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Posted: 02/07/07

Make Worldview Training a Sweet Deal for Your Kids
By Brannon S. Howse



Incentives. Parents use them all the time so kids will do certain things. Eat your vegetables, or you don't get dessert. Do your homework if you want to watch TV. Keep your grades up, or you won't be playing sports or driving the car (dads and moms like this one because having an honor roll student in the family means lower car insurance rates).


We give our kids incentive to do things that are in their best interests, knowing they might not do them otherwise. Unfortunately, even many Christian parents are more concerned about good grades that hold down the price of car insurance than about the spiritual price their student will pay in life because home has not taught them a solid Christian worldview. Parents too often neglect the scriptural commands to train their children in Biblical principles (see Deuteronomy 4:9, 6:6-7, 32:46; Psalms 78:3-8; II Timothy 2:2; Judges 2:7-14).


Consider, though, why worldview training is so important. Where do most Christian students get their perspective on history and sociology or learn about the question of origins? The frightening reality is that most take in the steady diet of Secular Humanism served up in our public schools. And in college, it only gets worse.  Worldview Weekend speaker Kerby Anderson puts it this way:

When a student enrolls in Philosophy 101, it could just as easily be called Atheism 101. A class in Sociology 101, should really be called Postmodernism 101.  A class on Religion 101, is really a class that should be called Religious Pluralism 101. And a class in Biology 101, would more accurately be called Evolution 101.


It's little wonder that more than three out of four young people from Christian homes deny their faith before graduating from college. Parents have not prepared their children to counter the lies of Secular Humanism, the New Age Movement, and bizarre forms of mysticism finding their way into our churches. The apathy of parents is enormously discouraging to those of us who study cultural trends and know what the future holds for students attending college or entering the workforce directly from high school.


So what can you do to keep your kids from becoming one of the fall-away statistics?

Incentives, again. I'll tell you how it works at the Howse house.


Although my 10-year-old son owns a few computer games (that I've approved), he is not allowed to play them unless he earns computer time from me. Landon gets to play the computer by completing specified reading assignments. To be sure he reads and understands what he should, I require him to fill out a worksheet for every chapter. Each successfully completed worksheet gains him a round of computer play. His reading assignments, of course, are in Christian worldview books, and by the time Landon graduates from high school, he will have read several hundred books I handpicked for him. He'll be a custom graduate of the Brannon Howse Worldview Institute.


Do you have a worldview institute in your home? If you have children or grandchildren, you should.


Worldview Weekend and other like-minded organizations have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to develop the resources necessary for you to do all the at-home worldview training your children need. We offer DVDs, CDs, mp3, streaming audio and video-even computer games- so parents can create their own in-home worldview institute.


You wouldn't let your student get a driver's license unless he or she had the requisite hours of training and practice, along with a clear understanding of the dangers that await them each time they get behind the wheel. Caring parents teach teens to avoid the potentially deadly consequences of reckless and un-defensive driving. Why, then, would anyone allow students to endure high school or college without preparing them to counter the seductive worldviews that grope after their hearts and minds? Worldviews that oppose Christianity come with dire results in life both now and forever.

So how about giving some thought to a popular incentive toward worldview training before your teen wraps up his or her high school years and heads to college? Have your student complete Worldview Weekend's 12-week course as part of your in-home qualifications for getting a driver's license. Many parents find such an incentive starts simply as a necessary prerequisite for driving but ends up turning students into heartfelt workers for Christ who are in no way ashamed of the Gospel.


During the first two years of offering our worldview course, more than 1,200 students enrolled, and the feedback has been extremely encouraging. To make sure your student has the tools necessary to defend the faith in our increasingly toxic culture, click here for a free demo of our online institute (we offer special family and group rates).


I'll conclude by adding a special note to grandparents: If you cannot get your grown children to take seriously the need to provide Christian worldview training for your grandchildren, then why not offer grandkids your own incentives for completing the worldview course? Sign them up, and reward them when they complete the study. The impact you have on your grandchildren by taking some ownership in their spiritual growth could be your greatest legacy.


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By Brannon Howse

Email: [email protected]

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Re: Make Worldview Training a Sweet Deal for Your Kids
Posted On: 02/12/07 03:05:10 PM Age 38, GA
Not only do I totally agree but am anxiously awaiting my order of the Worldviews Weekend Leaders Kit! I can't wait to get a group going thru it! I know I need it! I love the requests from other fellow homeschooling moms for your recommended reading list for boys, age appropriate of course! I too would like to see your "worksheet for each chapter" your son reads to earn computer time. This might help with reading comprehension and be an easy way for me to check to be sure they are reading the chapters and not just skimming thru the material to get a reward. I, like most moms, don't have the time to read all the books my kids read ahead of time and often trust folks like you and others with like minded values to recommend titles. I agree, not all that is sold at Christian Bookstores is "good" or even from a Biblical Worldview! Please Brannon, DO SHARE!!! Beverly in GA

Re: Make Worldview Training a Sweet Deal for Your Kids
Posted On: 02/10/07 01:14:26 PM Age 43, TX
Excellent article! I, too, would very much like to see a list like you have described, Brannon. It could be a working list, but I would love to see something like that on your site.

Re: Make Worldview Training a Sweet Deal for Your Kids
Posted On: 02/08/07 04:30:10 PM Age 60, MO
Anything we can do to bring Christian empasis to our studies for our children is going to be a "good" thing. As a matter of fact, training in the Bible should come right alongside learning to read. The only problem is that sometimes we in looking for manufactured Christian programs, and curricula, and other training (like "Train up a Child," by the Pearls), will short change the interaction of Christ himself and His will in these matters for not only our children, but us as well. Christ has different things for all us individually. But yes, we do need to be tuned in to Scripture, and the morality it generates. It would be nice if all could say they were able to homeschool their children with Christian principles. But we know better, ergo, your Worldview works well. Thank you for caring and cautioning. George Cancilla

Re: Make Worldview Training a Sweet Deal for Your Kids
Posted On: 02/08/07 09:34:04 AM Age 38, KS
Your article was awesone. I am a homeschooling mom of 5 boys, ages 5-14. I would also love to have a list of books appropriate for kids. Sometimes it is very hard to decide which books are Biblically sound. Another article on this site mentioned that the Christian bookstore can be one of the most dangerous places. I do not have time right now to read every book out there on Christian worldviews and try to decide if they are correct in their teachings, I am not even sure if I would know myself. I am sure everything on your site is acceptable, and probably AIG and ICR resources, too. I think it would be great if you developed a book reading list for kids to start out with and then keep adding to it as they progress. Thanks so much for all the great articles. God bless. Michelle

Re: Make Worldview Training a Sweet Deal for Your Kids
Posted On: 02/07/07 01:01:11 PM Age 41, TX
Brannon, I completely agree with your points about starting young and using incentives. As a homeschool mom, I incorporate these concepts into our schooling every day. However, it appears to me that most of the worldview training materials are written to a teenage audience or to the parents. You mentioned your son is 10 and that you have him reading books you have selected. Would you be willing to share your book list with us? I would specifically like to see reading suggestions based on age categories. Thanks.

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