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Posted: 07/19/05

Harry Potter: Politically-Correct Paganism

By Jan Markell


Chaos reigned in my home town July 16 at midnight.  Little kids roamed the streets in ecstasy as they had just purchased the new Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."  Most were dressed like witches and wizards.  They are addicted, but not to righteousness.  And they just want to be like Harry and, if possible, attend Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft.  When told it doesn't really exist, they are heartbroken.


Okay, so J.K. Rowlings is the second richest woman in England only preceded by the Queen because she can spin a good fantasy tale.  There are "Christian Potter advocates" out there who will tell you that you can find God in Harry Potter.  Entire denominations have endorsed him and respected Christian magazines as well.  I have only a few paragraphs to persuade you differently so here goes.


Harry Potter is a wizard.  Excuse me, but how many times does the Bible warn of us wizards, witches, witchcraft, sorcery, spells, incantations, and more?  Aren't Christians to have no fellowship with darkness? (II Cor. 6:14-17)  Rowlings says each book is getting darker and darker and she is right.  He and his pals actually engage in between 75 and 100 practices forbidden in the Bible.  Some are pretty gross, in fact.  It's pretty tough to think about anything, "true, honorable, lovely, of good report, etc." as it says in Philippians 4:8 when one is focused on Potter gimmicks.  He's almost always involved in occultic-type things including drinking blood and talking to the dead (necromancy).  Oh, and Harry's "shed blood" has magical powers.  Shouldn't that be a huge red flag?


You may be saying, "But this is a struggle of good vs. evil, so what do you expect?"  You're right.  It's "good" wizards and sorcerers battling "bad" wizards and sorcerers and in the end who wins--wizards and sorcerers!  Christian Potter advocates need to grasp that this is not the way the Kingdom of God works.  We want righteousness and Godliness to win, and in the end, it does!  Read the last chapter of the Bible.  And do you think that J.K. Rowlings, who doesn't understand the Bible any more than I understand the engine of my car or the guts of my computer, actually intended this to have true spiritual overtones?


So the Potter plot may be fantasy/fiction, but the setting and characters promote an occult-based worldview that kids accept as truth in normal life.  What's cool in Harry's life is cool in their world, but Harry's world is surrounded and characterized by evil.  Standards of behavior are distorted. Good and evil are just how you perceive it (situation ethics).  There are no absolutes which is just what our post-modern culture needs.  Harry is often rewarded for doing evil such as when he lies and cheats.  Aren't there about a dozen red flags by now?


The Potter books and movies cleverly mask the evil concepts by presenting evil in a fantastic and alluring child's world.  The biblically illiterate are fooled, and how sad when biblically literate parents are fooled and are just happy that finally their kids are reading.


Since organizations like the Pagan Federation of England state that they are recruiting hundreds of inquiring kids thanks to Potter, shouldn't that be a storm warning?  In that hundreds of witchcraft Web sites are linked to Potter Web sites, does that sound an alarm? 


Mysticism and love of the supernatural are thriving today even in some churches.  Thus, the wonderfully mystical and emotionally awesome experience of Harry Potter fit right in.  Today a lot of people crave the supernatural as well as "experiences" and even "signs and wonders."  We're just far enough into the last days' apostasy so that it's actually spun out of control.  J.K. Rowlings timed things well. 


According to Gallup, at least one third of kids under age 18 have read a Harry Potter book or seen a movie.  No, it won't lead every kid down the primrose path of witchcraft and Satanism but why should we give the devil an inch when he will want a yard or even a mile? This is a hugely serious matter. In the Bible, witchcraft was so forbidden that those who practiced it were frequently executed.


I have had some so-called "Christian Potter advocates" on my radio program.  One told me that Jesus would use Potter as parables for children if He were around today, or would have in His day.  I'm sorry, but Harry Potter is a different gospel.  Deception and delusion abound here.  He is a product of evil being called good (Isaiah 5:20). If Potter products are tools for the Kingdom, I have to ask, which Kingdom?  Since author J.K. Rowlings promised to make each episode darker (and has done so), I hardly think she had in mind the Kingdom of God.


(Jan Markell is founder and president of Olive Tree Ministries, Inc. She has authored eight Christian books with the major Christian publishing houses. She has a talk radio program out of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN heard in other parts of the country as well.  For more information, her e-alert sign-up, or free, print newsletter, visit her Web site, 

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By Jan Markell

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Are you sure?
Posted On: 06/02/11 11:22:03 PM Age 0, TX
So I'm rather late to the game, but I only recently stumbled across this article and it's left me a bit confused. Have you read the Harry Potter series, or are you basing these claims off of what you've heard? The two specific issues with the books you raise (drinking blood and necromancy) aren't even a quarter as prevalent as you make them. The former happens once in the first the evil Satan-like villain who is ultimately defeated. The latter happens only in passing, typically only when Harry needs extra strength to defeat the dark (similar to the way everyday people, even Christians, "talk" to dead loved ones when they need help or guidance; tell me you've never spoken to your grandmother at her grave?). Your only other complaint seems to be the witchcraft aspect and it's apparent influence on Harry Potter readers. The only logic I can find in this is a profound lack of confidence in man's ability to distinguish fiction from reality. The handful of people who have actually sought out magic after reading the books were not stable to begin with, and the books are not to blame, biology is. What you fail to mention throughout this article are the themes of the book: love conquers evil, seeking ultimate power begets sin and never works, etc. The former is basically why Christ was sent to us, right? And the latter is why Lucifer fell. Very Biblical ideas, really. My advice? Move past the superficial and get to the heart of the matter. The "threat" of witchcraft is nothing compared to the potential for good that comes from the message presented in this series.

Harry Potter and the Church!
Posted On: 01/17/08 11:09:29 AM Age 64, MN
The magazine of the Christian Reformed Church 'BANNER' has just published on the front cover of its January 2008 issue, a picture of a 9yr. old girl relishing her collection of Harry Potter books. The article, "Harry Potter and the Way of Jesus" goes on to say, "Both the characters and the story reveal a worldview that is deeply Christian at its core." WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT THE CHURCH, and please, we need more articles on Harry Potter. The struggle 'ain't' over yet! I am a simple person but I sure would like to see a 'critical review' of the article in the BANNER and what does this tell me about the church. Thank you

Re: Re: Re: Re: Harry Potter: Politically-Correct Paganism
Posted On: 08/17/06 09:15:38 AM Age 15, IL
I believe the person saying "death to Harry Potter fans" was being sarcastic by overidentifying with Jan to highlight how deluded her perception is. They make the example of witch burnings being "successful" to root out all the "evil" people in the Dark Ages, when we empirically know that not only is this not true but countless innocent people were killed on the charges of witchcraft. The judicial system of the Dark Ages was none too reliable, full of corruption as it was. The overenthusiasm of the post rather seems to support this interpretation.

Re: Harry Potter: Politically-Correct Paganism
Posted On: 04/14/06 05:26:07 AM Age 31, IA
I absolutely do not understand what has gotten into people today! "good christians" condemning others? These "good christians" judging others by saying that they are "so-called good christians"? I believe that judging others is not your place. You should apologize for judging others. Ask the Lord to forgive you. I am a former pagen who is now a devout christian. My faith is strong do not doubt. I have read every one of those books and my view is a bit different from the author of this article and from others who have put up posts here. I know witchcraft, I have done it...I was a coven high priestess, these books are not witchcraft. These books are not even about magick. They are about magic. There is a difference. That difference is called entertainment...that difference is hollywood. You all do know that magic like in the Potter books does not exist, right? It is not real!!! Satan is NOT at work in these books, Satan is at work in the hearts of people who would judge others. Satan is at work in the hearts of men and women who do not know the difference between fictional hocus-pocus and satanism. He has made it so people do not know where to look for him. I know that there are a lot of good people on this board only wanting to live by the word of God, but please do not condemn or judge others for doing something that you do not or for having a different view of the scripture. That is NOT RIGHT!!!!!! The Lord is merciful and forgiving...shouldn't you be as well?

Re: Re: Re: Harry Potter: Politically-Correct Paganism
Posted On: 12/01/05 02:17:45 PM Age 46, GA
Please understand that there are those among us who are born with a sensitivity to the occult or dark spiritual side We are easily pulled-in,especially during our early teens. Being one who read the Tarot, hung out with Wiccans, predicted the death of friends and enjoyed the power of all that comes with it, I understand "The Beautiful Side of Evil". Not all, but some of these H.P. fans will be pulled into the darkness. Why take the chance? By the Grace of God, I was able to get out but there was a horrible spiritual battle that was waged to keep me in. In the end, Jesus won. Thank God! Read Johanna's Michaelsen's book above.

Re: Re: Harry Potter: Politically-Correct Paganism
Posted On: 11/09/05 03:24:37 PM Age 18, MD
I could not agree with you more.

Re: Unresearched Article does not give itself credibility.
Posted On: 11/09/05 03:18:03 PM Age 18, MD
Very well written

Re: Re: Harry Potter: Politically-Correct Paganism
Posted On: 11/09/05 03:15:17 PM Age 18, MD
Its people like you who take things way out of context. I won't even waste the time trying to convince you differently. And so you know, I am a dedicated Christian and I have read Harry Potter and I think the books in no way encourage witchcraft.

Re: Harry Potter: Politically-Correct Paganism
Posted On: 10/06/05 12:31:13 AM Age 44, UT
I am in agreement with Jan's article, however, I cannot endorse "Lord of the Rings," or "Chronicles of Narnia." They are loaded with occult imagery and become a gateway to movies like "Harry Potter." There has been a dumbing down in the spirit of the American church and we have become so desensitized by entertainment that we no longer have discernment. I'm reminded of the frog boiling in the pot...he's not aware. I'm also reminded of the story about dog poop in the's only a little bit. Poison is poison, no matter what quantity. My spirit is grieved that we as a body of believers have become so self-centered that we have to be constantly entertained, regardless of what God's Word says. There are Christian brothers and sisters across the world who are laying down their lives for the precious Word of God, and here we sit debating whether Harry Potter is acceptable or not. Do a Bible study in Deuteronomy 18...witchcraft is an abomination to God. Acts 19....they burned all of their literature on sorcery, etc.! Judgment begins in the house of God...may we have repentant hearts!

Re: Harry Potter: Politically-Correct Paganism
Posted On: 09/18/05 11:25:24 PM Age 80, TX
Thank you for the article. BECAUSE I am so old I thought I was "out of touch" with the way I felt about the books regarding Harry Potter. Now, it has cautioned me once again to "feed" on the "Word" and pray constantly to be alert to anything contrary to what the Bible says. Thank you again.

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