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Posted: 09/08/06

Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?

By Jason Carlson


I can remember a time when if a person wanted to experience the ancient Hindu religious practice of Yoga they'd have to go downtown and find their local Hindu Yogi from India who had opened up a studio here in the States.  Back then most Christians wouldn't have even considered trying out Hindu Yoga, let alone go through the trouble of finding a place that offered it.  Then along came the Emergent church, making Hindu Yoga readily available within the church to those Christians who would identify themselves as "Postmoderns".  Now, even more recently, many churches that have historically embraced traditional, conservative, Evangelical values are starting to offer their congregants the opportunity to participate in Hindu Yoga; all in the name of spiritual growth through experiential practices and experiential worship that will supposedly draw us closer to God. 


There are a couple of key problems at work in the thinking of those Christians who believe that Hindu Yoga can be "Christianized" and used for physical benefits, but more so for Christian spiritual growth.  First of all, as I've detailed in a previous article that you can find in my archives, Yoga truly is an ancient Hindu religious practice.  Hindu Yogis themselves will tell you that you cannot separate the physical aspects of Yoga from its intrinsic spiritual nature.  So, to practice Yoga, but only for its exercise value, is basically an absurd notion to the very people who developed and brought Hindu Yoga to the West. 


Now, there are some honest Yoga practicing Christians who recognize that Hindu Yoga is more than just a form of exercise, that it truly does have an intrinsic spiritual component to it.  However, these Christians make the claim that Hindu Yoga can be "Christianized" so that the practice of Yoga draws us closer to the one true God of Scripture, and not the millions of pagan gods found in Hinduism.  This however is a tragic mistake.  As I've challenged Christians involved in Yoga for many years, please just show me one example from Scripture where God encourages or allows His people to adopt the religious practices of pagan nations so that they might have one more tool at their disposal for worshipping, experiencing and drawing closer to Him.  You won't find it.


The underlying problem with this whole trend towards adopting pagan religious practices, such as Hindu Yoga, and trying to "Christianize" them, is that the church today has become enamored with postmodern, subjective, experiential forms of "worship".  As our culture has become more and more postmodern, these postmodern values have sadly filtered into the church.  Thus, we now find churches, which at one time were hallmarked by a deep love for God's Word and the rational teaching of it, now turning away from a reasoned and rational instructing of their flocks, so that they might instead pursue the next "big thing" on the market of Christian experiential worship; and Hindu Yoga is just the latest thing to come along.


I believe that Christians everywhere should be seriously concerned about this trend.  If we are now comfortable with adopting Hindu Yoga and incorporating it into the life of our churches, a religious system, which by the way has literally enslaved millions of lives in India into a terrible spiritual bondage, what will we be willing to tolerate next? 


Seriously, for anyone who thinks that Hindu Yoga is a harmless practice, or that it is of some benefit to the Christian church, worthy of being "Christianized", let me just challenge you to go to India and see the fruits of this Hindu religious practice firsthand.  You will witness there, as we've seen ourselves, a nation trapped in spiritual darkness.  You will see Hindu Yogis, practicing their various postures, totally blitzed out, oblivious to the suffering around them.  You will see, as we have seen, Hindu Yogis lost in meditation, while naked and starving children are literally lying just feet away, slowly wasting away.  This is the fruit of Hindu Yoga my friends.  Does the Christian church really want any part of this?


And as I asked earlier, if we are willing to tolerate this kind of paganism entering the church in the name of experiential worship, what will we be willing to tolerate next?  You see, here's the problem with this trend towards experiential practices and experiential worship in the church, part of human nature is that we always long for a new, a greater, a more intense experience.  We tend not to ever be satisfied.  So, my question is this, what's next once we get bored with "Christianized" Hindu Yoga?  Seriously, where do we go for that next great experiential fix?  Christian Ouija boards?  You might think its ridiculous, but the church is already proving that we're willing to tolerate paganism within the body of Christ, so why not?  I mean, why couldn't we "Christianize" the Ouija board, so that instead of contacting demonic spirits, we use them to get in touch with and draw closer to God.  How cool would that be?!


Friends, the only solution to this snowball turned avalanche of experiential practices and experiential worship is to get back to our true foundation as Christians, a deep love for the Lord and His revelation found in Scripture.  We may always be tempted to experience God and the worship of Him in new and unique ways, and not all experiences are bad, but we must test all experiences and practices by God's revealed truth in Scripture.  This means that we must encourage our churches and our pastors to get back to the basics: preaching the Word, teaching from the Word, instructing our congregations in how to rightly interpret and apply the Word, and also teaching them how to discern truth from error and to contend for the faith.  This is the pattern that was set out for us in Scripture by Jesus Christ and the apostles, not looking for pagan practices that we might incorporate and adopt into the Christian life.  We need to get back to a place where Scripture and the teaching of it becomes the priority in our churches again.  If we do this, we can be confident that our worship will not be in error and we will be equipped with the truths we need to guard ourselves against our human desire for the next "big thing" or experience. 






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By Jason Carlson

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Re: Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/17/06 12:24:56 AM Age 46, NC
you are misstating what is being said - he is specifically talking about pagan RELIGIOUS practices that some are trying to make ok by calling them Christian. God specifically tells us to AVOID the religions of pagans lest we start worshipping their gods.

Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/17/06 12:20:01 AM Age 46, NC
the same is true of how we celebrate Christmas and Easter. these are pagan practices that were brought into the Christian religion by the catholic church (if ya can't beat em, join em mentality). don't believe me? read what Jeremiah 10:3-5 says and think what the times of a shepherd are. also, do you REALLY think a shepherd would have his sheep in a field in the middle of winter? why? there isn't any food out in the field in winter. no instead that shepherd would have his sheep kept in a barn (manger) and would be tending them there. but december 25th coincides with the winter solstice, a decidedly pagan festival and celebration. still think Christmas isn't pagan? read your bible and tell me where exactly they mention celebrating the Lord's birth. i haven't found it yet.

Re: Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/16/06 08:50:27 PM Age 63, FL
One of the commands to Christians from Jesus is to, ". . . . Avoid even the appearance of evil. . . ." Yes, it means very much to God, to Jesus, to me, and to every born-again Christian. Ouija boards provide a means to seeing the future, a fortune teller, an enemy of God. Christians and Jews are commanded by God Himself to avoid fortune tellers for they are all agents of Satan, doing his bidding. In Jesus Name. Gyrine3

Re: Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/15/06 03:12:59 PM Age 58, OH
This article is very accurate. It disturbs me to read respondants who say "I think" this or that. Is it not what GOD thinks that matters? He opposes pagandom because they are worshipping false Gods. The 10 commandments tell us He is a jealous God. There is no room to share with any other god. In fact, worshipping other gods is worshipping demons in disguise. However, not as I think, but as it is, there are many practices today with pagan origins(Demon worship) that "Christians" excuse for varying reasons. Jesus was clear when he said "A little leaven ferments the whole lump". So how little "leaven" are we going to allow in our lives? I don't think - I KNOW what Jesus meant.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/13/06 11:18:50 PM Age 42, KY
I appreciate your clarification, but I still think you have a few things askew. I don't believe your "faith evolves" but rather you behavior evolves. When we accept Yeshua as Messiah and the risen Son of YHWH through which our salvation was granted, our old sinful nature is crucified on the cross with Yeshua, and thus we are a New Creation, with a staintly nature, justified and sanctified by the Christ. However our behavior so use to the old sinful nature, that it take a while and YHWH to ever get it straightened out, or rather in better order, as our behavior while we are here on earth never reaches perfection. As for trying to seperate the spiritual side of yogi or other such practices from the physical side, well it is kinda like trying to seperate your behavior from your old sinful nature, it is only achieved with the Christ working through you, whom has the Father working through Him. I really think you are on one of those, "Slippery Slopes", as you get Satan a toe hold via the physical part, for you say the exercise part isn't bad, but it gets folks used to having a pagan ritual in their life... even if the ritual is meaningless to them... it is still part of the pagan religion. And it gets you used to having the pagan stuff in your life. Next Satan conviences the person, that not only is the physical part not bad, but hey... that mediatation things seems to help the hindus reach a higher plain of fulfillment, so I bet that would be useful in getting closer to YHWH and Yeshua! Next that chanting things looks like it would really please YHWH, so then you start chanting, and before long you forget the Bible and the Word and start spending more and more time studying how to become "enlightened" by the various rituals and practices of Hindusm, and slowly but surely, you have less and less time for the Word and the study of it! That is where the danger lies. Sin and Satan's lies and misleadings, almost always 'creep' in and never kick the door in. The arguement you use, is the same arguement piligamist and the emergent church uses to try and snow unsuspecting Christians into accepting those corrupt pracatices as well. I am sorry brother, but unless you can cite scripture to back up your position, I have to believe you are still dangerously wrong, and you could very well lead a great no. of folks down the wrong path, with such endorsements of pagan rites and rituals. YHWH bless us all with discernment and wisdom in all our endevours!

Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/13/06 12:06:27 PM Age 26, TX
This article makes that classic mistake of assuming something is pagan because pagans do it and/or started it. That is just foolish. Pagans invented cars, but we still use them. Some pagans even worship their cars but we still use them. It is very difficult for me to believe this author doesn't think it is possible to do physical yoga stretches as an exercise without dabbling in Hinduism. The statement he makes, "to practice Yoga, but only for its exercise value, is basically an absurd notion to the very people who developed and brought Hindu Yoga to the West." Ok, that may be true, but it's irrelevant. Who cares if practicing Yoga for its exercise value would be an absurd notion to the people who developed it? I can't figure out how their opinion of it has anything to do with God's absolute standard of right and wrong behavior.

Re: Re: Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/13/06 10:23:15 AM Age 59, KS
I'm sure sorry for any misunderstanding here, especially from the person from Ky. My statement was that one shouldn't stray from Christ which by default means the bible. To accept Christ into your hearts will transform you in ways that can't be described. One of the things that happens is you become more sure of your faith. Thus, you can listen to what the other 80% of the world who aren't Christian's are saying. Some of it just may fit into what Christ (through the apostles) were saying too. What I probably should have said is that our faith should evolve, not that the word does. Thousands of theologins have a hard time agreeing on everything in the bible as do average folks. Thats why we have to listen to God. Remember, the early Christians didn't have a bible. MY POINT was that if you are strong in your faith, Yogo exercises shouldn't have any negative effect. I'm not speaking from experience so I may just be wrong. Didn't some guy get beheaded by good religious folks for saying the Earth revolves around the Sun? God is the father and we're all brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters see things differently all the time but we have a common denominator... We just need to open our hearts and minds to His Love and to share that with each other.

Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/13/06 01:42:11 AM Age 23, WA
I agree that we need to be cautious of things in our society that at first glance may appear to be "of the light". On the other hand, as Christians, we are to be in the world not of it. I feel that I am able to go to my gym and bend and stretch and hold poses in what just happens to be called "Yoga" class without feeling any inclination neither to abandon my Christian beliefs or become Hindu nor to feel that I am "one with nature" etc. I truly hope that this idea of "self-realization" and "oneness with nature" is what the author is referring to as something in which Christians should not engage and not the physical activity of Yoga. True, maybe such a strong focus on meditation in a country suffering such hardships as stavation and could really benefit from some "action", is not the best utilization of their time. (Of course, I can't be the judget of that). Yet, maybe in US culture, meditation is a wonderful remedy to release the stresses of the day and maintain physcial and mental health. Christians are temples of the Holy Spirit both physically and spritually and we need to be good stewards of our bodies. I am not sure of whether or not the author was saying that even physically going through the motions of "Yoga" is something in which Christians should not participate. I believe that God cares about the heart. Yes, it is still possible to sin without realizing/acknowledging the sin, but this physical activity causes no known harm to others or to self and there is nothing innately wrong with stretching in ways that God created our bodies to work in the first place. Lastly, I dont feel that going to my gym to a Yoga class damages my witness to others. The instructor doesnt speak of the Hindu beliefs; it is purely for the physcial benefits and participants can individually choose to make it into a spritual time. If a non-believer actually cared enough to watch if I go into Yoga class at my gym and then decided not to become a Christian due to my actions, I would believe the person actually chose to remain a non-believer for reasons other than my humble Yoga class. I fear that as a Christian community we are often called out as being too close-minded and I would sadly have to agree that sometimes we are. Yes, strictly sticking to our faith is sometimes mistaken as close-mindedness, but there are issues on which I feel we are close-minded and end up missing opportunities for growth and understanding of our world. Legalistic thinking is one of the things that Jesus abhorred. After ethical considerations of whether or not something is innately evil or causes harm to any of Gods creation, I believe its safe to say that its the thought that goes along with our actions, not necessarily the actions themselves. This concept is something in which I firmly believe and this post was posted in humbleness.

Re: Re: Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/12/06 10:12:50 PM Age 33, TX
I could not agree with you more when you said "especially in the case where you don't know the motives of men's hearts." There are many things that we as Christians do that can be related or connected to many many pagan, even satanic roots. We live in a fallen world and unless you live out in the country, exclude - no tv, electricity or further contact with the outside, fallen world - it is extemely hard to not take on or have some of their practices/customs rub off on us. Now, I am not condoning yoga here by any means. I have tried yoga, being sucked into that whole "there is nothing spiritual about it" line, and I can definately tell you that the spirit in me had big problems with it and I had to discontinue it after only a couple of weeks. The instructor/owner claimed to be a Christian, very active in her church etc, but it just didn't jive with MY spirit regardless of the physical benefits it claimed to have. I know the spirit that resides in me and I choose to listen to Him. All that being said...only God alone and His spirit know the motives of a man's heart no matter how obvious it may appear to us, we are still only on the outside. How many things do we do everyday that go against perfected Christian living? How many times during the day does God have to exam our motives when we screw up royally? How many times does He find that even then our motives are sour and yet He forgives us anyway, showers us with His love and picks us again? Now are there reprocutions for continuing in anything that we have been forbid of? Yes. It is always so much easier for us to just yield to His spirit in the first place. My only advise is this - whatever it is that we are doing that may be questionable in any way, Truly seek HIS direction on it. If their is one thing I am sure of is that He will answer when we truly seek Him. He will not leave us in the dark. But, we have to be willing to listen. Many Christians don't even bother seeking Him on questionable issues much less being willing to listen if His answer isn't always what we want to hear. Don't just take some other, poor fallen soul's word for it, ask HIM yourself! As His chilren, we have a direct line! Blessings, Teresa

Re: Re: Christian Ouija Boards- The Next Big Thing?
Posted On: 09/12/06 09:53:02 PM Age 72, IA
Christians need to be informed of these types of things. As Jesus said true worshippers shall worship in spirit and TRUTH. Worship is not to makes us have an experience put to put bring glory to the FATHER. John 4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

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