAM! I'd be howling at passersby or digging through grass looking for worms to feed on, or rushing through my house looking for old copies of the Bible to burn. This went on for a week or so, until I wandered into the local baptist church. The pastor there saw exactly what was wrong with me. He tried to cast the demon(s) out, but it (they?) had such a strong grip. Eventually, he and his secretary had to tie me to one of the pews to restrain me, and they kept shouting Jesus' name at the demons and making me look at a cross and putting an open hymnal across my face until finally the demon(s) let go. Anyway, thank God I came across a man of discernment, and thank God Ray is a man of discernment too. Keep up the good fight, Ray. So many of us are counting on you!

Re: Invisible Realms (warning: PG13)
Posted On: 09/20/07 06:45:23 PM Age 53, IN
Very interesting; have known several satanists and children with demons. have had several intersting experiences as a physician caring for demonized patients, particularly as the body dies. This teaching about casting out demons is well-recognized among the Christian believers in Africa. In fact, they are taught it at the same time they are baptized--it is assumed they will need it and will cast out many demons during their walk with the Lord. It is only in the West, that we are too "scientific" to allow an understanding of demons--of course, we think that many similar things are possible by science-fiction; and many read Harry Potter with no qualms. Interesting schizophrenia there! If we had truly spiritual eyes, we would see the demonized persons in our own culture more accurately. The truth is, we are so pitiful in our Christian walks, that we are afraid of demons--not realizing that the Lord Jesus Christ has given us power of them. And we are too proud--we prefer to leave that spooky stuff to Catholic priests in movies. An excellent book written by one such person is "The Almost Perfect Crime"--it traces the loss of spiritual discernment and power from the early church as it became sophisticated under Constantine. Sorry I can't remember the author's name. As Islam invades America through legal immigration and Islamization, Christian would do well to pray for spiritual wisdom and discernment. A recent colleague was an Islamofascist traveling about the US working--many times during meetings, I was quite certain I could see an evil spirit in his person. Very interesting--please do not use my name at this time--

Re: Invisible Realms (warning: PG13)
Posted On: 09/20/07 05:00:31 PM Age 28, KS
"Think of a man who has been involved in a terrible car accident, where both his arms and his legs have had to be removed. Literally half of his body has been taken from him, but he is still a whole personality. His soul is still complete. If man were merely flesh and not spirit, as some would have us believe, he would now be only half a personality." Riiiiiight. See, it turns out that no materialist believes that the arms or legs are the seat of the personality. Rather, the brain is. In the same way, a quadruple amputee retains the ability to pump blood through his body because he has retained his heart, which is the body part that does the pumping. Now consider this counterexample. A man undergoes surgery and has the frontal lobes of his brain removed. Now his personality is all but gone, even though he has only lost a little bit of his physical body. Is the spirit contained in the frontal lobes?

Re: Invisible Realms (warning: PG13)
Posted On: 09/20/07 10:34:00 AM Age 37, MN
Wow Ray thanks for those stories -- amazing the story of Jaqcueline and how she changed on a dime. Your interaction with her may still bear fruit yet, you never know! Yes it is amazing how few people pay attention to the spiritual realm and how without the Holy Spirit's protection we have no defense against them. I thank the Lord for what you, Kirk, and Todd are doing every day. Praise the Lord!!

Re: Invisible Realms (warning: PG13)
Posted On: 09/20/07 05:08:05 AM Age 61, AR
I really appreciate this article. I have been dealing with the same thing in a different way, in that I have been discussing evolution with atheists and even Christian (in some sense) materialists on Yahoo groups, in an attempt to bring them a Christian witness. These people do not recognize that there is a spiritual realm at all, and mistake materialism for knowledge, or "science." It is apparent that they are being manipulated behind the scenes, like puppets, and are not allowed to see the truth by those who are their masters.

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