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Posted: 12/31/69

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DVDs on Ruth and Esther
Posted On: 08/12/10 03:44:21 AM Age 43, SOUTH AFRICA
I recently purchased the dvds on the book of ruth and esther and was really excited on the teachings of dr chuck which is exceptionally insightful and revelatory. I absolutely loved the study and am still busy with it....thank you a change from the normal spiritual diet to some meaty stuff.....prema

Ruth and Rev 5
Posted On: 01/02/09 07:00:59 PM Age 47, OH
Understanding The Book of Ruth The book of Ruth, a traditional reading at harvest time during the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot), is a book of only four brief chapters that is both a classic love story and also an essential book of prophecy. One cannot understand Revelation Chapter 5 without it. It even has implications for our Christmas season, which is one of the reasons for providing a précis in this issue. Please explain this statement so that I might better understand Rev 5

Re: Understanding The Book of Ruth
Posted On: 01/11/07 01:43:29 PM Age 72, VA
Astounding insights into what might at first be considered a "minor" book of the Bible that was only there to complete the genealogy of David and ultimately Jesus. It is amazing how rich even all the little details of the Bible are in conveying spiritual truth!

Re: Understanding The Book of Ruth
Posted On: 01/05/07 12:26:02 PM Age 63, OH
Brother very good article. Think how hard the trip would be to the promised land for two lone widows. The trip would seem to be more than they could bear if not for the help of the Lord. The Lord is trying to show us that we are going to go through tribulations more than we can bear but He will help us. Two signs of the false church are given in The Revelation "I am not a widow and I will never mourn". Ruth is the bride of the Kinsman-Redeemer Boaz and Boaz is a type of Christ. Ruth was a widow and she did mourn. ---- Lou

Re: Understanding The Book of Ruth
Posted On: 01/04/07 07:38:00 PM Age 47, MO
Excellent article. It reminds me of items I have read by Ken Bailey. Chuck Missler, your articles show so much insight when the DON'T have speculations on when the Rapture will happen.

Re: Understanding The Book of Ruth
Posted On: 01/04/07 06:32:08 PM Age 44, NC
Amen to both posts here! Great bible study with several new points I had not learned before. I too appreciate the focus on God's word in a brief study. If God elevates His word above His name, shouldn't we spend more time on studies like these?

Re: Understanding The Book of Ruth
Posted On: 01/04/07 05:03:28 PM Age 40, AB
Beautiful! It always thrills my soul when a pastor/teacher demonstrates his love for our Lord Jesus Christ by heeding Jesus' exhortation to "Feed My lambs... Feed My sheep... ." For those who would like further study and find audio sermons helpful, I would recommend Chuck Missler's teaching on the book of Ruth which can be found at: . Since it is always good to study with a number of teachers, I would also recommend Philip Ryken's teaching. See: (Ruth 1) (Ruth 2) (Ruth 3) (Ruth 4) Additionally, I would also recommend Jon Courson's teaching sermons (scroll down to the verse-by-verse section). See: Thank you, Chuck, for your teaching on Ruth, which put a song in my heart and a song on my lips... "There is a redeemer, Jesus, God's own Son, Precious Lamb of God, Messiah, Holy One..."

Excellent study
Posted On: 01/04/07 02:55:58 PM Age 36, GA
I had heard some of this, but you bring out a lot of new stuff - the explanation of House of Perez and the handing over of the shoe by the nearer kinsman for examples. Good Stuff --Bloodwashed

Re: Understanding The Book of Ruth
Posted On: 01/04/07 08:07:46 AM Age 30, FL
Thank you for a wonderful little Bible study here. Though sometimes necessary, I find that some articles about church and societal troubles bring me down. It is refreshing to read good Bible teaching that is meant to build up. Thank you once again.

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