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Posted: 05/22/07

    Ten Reasons Why Liberals Hate Christians
                                By Dr. David M. Berman     
I have been a Christian since I was nineteen years old. I remember the day I received Jesus into my heart. It was an amazing revelation that changed my life completely. Before I became a Christian I was hostile against Christianity. I am a Jew and had always believed that Christians were my enemies. I thought that Christians persecuted my people and the two furthest things from my mind were 1) to become a Christian 2) to be a Christian minister. Over time I began to wonder why I hated Christians so much and looked into Christian teaching as well as other religious teachings. I began to realize that Jesus did not teach what I had experienced and heard  about "Christians". I could see that many people who said they were Christians simply were not and had misrepresented the truth of Jesus' and the Apostles teachings. A person can say that they represent anyone or anything but that does not make them true representatives. Jesus was a Jew himself and therefore I could not understand why so called Christians seemed to hate Jews. As I opened my heart and turned from my own hatred and I began to see that Jesus did not teach his true followers to hate Jews but rather the bible says:
"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." - Romans 1:16 
I thank God for opening my eyes and dealing with my bitterness so I could see the truth. It is often the way of man to look through the glasses of his own hurts and misunderstanding. As a Christian I step back and think as I seek the Lord's direction and His word for guidance on issues. It is important not to be ruled by emotions but rather to examine a position and see if it makes sense in the context of biblical truth, logic and history. Liberals always use emotions and often lie, use personal attacks, and swear at people that they do not agree with.
Another major revelation to me was the fact that before I became a Christian I hated biblical teachings also because they were not in agreement with my immorality. This of course is the case with everyone who hates God's word. Before I was a Christian I remember being at a gas station and a man came up to me and handed me a small booklet about Jesus. He was not mean or threatening in any way but my rage consumed me. I remember people I was with holding me back as my eyes filled with contempt for this nice man who simply gave me a booklet that I could either read of throw away. After that incident I wondered why I was so angry. The answer was simple. I did not want anyone or anything that would tell me what to do or not do. I certainly did not want to be told that my behavior was immoral in any way. The name "Jesus" is a powerful one that provoked me to human wrath. The bible says when speaking of Jesus"
"Unto you therefore who believe he is precious: but unto them who are disobedient, the stone which the builders rejected, the same is made the head of the corner, And, A stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense (emphasis mine), even to them who stumble at the word, being disobedient: to which also they were appointed." -1 Peter 2:7-8 
This is the problem with all unbelievers, but with the rabid purposeful anti-Christian liberals it is this stumbling that brings out their vitriolic hatred of true Christians. Liberals on the other hand love liberal so called "Christians" who take no stand on God's word and twist Jesus' teaching into "Jesus accepts any behavior and belief". The liberals love that because it validates their anything goes relativist moral positions (well anything goes except being a true bible believing Christian that is).
Why do the liberals hate us? One reason is because we have the audacity to proclaim openly that there are absolute truths. The only "absolute truth" that liberals seem to believe is that bible believing Christians are the purveyors of the worst plague of destruction the universe has ever encountered. They call us "haters" when in truth it is they who hate us. They have an interesting definition of hate. There definition is the following. If you disagree with our position and morality (or should I say lack thereof) it is not because you have a different view that could possibly make sense (not that liberals are concerned with what makes sense), it is simply because you hate us. Now what they do not understand is that a difference in world view is not automatically hate. The reason we speak out against things like sexual immorality is because we know from the bible that it leads to many social problems. And guess what people….no one in their right mind can say that the rampant sexual immorality since the 1960's has not led to major social problems like single mothers, breakdown in family relationships, increased drug use, sexually transmitted diseases, and an increase in people taking drugs just to try and cope with all the emotional pain that immorality has caused. There is perhaps no greater contrast concerning an ability to be a blessing or a curse than that of sexuality. It is God who invented this most powerful form of intimacy. Within the confines of the Creators purpose for it, there is no superior form of human communion. The contrast is not so, for sexuality that is outside of God's purpose, there is only emotional, spiritual, and often physical ruin. So powerful is the passion, it often blinds of the consequences that are so clearly seen in our so called "liberated" society.
Does this mean that Christians are not tempted? Does it mean that Christians are perfect? No it does not mean that. It means that Christians understand that sin is destructive to individuals and society. To pretend that sexual immorality is no big deal is not being intellectually honest. Sin is not simply an action of disobedience pertaining to a single evil deed. It is much more than that. Sin is a condition that every person is born in to. It is the disposition that believers and unbelievers alike are tainted by. The difference between the believer and the unbeliever is a matter of spiritual legal standing, not a matter of personal perfection one over the other. The believer simply has been pardoned of the eternal penalty of sin by the act of Christ on the cross. It is the imputation of the perfection of Christ that changes the believer in to a position of innocent spiritual legal standing. It is the unbeliever who is sadly left in the mire of his own sinful legal position before God due to his incredulous rejection of the pardon provided by Christ to those who receive him personally.
Liberals will not admit the failure of their philosophy because to do so would be a vindication of what Preachers have been warning of for 40 years.
There is never a mention of the wonderful works done by true Christians around the world. The liberals look as hard as they can to find something to make their case against Christians. Any wrong thing said or scandal that may happen in a Christian Leaders life, and liberals, like sharks who smell blood encircle with great delight as they justify their own immorality by pronouncing the failure of a Christian.  Once they pounce like rabid dogs they then translate that that into discrediting the message of the bible. That is not logical. For example, if a person says it is wrong to be a racist and then it is discovered that person is himself a racist does that make the truth that he proclaimed not true?   
Christians are feeding the hungry, and bringing needed medical help to the poor. In our own country we see compassionate outpouring of aid for Katrina victims that came from Christian churches and organizations. This is a fact but liberals will not acknowledge the great work done by true caring Christians. I remember one of the radio interviews I did where a caller berated me for not caring about the poor. The show was about illegal aliens from Mexico and this caller made vast charges against me. He said I was a hater and a person who did not care about poor Mexicans who live in that poverty in Mexico. When I finally had a chance to respond to his tirade I asked him a question. I asked if he had ever gone to Mexico and brought money clothes or food to the poor Mexican people that he so cared about. He said he had not. I then told him that I have. That was a point he ignored and went on to the next attack.
Another reason why liberals hate Christians is simply because liberals do not understand the gospel. They think that we are saying that human moral perfection is what we demand from people. Let me make this clear to those of you who are liberal and reading this. The teachings of Jesus and His Apostles never proclaim our ability as humans to live in perfection. In fact the bible teaches us the following:
"If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us."  -1 John 1:8-10 
The message of Christ was and is that all people are sinners and that we do not have the ability to live in total perfection ourselves. You see if we were perfect we would not have need of the Savior. Jesus saves us by paying the price for our sin and freeing us from being condemned to separation from him for eternity. My point is that liberals think wrong about our position. When we speak out against immorality we are not saying that we are perfect. We are saying that immorality is immorality and all people including Christians are guilty of failing to be perfect. It is the position that liberals take that immorality is somehow not immoral that is the problem. Christians understand and acknowledge their own need for the Savior and so it is not us who are self righteous. We are the ones who have humbled ourselves and realized that we are not personally righteous. It is the very act of receiving Jesus as our personal Savior that speaks of our willingness to admit our own sinful nature as humans. If you do not think that you need the Savior what you are saying is that you are righteous in yourself and therefore you are self righteous. The following are the ten reasons why liberals hate Christians:
1)      Liberals are relativists and hate Christians because Christians believe in absolute truth.
2)      Liberals do not want anyone to say that immorality is immoral.
3)      Liberals are selfish and are more interested in their "feelings" then they are with what is right for others.
4)      Liberals misunderstand what Christians really believe.
5)      Since liberals see themselves as the superior enlighten ones they do not recognize that taking a position against their position is not automatically hate.
6)      Liberals do not want to listen to what makes sense, they would rather listen to their senses.
7)      Liberals ignore the clear evidence of the result of their philosophical positions influence on the last 40 years. It had been a social disaster and they do not want to hear it.
8)      They see Christians as intellectually inferior.
9)      Liberals see Christians as wanting to impose their religion on them when in truth it is the liberals who have used the courts system to impose their secular humanism religion on all of us.
10)  Liberals are spiritually lost and blind to the truth of the gospel. Consider the following bible verses:
 "But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." - 1 Corinthians 2:14
Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son. Whosoever denies the Son, the same has not the Father: but he that confesses the Son has the Father also. -1 John 2:22-23
I have no desire to purposely offend those of you who are liberals who may be reading this. I know however that it is impossible to speak the biblical truth and not offend you. You need Jesus just as I do and my hope is that someone reading this will understand their need as I did 24 years ago. I pray you open your heart and understand that the bible is comprised of wisdom that originates beyond this world. It is filled with instances of God given righteousness in addition to showing the futility of human wisdom. No text has been of superior influence in the direction of prosperity of spirit, soul, and body. With all that being true, it is only a blessing to those who humble themselves under its central proclamation of Jesus Christ as Lord. To all who reject its central message the bible will become a irritation in the end. For all that stand in reliance on self shall be judged by the biblical standard of moral perfection, and shall fail miserably. This realization will haunt their minds as they grasp their misjudgment and rejection of the way, the truth, and the life contained in it. Rather than lashing out with the same old swearing and personal attacks, open your heart to The Jesus of the bible, call on him to save you and he will.
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By Rev. Dr. David M. Berman Th.D.

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wow you guys clearly do NO research
Posted On: 09/22/12 11:24:58 AM Age 0, TX
1) Liberals and absolute truth? If you have an absolute truth, then you should be able to prove proof to those who doubt your beliefs. You know, kind of like SCIENCE does... 2) Immorality is immoral?... It's like saying insanity is insane... Morals are based on what is right and wrong. Just because it is in the bible, and people practiced it, does not make something moral. Slavery for example. Killing people with mixed fabrics is another. Killing people for working on the sabbath is another immorality... 3)Liberal actually tend to let people choose what is right for them, they don't go out to convert everyone to their liberal ways. They don't care that you are in your house believing some insane books and. As long as you don't force anyone else to your insane beliefs 4)Actually, most Liberals and atheist have better knowledge of what is actually in the bible than Christians. Most atheists in america actually come out of Christianity after trying to devote themselves to god more, then actually reading what is in the bible, the historical accuracy of it, and the ideas it adapted into the bible that were floating around the Mediterenean at the time. 5)Yeh... christianity takes this position. Not for the will of god, you MUST be a hater of god and a satanists... 6) Listening to what makes sense is listening to science, because it can be proven true at all times. Science does not have unprovable theories. It does not call something true until it can be proven true many many times. Just because christianity chooses to believe thousand year old stories and wants to call them sense doesn't make it so. It's like children believing in Santa Clause or the tooth fairy. They see money and presents and have been told they exist, but there is always an explanation. 7) Philosophical positions? This is a talk about a political group right? If you want to be in politics, you should keep in mind separation of church and state, like our founding fathers wrote in the constitution. And where are these effects anyways? Is it the freedom of religion? Because obviously they have been working hard to destroy religion. Oh wait, no they haven't. Religion has been fighting to stay alive. As less and less people are ignorant now a days with the rise of fast access to information, it is less and less likely that the church is being considered an authority on any subject, including the bible. 8) You choose to be ignorant on many subjects, like science and evolution for example, then you want to somehow argue their validity, but then you truly do not understand in the slightest what you are trying to fight against... Then, if someone DOES provide you with proof, you just choose to ignore it, because you don't like the proof you are given. It's like saying, "I don't like relativity... All velocities should just add up numerically like numbers, it's easy", even though relativity has been proven true and can(and is) used in calculations regarding velocities not approaching the speed of light. 9)Secular Humanism religion.... Well defined, Humanism is a body of philosophies and ethical perspectives that emphasize the value of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally place more importance on rational thought than on strict faith or adherence to principle. That is NOT a religion, that is using your head to truly think about things rather than using your heart to "feel" the will of god, etc etc etc. There are no deity's, rituals or random beliefs to call it a religion. This courts system manipulation, is ACTUALLY the separation of church and state, like the founding fathers wanted. You know, one of those things this country was founded upon. (on a side not, God was not put into money and in the pledge of allegiance until the 1950's) 10)Of course, religion.... Well, your perfect bible coming from a perfect god is not actually perfect. The human mind is more powerful than you will ever know; if someone wants to believe something bad enough, they will. For example, Hysterical Pregnancies... Matthew and Luke Give 2 accounts to the birth of Jesus, and historically, if they were BOTH true, they would be 10 years apart. One occurs during the reign of herod, and the other during the census of corinius, which happened 10 years after the death of herod...

Jesus hates all evil and will come back to destroy and forever burn all His enemies
Posted On: 08/20/12 10:44:28 PM Age 0, AK
The Lord Jesus Christ hates both the evil of liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans. The fundamental liberal worldview is one that the Lord Jesus hates, it is true. Liberals and Leftists are Collectivist Statists and against Individual freedom. Jesus hates moral relativism because His Absolute Standard is THE only real Standard. Jesus hates socialism and communism and statism. Liberals lie and say that forced government redistribution is "compassion for the poor and needy". That is a Satanic lie. Jesus taught in the Old and New Testament (He is God and He is behind the Bible) that individuals are to give charity out of their own free will. NOT the Liberal forced "sharing" at gun point. Jesus will DESTROY Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Pagans, Wiccans, Satanists, Sikhs, Shintoists, Confucians and all false teachers when He returns. The Bible says in the Old and New Testaments that the Lord Jesus Christ is God the Eternal Son and He has a two edged sword that comes out of His mouth and He will ERADICATE all who reject Him as God in the flesh and the only eternal Savior. Read the BIBLE. He Himself said all if this. He said that the unsaved will cry out for the rocks and mountains to cover them from HIS WRATH. Jesus Himself is a Jew. God is a Jew and a Zionist because Jesus is God and a Jew and a Zionist. Bless the Jews and you will be blessed and curse the Jews and you will be cursed. Jews still need to believe in Jesus for salvation and all of them will, the ones who survive the Great Tribulation, at the end of the Tribulation period. Jesus hates this world system which is dominated by Satan and He will destroy it and yes the people who die lost will burn forever in eternal concious torment, in unquenchable fire and flame.

chrsitaon act like
Posted On: 05/27/12 10:26:25 AM Age 0, NE
christ like love as long as i have loved you

The Liberal mindset is flawed
Posted On: 06/23/11 12:10:54 AM Age 0, TN
I truly believe that liberalism is a mental disorder and here is why, They believe Christians are Sub-Human in intelligence when History prooves the most intelligent people of all time believed in a God. Einstein, Galileo, Issac Newton and I could go on and on. They seem to spend an enormous amount of time trying to convince the world that "the God they don't believe in" has no existence. I don't believe in Santa Claus but I don't make it my life's mission to discredit him. This is bizarre behavior. I have NEVER EVER met a liberal with one grain of common sense!! Never!!! Two rocks exploding in space my friends causes destruction, not life!! this is in reference to the so called Big bang theory. Common sense tells us someone had to create the rocks!! It's hard not to laugh at these people but I don't want to ever become as intolerant as they. Christians know and understand that they have it right and absolutely NO ONE does more charitable work than Christians. I work with a few atheists and have NEVER seen such selfiness and greediness in my life. My hope is that these people will in time get their own house in order and humble themselves before an almighty God who loves them in spite of their mental disorder. C

Please do not take our Lords name in vain.
Posted On: 02/11/11 02:59:12 PM Age 0, OR
Many conservative ideas are useful and some conservatives may indeed be Christians. They may even be born again evangelical Christians. Thus, I do not think that all conservatives need to repent of their political views to enter the kingdom of heaven. However, many of the views of the right-wing are strictly anti-biblical, i.e. the Bible stresses repeatedly in both the new and the old testament that a government should be judged by how it treats the poor and that godly people should advocate on behalf of the poor to the government. Thus, it's clear that some biblical commandments fall firmly within the goals of those you call liberals. It is using Gods' name in vain to conflate it with a political party and view such as the conservative, Republican view that advocates against this and other biblical commandments. Please consider retracting your attacks on "liberals", who are often Christians who are following commandments that your party ignores. And, please consider backing away from a political party that encourages such attacks on the Christian faith. Thank You.

Ten Reasons Why Conservatives Hate Christianity
Posted On: 03/30/10 08:53:14 AM Age 46, AL
Some interesting points have been made here--it is true that many liberals are anti-Christian. However, I can easily give ten reasons why conservatives hate Christianity (and Christians)! 1. Opposition to universal health care. 2. Love of war. 3. Fear of Foreigners. 4. Promotion of segregation. 5. Support of torture. 6. Love affair with capitalism. 7. Inability to forgive. 8. Tendency towards "Group Think" 9. Allegiance to country over allegiance to God 10. Disdain for the environment.

Posted On: 03/24/10 11:28:26 AM Age 19, MN
Thanks a lot for the article. I'm a 19 year old conservative attending a big college so this article is very applicable and meaningful. I've experienced every one of the 10 reasons at one time in my life, mostly at college the last couple of years. I truly hope that more people read this article and realize how conservatives really are.

Ten Reasons Why Liberals Hate Christians
Posted On: 03/16/10 12:24:14 AM Age 51, GA
Wow, the ignorance there is breathtaking. This list itself is immoral, and so you're hearing it from a liberal. The immorality above is nothing if not immoral. I think this list is a epic disaster.

Thank God for this article!
Posted On: 03/12/10 02:42:24 AM Age 25, KY
I completely enjoyed your article, sir. I don't mean to offend anyone but I would like to say that it is absolutley impossible to speak truth to a liberal. They are completely absent-minded people in the "Gospel Truth" way. Sometimes it is amusing to have a debate with them about a moral issue. I don't see how a human being can be so.....clueless as a liberal. Lastly, I would like to say thank you for this wonderful post.

Posted On: 12/20/09 11:45:53 AM Age 70, AK
Since you use logic in your post, think of this. If there is no God and you live by Christian principles, when you die you have lost nothing. If there is a God and you live a sinful life, you lose eternal life. It seems to me that the objection liberals have with Christian principles is that it is so limiting. It forbids abortion, deviant sexual practices, drunkenness, drug abuse and misbehavior in general. Yep, there are people who wear the label of Christian who are not. We all know that.

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