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Posted: 04/17/07

A Big Tornado and a Small Sniffing Dog
- By Ray Comfort

I was horrified by what I saw. A very small dog had walked out into busy traffic and was sniffing something in the middle of the road. I was about to watch the tiny creature become part of the pavement.

Suddenly a police car appeared from nowhere and pulled to the side of the road about fifteen feet from the sniffing animal. Whatever it had its nose into must have been pretty good because the dog was impervious to cars that were screeching to a halt each side of it. I wondered if the officer was going to rush into the traffic, and like some comic book hero, scoop up the canine and carry it to safety. He didn't do that. Instead, he sat in his car and began to honk the horn. You could tell from its body language that the animal was getting distressed by the incessant honking. It kept sniffing for a few seconds, then much to my relief, ran to the safety of the roadside (I find it very strange, that dogs have a sense of smell much stronger than that of human beings, but they insist on sticking their noses right into disgusting things).

Three days later, we were in the heart of Georgia at a conference teaching on the importance of reaching out to the lost. After it finished, a team from our ministry sat glued to the weather channel as a tornado headed towards us. The area had had killer tornados go through it only six weeks earlier and cause massive devastation. I grabbed my video camera and asked each of them if they were fearful, and what would happen if that night we were all caught up to meet the Lord in the air. Jaylene, Trish, Liz and Lisa all rejoiced that if they died that night they had the incredible consolation that they had eternal life. I filmed the lightning, the amazing weatherman who was able to talk incessantly about weather for forty minutes. I recorded the rolls of thunder. I filmed cats and dogs falling from the sky, and the facial expressions of the team as they watched as the tornado come closer and closer.

There was a strange sense of excitement in the air, probably because we were all from California where tornados are rarely seen.

Then, Jaylene, one of the single girls, went and spoiled the exciting atmosphere. She said, "We should go door-to-door in this hotel complex, warn people about the tornado, and then witness to them." Horrors. What was she thinking! I thought of 400 reasons why we shouldn't do such a thing. It was 10:00 at night. People were in bed. They wouldn't want to be awakened by fanatics pounding on their door. We were tired from a day of telling people that we should be concerned about the lost. There was a silence in the room. Then I cheerfully said "Sure, let's go. Good one Jaylene." I suggested that I boldly follow the four females with the video camera to catch the action.

Jaylene knocked on the first door. As it opened, she said, "Hello, have you heard about the tornado that could strike tonight? We are making sure everyone is prepared, and we're also asking them if they know where they are going if they do die tonight." A deep voiced replied, "We're Southern Baptists." "That's good sir, but it's important that you've repented and trusted the Savior..." While she was still speaking, he rudely closed the door in her face. Sadly, his body language showed that he was more interested in sniffing sin than he was in heeding Jaylene's honking.

On we went to the next door. It opened to reveal a clean-cut 20 year-old man with a cross around his neck. She gave him the same approach as she did Mr. Door-slammer. But this young man listened as she warned about sin and of the fact that the vehicle of eternal justice was coming, and that it would grind to powder all that it found in its path. He could see that he needed to get off the road of sin. So we prayed with him, that God would grant him repentance that night, then left him with his conscience, and moved on to the next door.

Inside were four youths sitting on beds. Standing at their open doorway stood the exciting sight of four attractive young ladies. I was out of their view and wasn't surprised to hear an enthusiastic, "Come inside ladies!" I nodded for them to go in, and I followed with, "Do you guys mind if I come in and bring a video camera?"

They hid their obvious disappointment that the females weren't alone, and gave me permission to film.

Away thundered Jaylene like a wet blanket, with the same tornado sermon. They listened intently for about 20 minutes, and we were also able to pray with them and ask God to do a work in their hearts that night.

I was very proud of these four girls. It would have been so easy to sit around the TV, but instead they stepped out of their comfort zone and knocked on the hearts of dying sinners.

For some reason the tornado didn't make it to our area. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. I wanted some riveting footage, but after thinking about it the next day, I realized that I got something better. Much better.

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By Ray Comfort

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Posted On: 05/01/07 06:24:14 PM Age 26, SD
that's okay. I have a Bible. Thanks anyway, and thanks to the gentleman from VA, top work.

Posted On: 04/27/07 04:55:56 AM Age 58, VA
Yes, His ways are higher than our ways, but you cannot hold people to answering beyond what they read in the Bible. You are expecting others to come up with the so-called "revelations" you get in your own prayer time. I say this for the benefit of others who read this. I am reminded of the faith and health movement that I came out of when I read your explanations of things. The Scriptures are not "sufficient" for those in that movement. They feel they must add to the scriptures different things they "get while "alone with the Lord" and then they teach those things as Gospel. I say, that if it is not in the Bible it is not Gospel. And the Bible is "sufficient."

Posted On: 04/27/07 04:39:04 AM Age 58, VA
You are speculating how you think the progression of Paul's conversion went. We are not told what he thought when he saw Stephen stoned. We are only told that when he heard the obvious voice of God announcing to Him in a question, "why are you persecuting me?" that Paul put two and two together and finally figured out the very One he thought he was defending, was the very One he was persecuting. It doesn't hurt to speculate but then we also need to go back to what the bible actually teaches. Certainly there is a progression for each of us to the point that we are saved, but it is different with each of us and if you were to try to figure out what brought each of us to the Lord, most likely we would not know the very personal impressions, convictions, and promptings given us by the Holy Spirit unless the person or God told us. There have been many people who have witnessed horrible things, such as a senseless ghastly death, (KKK for instance) without calling out to God. Paul did not necessarily even "flinch" when Stephen was stoned. But we do know God got his attention on the road to Damascus. We need to stick closely to the scriputres. PS I for one do not think a person has to "ask" God to reveal Himself before He does so. God pursues us without our asking. He is after all of us, even before we know to ask. My point is, I believe it is speculation to say that Paul asked God for understanding before he was blinded by the light. God's plan was to use Paul a certain way and God persued Him just as he does us, without our permission. We certainily can reject His advances; however, He does not need our permission to persue or reveal Himself to us. It is important not to present our own specualtions as facts.

Posted On: 04/26/07 01:24:46 PM Age 63, OH
I fell much better now. I was not so concerned about doctrine as the heart. If our heart is given wholly to the Lord He can correct any doctrine. But if our heart is not then wrong doctrine will persist. I ask you to think about what an apostle is. I know a man who has been called of God to be an apostle. This man did not ask or want to be an apostle. But the Lord revealed to this man in a very supernatural way that He was calling Him to be an apostle. He has went to jail on charges that he was innocent of and many miracles happened there. Many inmates met Jesus. Do you believe the spiritual gifts are still displayed in the church today. I broke a bone in my hand by losing my temper and felt really foolish. I had just been fired for refusing to take a likeness of Jesus off of my desk. When asked to do it I felt like I would be being unfaithful to Him who died for me to remove it. I was fired the next day. I broke my hand a little while after that and had no hospital insurance. I was in a financial bind and went several places and they refused to treat me. The bone was bent at a severe angle an being an engineer could tell that it was broke. It swelled up became black and blue and there was very severe pain. I went into a church and the preacher said if anyone needed a touch from God to raise their hand and God would touch them. I said to myself, "I would not raise my hand for if Jesus healed me you ( the preacher ) would take credit for it. Just then I sensed that the Holy Spirit was standing behind my right shoulder. He said "son don't you want me to touch you" My hand went immediately into the air. Immediately I felt like there was a warm energy or wave coming down my arm. The hair on my body all stood up. My heart knew it was the Holy Spirit but my mind said why would He talk to me. I wondered if I was just imagining this or was Jesus really talking to me. My wife had walked into this church with me and mentioned that she had a sore throat. I reached out a put my left hand on the back of my wifes neck and she looked at me in surprise and said that her sore throat had just melted away. She said she felt something flow through her when I put my hand on her neck. My eyes were as big as hers and I was amazed. My right hand that was broken was in the air all of this time and I was very aware that the pain was gone. It is making my eyes tear up now remembering the feeling of pulling down my arm. I slowly pulled down my arm and almost could not believe my eyes. The swelling, and the bruising was all gone. I looked closely and the bone that was broke was now straight. I felt the bone with my fingers and could not feel any pain or even a place where it had been broke. I did not know then and still don't know why the Lord would do such a thing for me. But I do know that I was glad that the pain was gone and I was worried that my hand would be deformed and I would lose some use of it. This was before computers and I used my right hand to draw for my job. But it was none of those things that I am most thankful for. I am just thankful that He touched me, for it made me feel that He loved me. I will never forget this thing that He did for me. The mercy of the Lord Jesus is more than any man can ever know. His ways are much higher than ours and beyond finding out. Romans 11:33-36 Lou

Posted On: 04/26/07 12:34:34 PM Age 63, OH
Please go to the top of page and I will start a new article titled WHAT IS AN APOSTLE. Lou

Posted On: 04/26/07 12:52:51 AM Age 26, SD
"I submit that it was watching the way Stephen had such faith when he was stoned. The God that Stephen appealed to was the real God who created the universe and Paul sensed that something was different than what he had. I submit that when he went home he could not get Stephen out of his mind and it was the way Stephen died that brought Paul to seek God about what was true." Sorry Lou but this sounds like speculation. Acts 9:15 says "...This man is my CHOSEN instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles..."(emphasis added) It looks like Saul didn't seem to have a problem with persecuting Christs followers before or after, as in Acts 9:1. It looks like Jesus did force Himself on Saul on that road. Saul didn't have to listen and believe, he could have remained blind from that day on. And why would God need Ananias to explain to him who it was that appeared to him on the road in Acts 9: 17. I'm sure Saul believed it was Lord God and that's why he answered "Yes, Lord," but required Ananias to tell him Jesus is Lord. I agree no one comes to the Father unless He calls him. And just as you said, "The Roman centurion who was at the cross and watched how Jesus died said SURLY THIS MAN WAS THE SON OF GOD." could be argued. You could say he believed and was saved but you could also say even the demons believe and shudder. Just wanted to throw that out there, what do you think?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Big Tornado and a Small Sniffing Dog
Posted On: 04/26/07 12:25:13 AM Age 30, IA
I would agree that younger guys like myself need to obey God's command to submit to our elder's! God has dealt with me about this, and it is something that I'm working on! However, us young guys must also obey this command that Paul gave in/to Timothy 4:12 "Let no man despise thy youth..." There are alot of older men who are bitter towards younger guys like myself, and are jealous of our zeal that we have for the things of the Lord as displayed in the great understanding and wisdom HE has given many of us! The older men are supposed to teach the younger guys, but from my experience in the church, most of the older guys don't know much more about the things of God than unbeliever's do! I though the young man's response to you was accurate. Obviously, the work to which an evagelist would equip the saint for, would be evangelism, not ushering, or teaching, or sunday school, etc!!

Posted On: 04/26/07 12:20:05 AM Age 26, SD
God has no age because he exists outside of the dimension of time. His "age" in human terms is called eternity, but things in eternity have different physical laws... sorry, I don't want to play with your words, I know what you're saying. I respect my father because I am from his lineage and he is older than me, but I love and obey him because the command says to "honor your father and mother" and Colossians 3:20 says "Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord." I didn't do this before I was a Christian. I respected them for their age and family ties but not to this extent. I thanked God for life and everything I have, but it wasn't this that made me love and desire to obey Him. You would think it would be enough but it took knowing he set me free from the demands His Law had for my sin to bring me to my knees. Obedience to Him now isn't a chore, its a privelage and a drive, 1 John 5:3 "This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome"(I'm sure we could go on and on defining love and obedience...) I'm not speaking of you here and I'm not claiming to be wise myself, but often age does not beget wisdom. A man can be old in wisdom and young in years if it pleases the Lord; Luke 10:21 says "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children." I think one can respect his elders but also disagree with and even correct them. "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness" (2 Tim 3:16), and the understanding and application of Scripture isn't limited to physical age. I think we have some different and incomplete ways of explaining some of the things we agree on so there's no need to keep kickin' this horse. Thanks, I've been a Christian for six months now and live in a town of 672 people so it's nice to be able to get some outside comments, questions, and encouragement. God bless.

Posted On: 04/26/07 12:11:29 AM Age 30, IA
I would just like to point out that the scriptures are clear that Paul was NOT saved on the road to Damascus! Acts 22:16 "And now why tarriest thou? arise, and be baptized, AND WASH AWAY THY SINS, calling on the name of the Lord." No one can be saved until after their sins are washed away! Paul was also filled with the Holy Spirit at this time as other accounts of this event declare. I know that this doesn't fit into most people's theology, but Jesus doesn't really care about the traditions and doctrine's of man, for they make the commandments of God void!(Matthew 15:3, Mark 7:9 etc.) It's a grave error to teach that Paul was saved on the road to damascus before having his sins washed away, calling on the Lord, and being filled with the Holy Spirit!

Posted On: 04/25/07 10:54:37 PM Age 26, SD
Thanks Lou, you answered pretty well for such an old man. Thank you for your encouragement, I will continue all my life to study Scripture and rely on the Holy Spirit. I do wish I could find the audio recording that explains what I'm trying to say about the gift of apostleship, it does much better than I can right now. ...I wonder if we keep replying to each other's comments if the column will get so narrow it will be only one word long.

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