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Posted: 06/14/07

Leading A 13 Year Old To Jesus Christ
by Candace Cameron Bure

Many of us will remember Candace Cameron Bure from ABC's hit television series, Full House, where we affectionately knew her as "D.J. Tanner." With an acting career that started at the age of five, Candace appeared in commercials, prime-time hits, and critically acclaimed television movies, working with actors such as Sally Field and Tom Hanks.

After Candace married NHL star Valeri Bure, she put her career on ice for a while in order to stay home and raise a full house of her own. Happily married for over 10 years, this mother of three is playing a new role-one she wouldn't trade for the world.

Devoted to her husband and children, she is a role model to young women everywhere. Candace's testimony is one of growing up in Hollywood, while growing in faith with God.  Her passions include family, faith, and story time with her adorable audience of three.

The heart that Candace has for people is reflected in her everyday life as well as through her involvement in charities such as the Make a Wish and Starlight Foundations. With charisma that lights up a room, Candace shines light on hope, and reminds us that the role of wife and motherhood is one to be desired.

She is a speaker for various churches, colleges and outreach events, as well as a monthly columnist here at Christian Women Online Magazine, with her monthly column, "Candid Candace: The Q's & A's on Growing with God."


Hi Candace! I just wanted to ask you for suggestions. I have a 13-year-old daughter that I think refuses to get saved. The rest of our family--being a 16-year-old sister, a 14-year-old sister, a 12-year-old brother, mom and myself--all profess CHRIST as our savior. We all go to church and all the kids are active in youth group.

My oldest daughter and my wife try to talk to my 13-year-old about being saved, and she won't say anything. Youth leaders and other teens in the youth group witness to her, but she still won't say anything and she won't even talk to me about this issue. My oldest daughter has your brother's movie, "Left Behind," and the 13-year-old will not watch it. Even though we've tried to get her to watch it several times, she goes into the other room.

She loved watching you in "Full House," along with the other girls. Do you have any suggestions? I am hoping that hearing from a role model such as you, might show her the need of being saved. If you have time to write her a letter that would be awesome or if you could send an e-mail of encouragement that would be great also. I am looking forward from hearing from you.


Thanks for your question.

I know in raising my children, the very core of my efforts is to see them come to Christ. I'm sure it's difficult to see one of your children unwilling to have a relationship with Him. It's wonderful that your other children already love the Lord, but don't lose hope.

The first thing I want to encourage you and your wife to do is not to pressure your daughter. While it's our responsibility to show them Christ, it's not our duty to get them to make the commitment. That must be the work of the Holy Spirit in them. I'm sure the pressure from mom and dad, and brother and sister may be causing her take a few steps back.

I think it's actually a good thing at this point that she doesn't give into the pressure. Don't get me wrong; I want to see her soul saved as much as you do. But God says in Rev 3:15-16 "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot I will vomit you out of My mouth." Better that she's cold now and doesn't make a decision for Christ just to get her family off her back, only to go running in the opposite direction once she's 18; or worse, becoming a lukewarm Christian for the rest of her life. The best thing you can do is to continue to pray for her salvation daily, and live a life pleasing to God, being an example. Continue going to church and make her go as she's 13 years old and is still under your authority. Let her know that the door is always open and you'll be there to talk with her about God when she's ready. Love on her; don't be frustrated with her. I know your love and commitment to her as a father and from her mother will go farther than any pressured words.

Also, if she is a Full House fan, you can purchase my testimony CD at or DVD at You could give this to her as something to think about, but again, let the Holy Spirit work in her. Don't ask her 20 questions after she's listened to it. It's all in God's timing, not ours.

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By Candace Cameron Bure

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Re: Re: Leading A 13 Year Old To Jesus Christ
Posted On: 10/03/07 03:14:52 PM Age 30, AL
Sounds like the yoga might actually have helped to think clearly, and then, when she started making intelligent choices (questioning her origins, and current rituals), the parents got alarmed, stopped the enlightenment, and re-introduced the brainwashing.

Re: Re: Leading A 13 Year Old To Jesus Christ
Posted On: 09/12/07 11:17:41 AM Age 28, MD
And what good would that do at all??? It is a parent's responsibiltiy to "train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Just because a child is not immediately responsive does not give parents an excuse to shirk responsibility.

Re: Leading A 13 Year Old To Jesus Christ
Posted On: 06/28/07 07:51:52 PM Age 41, CANADA
May I suggest picking up a book called: "The Seduction of our Children, Protecting our children from Satanism, New Age and the Occult." by Neil T. Anderson and Steve Russo." This may sound a bit over reactive; however; my 9 year old daughter went through such a similar phase. Not wanting to attend church, refusing to pray, refusing to listen to bible stories, read the bible, etc. She also became very angry and rebellious and fought all the time. I couldn't understand it and one night she started crying hytserically that "Lucifer whispers in my ear that God and Jesus aren't real." I also found out she was seeing "red eyes" in her closet, which although she'd told me before, I thought was childhood fantasy. I was shocked to say the least, and started to immediately pray for an answer. Within 2 weeks, I received it, I found out that my daughter, who IS spiritually aware, was introduced to Yoga and the meditation, chanting and mind emptying at school through a 30 minute 3 x a week program. This had been going on for 7 months and I had NO IDEA they were doing this. After explaining to the principal and teacher that Yoga is a huge part of the Hindu religion where it is used to attain spiritual contact, (My description has been abridged here for sake of space. So please don't attack my quick explanation of Yoga.) and that it should not be permitted within the school system. I then said she'd no longer be attending these classes. They were not happy, but agreed to keep her out. Well, after a month of intense prayer and re-training, she is her old self again. Since then, I read this book, and wow, what an eye opener, she ranks right under the "rebellious" attacks. Take some time if you can and read it, I even had her say the prayers with me and she's so much happier. Still miserable at times, but the angst and anger and fear is gone. God Bless!

Re: Re: Leading A 13 Year Old To Jesus Christ
Posted On: 06/28/07 12:54:08 PM Age 24, TX
What? Always bring in the people to hear the truth! There will always be tares with the wehat in our fallen world. In the parable, the point is that the Lord with do the separating, not us! (Of course there is the role of church discipline, but I doubt a 13-yr-old is need of coporate shame.) It is the family's job to raise the children in God's truth, and the church is there to support that. Prohibiting a child from from church because they don't profess is excluding them from 1) Godly role-models, 2) Biblical teaching, and 3) life-changing friendships. If children are born unsaved and need to make a decision for Christ, at what point do we tell the kid, "Since you haven't become a Christian you can't come to church anymore." At age 10? 8? 5? Well, since they are not Christians when they are born, better hire a baby-sitter on Sunday mornings. Seriously, where in the Bible are non-Christians forbidden to come to church? In I Corinthians, Paul anticipates unbelievers when he says that the service needs to be orderly and without confusion. In extolling prophesy over tongues, he hopes that visitors will fall under conviction of the truth and believe.

Re: Leading A 13 Year Old To Jesus Christ
Posted On: 06/19/07 06:03:39 AM Age 44, PR
And remember if the little darlings are not truly born-again don't bring them to a gathering of believers because you are just sowing tares then. Traditions over bible wins again!

Re: Re: Leading A 13 Year Old To Jesus Christ
Posted On: 06/15/07 02:27:31 PM Age 20, NC
What else needs to be said?

Re: Leading A 13 Year Old To Jesus Christ
Posted On: 06/14/07 12:49:05 PM Age 60, MO
Candace, you have given wonderful advice to the family with the 13 year old not yet committing to Christ. You are right on in every aspect of the advice you have given. It is certainly our God given responsibility to show our children Christ, but we can never be the Holy Spirit that will cause them to commit. I'm glad you mentioned the danger of pressuring the child into a false conversion. George Cancilla.

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