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Posted: 06/25/07

Mr. Joe Average
- By Ray Comfort

Joe Average doesn't think about creation, let alone the Creator. If you asked him if God had ever done anything for him, he probably couldn't think of one thing.

He gets out of bed early in the morning in his beachfront home, makes some toast, and without much thought spreads on some butter and honey. He then walks outside, takes a deep breath of the cool morning air, and breathes out slowly. He drinks a glass of milk as he looks at his rose garden, and listens to the birds chirping at the break of another day. He smiles, because as he looks towards the ocean he sees that rain is on its way. That means he won't have to water his garden. It's just another average day for Joe Average.

Not quite. There is nothing "average" about Joe or what he has done that morning. He's actually a miracle machine that no man-made mechanism could ever begin to even imitate.

Recently, brilliant Japanese scientists created an amazing robot. It was amazing because it was so human-like, and could even move like a human. There were a few obvious differences from Homo sapiens though. It wasn't alive, and it couldn't think, see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. Despite this, it was a marvel of human technology--the very best we can do at this moment in history.

There were a few other things the robot couldn't do. It couldn't run, walk, or even stand on its own two feet. Scientists had to hold it upright, because they didn't know how to create feet that balance an upright body of that size, let alone walk and run. Human feet are far too complex in design to imitate(1.). However, Joe had no problem standing upright and walking, because his extraordinary feet were designed and created by God.

The run-of-the-mill piece of toast he made wasn't ordinary either. It came from bread, and the bread came from wheat, which came from the soil. God created the soil, and the soil contained nutrients that fed the wheat-seed, and it formed itself into the wheat plant, which then produced more wheat seeds. When the seeds where harvested, they were ground into flour, and mixed with yeast to make bread, so that Joe would have something to eat to satisfy his God-given appetite, so that he would have energy for that day.

The butter that he spread on the toast came from milk that came from a cow that chewed grass that came from soil nutrients that God created.

The honey(2.) came from an insect that God created to collect nectar from flowers than grew from the soil that He had made.

As Joe gazed at his garden and took in a deep breath, he breathed in life-giving oxygen that had been breathed out by trees that God had made(3.). He then breathed out carbon dioxide so that the trees would have something to breathe in.

The reason he drank the milk(4.) was because God had created him with a reoccurring thirst that caused him to want to drink the liquid that came from the cow that chewed the grass that came from the dirt that God had made.

Joe looked at his yard using his amazing God-given eyes, with their millions of light sensitive cells and incredible self-focusing muscles, which sent the image to his brain. There, he saw his garden, filled with colorful flowers, waiting for the bees to come and get nectar to make honey for his toast.

With his astoundingly made ears, he listened to the variety of chirping birds, as they welcomed a new day and sung praises to Him who created all things.

As the rain began to drop, he didn't consider that each drop of rain was being miraculously held in its own form by its skin(5.). As it drops through the heavens, the sun shines through the transparent liquid and splays out into the seven colors of the rainbow. As the sun hits the water, its rays are traveling at 186,000 miles per second in a perfectly straight line, until they are refracted into a mired of different directions by that tiny fast-moving water drop.

When the little drop hits the vast ocean, it sends out tiny waves in a perfect circle, as the energy from it is absorbed into the great ocean.

The sea looks flat to Joe's unthinking eye, but over the horizon, the seemingly flat ocean curves to his left, to his right, as well as in front of him, and on the other side of the earth it turns upside down. Yet it doesn't spill into space because of the same law of gravity that God created that pulled the drop from the great cloud to water Mr. Average's garden. This is all happening as Joe stands on this huge ball of dirt we call "earth," that is spinning around, as well as moving through space at 67,000 mph.

As the Bible so rightly observes of the wonders of God's creation, "Lo, these are parts of his ways: but how little a portion is heard of him?"(6.)

Do you believe God made all these things? If not, then you create a cow that can chew green grass and make white milk that turns into yellow butter. You make an eye, an ear, or a brain. Just make one . . . from nothing. Or make a living flower that can make nectar than can be collected by bees that you made, and have them whip it into honey. Or create one drop of water from nothing and cause the sun rays to split into seven colors.

If you can do these things, then sit back and expect the birds to sing your praises. You deserve it. Until that time, you had better do what I did many years ago when my blind eyes were opened to the works of Almighty God. Lay your hand upon your sinful mouth, humble yourself, and then bow your ungrateful heart in worship to the God that gave you life and lavished His goodness upon you. Then quickly obey His fearful voice, and make peace with Him through the blood of the cross.

From, The Atheist Delusion (Bridge Logos Publishers), Ray Comfort (soon to be published).

1 The human ankle serves as foundation, shock absorber, and propulsion engine. The foot can sustain enormous pressure (several tons over the course of a one-mile run) and provides flexibility and resiliency. The foot and ankle contain 26 bones; 33 joints; more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments; and a network of blood vessels, nerves, skin, and soft tissue. These components work together to provide the body with support, balance, and mobility.

2 The composition of honey consists of varying proportions of fructose, glucose, water, oil and special enzymes produced by bees. With their tongues, they suck out the nectar and store it in sacs within their bodies. After filling their sacs with these sweet juices, they then fly back to their bee hive and regurgitate the stored nectar into the mouths of house bees. These bees are assigned the job of adding enzymes from their bodies to the nectar. The enzymes cause the water in the nectar to evaporate-thereby turning the nectar into honey. Lastly, the nectar is stored in a cell of a honeycomb. Overtime, the nectar ripens and becomes honey.

3 Trees are our breathing partners. You may not live in a forest, but you and I need trees in order to live. People and animals depend on trees and plants for oxygen. As you breathe in, your body uses oxygen. As you breathe out, it gives off carbon dioxide. Trees do just the opposite. They take in carbon dioxide and then release oxygen (which also helps clean the air). We use trees for the paper to make books, but there are actually more than 5,000 things made from trees--baseball bats, shoe polish, and even toothpaste that comes from tree extracts.

4 To get the nutrients from the grass the cow first has to swallow the grass, whole, into her first stomach. When it is full, the cow rests and regurgitates the grass back up, a mouthful at a time to chew it. The chewed grass gets swallowed into the cow's second stomach, which also catches all the strange things a cow might swallow when eating grass. The grass then goes into the cow's third stomach, which breaks it down even more. Then it goes into the Abomasum, which works like our stomach – it adds acid to the grass to break it down until the bits are small enough to be absorbed into our bloodstream. The cow's udder has mammary glands that collect the right mixture of ingredients from its blood and turn it into milk. Milk contains several hundreds of chemical components.

5 Water's surface tension is characterized by an elastic-type sheet on the edge of the liquid. In physics, this phenomenon is known as water's "skin," as the thin layer of skin allows certain insects, small metal objects and other minuscule things to seemingly walk on water.

6 Job 26:14

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By Ray Comfort

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Re: Re: Re: Mr. Joe Average
Posted On: 07/10/07 11:04:08 PM Age 35, MN
Cold is not measurable,only heat is darkness is not measurable, only light is. So in the end only Light will prevail and the nothing you are talking about will be Hell.

Re: Re: Missed a couple of things. . .
Posted On: 07/05/07 08:34:42 AM Age 63, OH
The big bang had a beginning and therefore a beginner. Something outside of the universe had to cause the big bang to happen. Scientist realize this problem and they have come up with SAP, etc to answer this problem. They ended up not being able to accept their own proposals and so proposed CRAP - Completely ridiculous anthropic principle - which states that there could have been a infinite number of universes created in the big bangs. And therefore with an infinite number there could have been enough time for creation to take place by random chance. The problem with this proposal is that it is CRAP. Robert Jastrow who is an agnostic is honest about the problem and wrote a book about his problem of reason called "God and the Astronomers". Read it, for in it he admits that the big bang and other scientific discoveries point to the fact that there has to be a God who was outside of the universe for it all to take place. Superstring theory has the same problem, for how did it all begin, and M theory does not answer that question at all. It matters not even if there are 11 curled up dimensions for how did these dimensions come from nothing. The infinite amount of superstrings in a infinitely small space, if that was the start of the big bang does not answer how did it all start. Where did the superstrings come from or the energy the superstrings possess. In talking with Brian Green, author of this elegant universe, which is about superstring and M theory, he admits that is the question that no one can answer. Stephan Hawking admits that science can go back to the beginning but not beyond for that is the answer only God can answer. All the really great men of science were devout believers in God. Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler,Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton were all believers in the Bible and God. They did not get along with the church of their day, not one of them. Copernicus would not take up orders to become a priest and sympathized with the protestants. The only reason he was not disciplined about This is he was the only one who could take care of his superiors gout. We all know that the church put Galileo in prison for discovering the truth. Kepler would not confess that he believed the communion cup was the physical blood of Christ so was exiled from the church and lived his whole life not being a member of the church, but says it was God who showed him what he discovered. Isaac Newton would not join the church of England but spent more time studying the Bible than he did science. If you believe in science then follow the example of the great scientist and do as they did. They humbled themselves before God and asked Him to show them truth and he did. Lou

Re: God as a 747
Posted On: 07/04/07 01:05:49 AM Age 37, NY
Right. That explains nothing.

Re: Mr. Joe Average
Posted On: 07/01/07 03:23:01 PM Age 32, OK
A Father knows how to give good gifts to his children. When he was creating them he called them good. I try to thank God so much for the comforts the pleasures we take for granted, a glass of cold water on a hot day that comes from a pipe into our kitchen and we don't have to haul miles down the rd. A hot bath or shower when you get off of work and your muscles and feet ache, a warm cushiony place to lay your head when you're sleepy and tired. Food you could warm and stuff in your belly in a manner of seconds. Medicine to sooth hurts pains not sweat and groan in agony w/ no relief. The knowledge he has put into man to create such modern conviences. We are so so so blessed our cup runs over big time especially compared to other poorer nations we fail to appreciate the good things he has poured out upon us. Take time out of our busybee lifestyles to thank our Daddy cause he blesses us with his loving gifts.

God as a 747
Posted On: 06/28/07 08:57:07 AM Age 39, MO
No, I'm saying that within the bounds of universal, physical existence, you can't get something for nothing, quantum mechanics or not. (What flipped, and where did IT come from? Where did the "higher-ordered" universe come from? How far do you want to go?) Yet it is inescapably true that something exists, and that it came from somewhere. "Something" at the beginning of all the causal chains has to be uncaused. According to Christian belief, that something is God, and the moment that began whatever it was that began, flipped, banged, collapsed, or whatever else it did from there on out is creation "ex nihilo".

Re: Missed a couple of things. . .
Posted On: 06/27/07 05:34:44 AM Age 37, NY
Well which is it? Either you can have something from nothing or you cannot. Both you and Ray seem to be saying that it is totally impossible to get something from nothing. But then you turn around and cry "ex nihilo". How could this be? The interesting thing about creation ex nihilo is that it is explained away as magic. In cosmology and quantum mechanics it is not explained quite so simplemindedly. You seem satisfied with a conclusive answer based on a magical fairytale as opposed to an open question based in science. For example: Did the Big Bang have a cause? Was it a random quantum fluctuation? Are quantum fluctuations truly random? Could it have been caused by a collapse of dimensions in a higher-order Universe? (M-theory, currently the most promising attempt to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity, says that space-time has 11 dimensions instead of 4, but 7 of them are tightly rolled up so we can't see them.) Maybe an event within another dimension caused the Big Bang. These are real questions. But in fact, your complacent creation ex nilhilo answer raises even more impossible questions than those of science. To paraphrase Dawkins, a magical cosmic designer requires an even greater explanation than the phenomena that you and Ray purport to explain. The creationists mistakenly sees evolution and the beginnings of the cosmos as if it were just a bunch of chaos and matter mixing together randomly yielding life—as unlikely as a tornado passing through a scrap-yard randomly yielding a 747. However statistically improbable the entity you seek to explain by invoking a designer, the designer himself has got to be at least as improbable. In other words, God is the ultimate 747.

Re: Re: Mr. Joe Average
Posted On: 06/26/07 04:28:21 PM Age 75, NY
Your logic is hard to follow. You state that because you can't build a car,..... But you can build a car all you need is to buy the parts already designed and simply assemble them. Can't you distinguish betweeen man's design and God's? The eye alone is far more complex than any car. The standard for what constitutes a miracle has not declined only the oblivion of the person who fails to recognize the wonders of God's Creation!

Missed a couple of things. . .
Posted On: 06/26/07 01:33:21 PM Age 39, MO
First, I'd point out that the post is an excerpt from a book. As such, it's not necessarily required to stand alone as a complete statement or argument. Second, the little phrase "from nothing" is essential to the argument that the excerpt DOES make. Henry Ford isn't God because he built an automobile. But if he'd started with nothing; no inspiration from somebody else's work, no machinery, no tools, no materials, not even any raw elements from which to refine any other materials, and he'd built an automobile, he would be deserving of that title. That's the point: whatever we build, design, "create" as humans is built, designed, or created off of borrowed capital that we didn't - and can't - build, design, or create. Creation from nothing - "ex nihilo" - is a hallmark of God. Which is basically what the author said.

Re: Re: Mr. Joe Average
Posted On: 06/26/07 12:56:42 PM Age 57, TX
Perhaps this would be more to your liking? The Atheist Bible (condensed version) Genesis 1 In the beginning, there was nothing. 2 The nothing was formless and void, without sound, without light, without energy, without substance. 3 Then (Bang!), something came from nothing, and from something came chaos, and from chaos came randomness. 4 Randomness ruled for countless eons until order began to emerge. 5 Order coalesced and substance was formed; substance became particle and particle became atom. 6 Atom combined with atom, and molecule was born; molecule congregated with endless molecule and star was formed. 7 Star begat planet and planet begat life; life begat microbe, microbe begat bacteria, bacteria begat protozoan; through the epochs, life reigned. 8 Protozoan begat insect, insect begat crustacean, crustacean begat fish, fish begat amphibian. 9 Amphibian begat reptile, reptile begat mammal. 10 Mammal became self aware and called itself human. 11 Human begat human, begat human, begat human, begat human, begat human…… But found no reason or purpose! Revelation 1 In the end; entropy overcame, and energy was depleted. Darkness and silence prevailed, substance ceased to exist; death was victorious. 2 All that had ever been or might ever be; would be no more. 3 In the end, there was nothing…… Cold, Dark, Nothing! © Charlie Cason – 1/07/05

Re: Mr. Joe Average
Posted On: 06/26/07 10:48:53 AM Age 64, AL
Ray, All you ever do is talk about GOD. You tell about HIS creation. You talk about HIS marvelous works. You explain HIS wonderful plan of redemption. You beg us to fall on our knees before a thrice holy GOD and accept HIS salvation. You don’t talk a lot about man except to say we are lost and undone without HIM. You seem to be totally committed to telling anyone and everyone who will listen about GOD. Keep up the good work. Captured by HIS grace, Gene

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