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Posted: 09/18/07

Could Damascus Become a "Ruinous Heap?"

  A story broke in early September that is shrouded in mystery--in part because Israel wants it that way. What really happened in the skies and on the ground in Syria on September 6? It is confirmed that Israel dropped bombs in a remote section of northeastern Syria that day. Apparently, the Mossad reported that such nuclear weaponry could easily be placed on Syrian scud missiles. Israeli satellite images revealed a facility in Syria that may be being used to build nuclear warheads.

Israel flew over Turkish airspace with permission hours before daylight September 6, to the section of Syria mentioned. The issue is being analyzed and commentated on around the world--except by Israel who is saying nothing. There are no significant explanations or analysis in print coming out from Israel.

Analyst Micah Halpern says, "My analysis is also based on past experience, patterns of behavior, and instinct. What probably happened is that North Korea and Syria thought it would be a good idea to amass nuclear warheads and hold them as a surprise weapon against Israel. North Korea has the weapons and Syria wants them. Both countries are pariah nations, and they are co-joined in their antipathy to the West, and by extension, that also means Israel.

"Intelligence from Turkey as well as from several non-official Israeli sources shows that this was more than a plan. Syria was actually in receipt of the weapons. In fact, a Kuwaiti newspaper asserts that Turkey officially pointed out to Israel the location of the warheads. Once they were in Syria, the materials were unloaded and transported to the mountain region. That is where Israeli planes found and destroyed them."

More than taking out missiles that were aimed at them, the Israelis were sending a message. It was a message to the entire region, including Iran. And the message has been received loud and clear, probably because it was conveyed with accuracy and precision but also because it came without spin, without excuse, without cover-up or disingenuous apology. The message: Don't amass nuclear weapons that are intended for use against Israel.

John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. has confirmed that both Iran and Syria have long cooperated with North Korea on ballistic missile programs, and the prospect of cooperation on nuclear matters is not far-fetched. Bolton went on to wonder whether Pyongyang was using its Middle Eastern allies as safe havens for its nuclear goods while it went through a U.N. inspections process.

When Israel took out Iraq's nuclear base in 1981, the world railed against her. That will likely be the case anytime Israel does the world a favor.

SCRIPTURE: Keep in mind that Isaiah 17:1 says that Damascus, Syria, will become a "fallen ruin" some day. If the day comes when Syria's saber-rattling becomes threats including nuclear activity, or, God forbid, it becomes clear that Israel is threatened seriously, she will have no choice but to act preemptively and strike Syria in a serious manner. While this is tough talk, put yourself in Israel's shoes. We may be closer to this time than we think.

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By Jan Markell

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Re: Could Damascus Become a
Posted On: 09/20/07 10:07:29 AM Age 42, TX
With all of us supporting Irsael in whatever means necessary for her to defend herself, I'm afraid we're getting to the point that whoever is elected in 2008 as US President is not going to back anything Israel does, be they Republican or Democrat. Fasten your seatbelts, everybody, time is running out and it's going to get VERY bumpy, soon. Use what time we have left to spread the Gospel and share God's wrath, punishment, intercession, mercy, and grace to all who are in darkness!

Re: Could Damascus Become a
Posted On: 09/19/07 08:42:11 PM Age 50, NEW ZEALAND
The question is not could Damascus become a ruinous heap. The question is "when will it become a ruinous heap?" No one on earth knows, but I would say 30 years tops.

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