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Posted: 08/04/07

The Hilarity and Arrogance of Global Warming

Paul Shelby Lewis


How can you possibly deny the science behind global warming!!!!????? 


That's the typical response to anyone who dares suggest that the integrity of the hysteria surrounding the so-called catastrophe-in-the-making is anything but pure.  Even though the scientists that propound such theories are right about as often as, well, themselves (there really is no comparison for their ineptitude), if you dare suggest that the rise in automobile use might only correlate with the recent rise in temperatures (rather than causing it), you risk entering the set of Jerry Springer.


It's become laughable.  On CNN a few weeks ago, the weatherman was nearly panic-stricken about all of the "RED" that was all across the map of this country.  Can you believe how hot it is?????????  What are we going to do, we're all going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Yes, I can believe how hot it is .  .  . it's the middle of the summer.  It's ALWAYS hot at this time of year.  When it is cold in July or August (as it was in the 19th century during the Year Without a Summer), then we can start to worry.  What to do about the problem?  .  .  . wait about two months, get past labor day, and the heat will be gone.  And just think, a few months after that, you can start complaining about how cold it is (and if you really like to get in a frenzy, you can start shouting about how we're all going to die!!!). 


My mirth became dangerous, however, when I fell on the ground laughing about the recent report that the price of milk and dairy products is set to increase dramatically on account of the rising cost of feed.  Let's review, shall we?  .  .  .  What has reached peak demand on account of one of the "solutions" to the rise in gas prices and the environmental effects of burning petroleum?  Ethanol.  What is the chief ingredient of ethanol?  Corn.  What has happened to the price of corn as a result of all of this?  It has gone up.  What's the main ingredient in stock feed?  Corn.  What happens when the main ingredient in stock feed goes up?  The price of the feed goes up.  What happens when the price of feed goes up?  The price of dairy (and meat) goes up.  What happens when the price of dairy goes up?  Exactly what is about to happen; the price of a gallon of milk is expected to hit and pass five dollars, and the price of eggs, cheese, bread, cereal, and every other American staple that relates in some way to corn is expected to rise.  So, while your friendly global warming "experts" are pushing for more ethanol, the cost of the basics of living is going to go sky high.  We always hear how "investing in the environment is investing in our children's future," about the evils of petroleum and big oil and big businesses that burn big oil and on .  .  . and on .  .  .  I wonder if they count starvation as investing in the future of our children?   


What arrogance .  .  . Arrogance that tells us how we can and cannot live.  Arrogance that says, even though the government has never been successful when it comes to effective use of taxes spent in the free market, we ought to trust them on such an important issue.  Arrogance that lifts its fist towards its Creator, and then makes itself into a god by declaring what is and what is not the optimal temperature of our planet.  Arrogance that comes, by all accounts, from those who claim to be the voice of the poor, and yet has no qualms with making it more difficult for the poor to buy the necessities of life.  Scripture is replete with lessons, and here is yet another .  .  . mighty will be their fall.  My suggestion; laugh when you watch the news, and start saving for your next trip to the grocery store. 

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By John Paul Brannon

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Posted On: 08/10/07 05:28:41 PM Age 63, OH
It is VERY difficult to take Gore serious when he says he believes in global warming but his electric bill is 100 times as much as mine (24x100=2400). Bush does not preach global warming but he has built a geothermal heated and cooled house and his bill is way less than the average bill instead of Bush being a hog like Gore. Gore goes around telling people to cut back when he is a HOG himself. We all should take care of the earth, which is a gift from the Lord Jesus Christ. Making ethanol from corn is pure stupidity. Brazil is making it from the whole sugar cane plant not just the grain from the corn plant. The yield per acre from sugar cane is high and they use the whole plant,so their method is way more efficient. The people below who say we are running out of oil are misinformed. We have more shale oil in the west than many times the amount of oil in the whole middle east. We should have started to learn how to extract the oil from the shale years ago to be ready for the day which we needed it, which is now. Canada has more oil in the oil sands of Alberta than is in the middle east. They are very busy building plants up in Alberta to get the oil out of the sands. The price of oil had to go to the present level before it was economically possible to make a profit from extracting the oil from the sand and shale. Lou

Re: Re: Re: The Hilarity and Arrogance of Global Warming
Posted On: 08/09/07 11:59:20 PM Age 37, NY
Cry liberal all you want. But if demand doesn't increase, we have about 25-40 years of oil left worldwide. Percentage wise, we may get more oil from Canada and Mexico, but regardless, billions of our dollars are going to the middle east, feeding the problem as I said before. I'd rather give that money to American corn farmers or use some other method not yet know. Electric maybe?

Re: Re: Re: The Hilarity and Arrogance of Global Warming
Posted On: 08/09/07 11:43:53 PM Age 37, NY
Wow! You drank TWO servings of the Kool-Aid.

Re: Re: The Hilarity and Arrogance of Global Warming
Posted On: 08/08/07 09:56:12 PM Age 56, OR
I think your facts are not correct. We have, at just present local US exploration levels, estimates of approximately 300 years supply of oil waiting to be used. The more interesting question would be; why has it not been appropriated? Engineered-Environmentalism of course! The 'person-killer' if ever there was a Satanic cause, that is the main one. Cleverly disguised as a 'caring regime' the green movement has done more to stifle and increase prices than any single entity. Though to be accurate, it is a conglomerate of entities. Beginning with 'planned parenthood', 'Darwinian-draconianism' and the expelling of God from our "Nation under God", the communist factions, engineered by an underground amoral oligarchy have taken all of us, all of the time for a real ride. Facts are not 'facts'. Truth in the media is not 'TRUTH'. No one seems educated, for all that I mostly hear is conjecture, popular myth and rhetoric. No real history is taught in school (just in case the kids might LEARN from it). In fact, there is SO MUCH RAMPANT FICTION spattering the airwaves, internet and print that the general unease of the populance is momentarily sated with a foolish cause! Enter the laughable GERBAL-WORMING syndrome (global warming). It is ALL UTTER TRASH! Non-sense! PGW.

Re: Re: The Hilarity and Arrogance of Global Warming
Posted On: 08/08/07 05:16:46 PM Age 25, NC
I realize I mis-wrote at the beginning. Yes we pay a higher price at the grocery store when the price of gas goes up, but this is double when the same is true of E85, because when you go to the grocery store, you are now paying the increase due to the price of corn as well as the increase due to the price of gas. Sorry for the mis-step.

Re: Re: The Hilarity and Arrogance of Global Warming
Posted On: 08/08/07 05:12:56 PM Age 25, NC
We are not running out of oil; we just have decided not to use our resources. And you are right about the price of fuel going up affecting the price of everything else, but the effect is doubled with the use of ethanol which gets less mpg than does regular oil based gasoline, and as a result is just as, if not more, expensive per mile than is gasoline. So not only are you paying it on the front end when you put E85 in your car, but you are paying it on the back end when you buy groceries as well. I prefer to pay only on the front end. Second, you show your own ignorance when you say that our oil use supports terrorism; most of our oil comes from Canada and Mexico, not the middle east, the cheif sponser of terrorism. Moreover, if liberals would allow for oil drilling in the United States, we could get off of foreign oil. Liberals want it both ways, get off of foreign oil, and stop drilling and refining in the US. This is the reason for the rise in gas prices.

Re: The Hilarity and Arrogance of Global Warming
Posted On: 08/07/07 07:02:25 PM Age 37, NY
The same is true for gas my friend, if not worse. What happens when the price of gas goes up. Things that are delivered by trucks goes up. In other words--EVERYTHING!!! We need alternative fuel sources not just because of global warming but because A) we are running out of oil and B) because are fuel dollars inspire (from one direction) and fund (from another) terrorism. You ignorance and laughter towards the issue is what is arrogant.

Re: The Hilarity and Arrogance of Global Warming
Posted On: 08/04/07 08:54:09 PM Age 60, MO
"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." (2 Peter 3:10). Now that sounds like global warming!!! George Cancilla

Re: The Hilarity and Arrogance of Global Warming
Posted On: 08/04/07 02:58:17 PM Age 44, ENGLAND
Hello Paul I was just wondering if the ! and ? keys on your PC / laptop are stuck at the moment because I wanted to read the article but the text gave me a headache. Regards Steve

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