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Worldview Weekend Radio

Brannon Howse
Aired Tuesday, July 22
Brannon Howse: Aired July 22, 2014
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Part Two: Today Brannon looks at more of the 19 similarities between the false church in Germany and the global false church that will lead to a fourth Reich.

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Burk Parsons Interview Pastor Mike interviews Burk Parsons on today’s show. Pastor Parsons serves with R.C. Sproul as co-pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel, and he is editor of Tabletalk, the monthly magazine of Ligonier Ministries where he has served since 1999. Listen in as Pastor Mike and Pastor Parsons talk about serving with Dr. R.C. Sproul and a variety of theological issues.

In today's broadcast, JD talks about an article published at Synergism Tomorrow, defending the baptisms of children under 5. Then, JD launches a Daily Spurgeon segment and end with a Daily Downgrade, discussing a new film that has - supposedly and according to the director - been directly inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Islamic Misconceptions About the Bible (Program #19)

We have two of our Broadcast Partners with Jimmy DeYoung today on PTIB. Dr Rob Congdon will give a European Union Up-date, which will include a discussion on the response from EU leaders on the downing of a commercial airliner in the Ukraine. But first my son, Jim Jr, will interview a great friend of the DeYoung Family, our tour guide for all of our tours to Israel, Kenny. Kenny lives on the coast line of Israel just north of the Gaza Strip. Jim and Kenny will discuss how an Israeli thinks of what's going on in this war zone.

To be victorious in life’s race, we need to lose the baggage of guilt we carry from stealing what does not belong to us.

AMERICA: THE MOVIE REVIEW Chris reviews the new film by Dinesh D'Souza on the history of America and its radical shift to the left under the presidency of Barack Obama.

Mike described his journey that begins with his younger days as an altar boy, his eventual success in the business world, the material accoutrements that went with that lifestyle and his ties to the Catholic Church through it all. While Roman Catholicism gave Mike a grounding in the basics of Christianity, there was much about this system that covered, clouded and distorted the truth of God’s plan for mankind through the redeeming work of Christ. Beginning in 1981, the Lord began to work on his heart, showing him the contrasts between Catholicism and the truth of God’s Word and the wonderful assurance of salvation given to all believers (John 10:27-30).

Part Two: Today Brannon looks at more of the 19 similarities between the false church in Germany and the global false church that will lead to a fourth Reich.

Islamic Misconceptions About the Bible (Program #18)

Tuesday Guy and Pastor Mike talk about a book called “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. Sarah Young believes that Jesus gave her personalized messages for her to record and publish. How many things are wrong with Sarah Young’s book? Listen in to find out!

On today's program, JD discusses several news items, including an article from the not-so-Christian Post about Christians being responsible for hate-speech, and one about career-advancement being conditioned upon what church you attend. JD also plays a clip from abolitionist and P&P Contributor, Alan Maricle. Then, JD launches into a Daily Spurgeon segment.

Today on PTIB it's a Middle East News Up-date with Dave Dolan. Jimmy DeYoung will talk to Dave, not with a moment-by-moment report on what's happening in the Gaza Strip between the IDF and Hamas, but instead some background information about the conflict. They will discuss the decision-making process that lead Prime Minister Netanyahu to give the order for the IDF to enter the Gaza Strip; the seriousness of the military operation; why the world media is blaming Israel and does Hamas believe they can win this war or is this simply a "PR" ploy on the part of Hamas.

BISHOP TONY PALMER DIES Chris discusses the stunning new development as it is reported that Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer has died as the result of a motorcycle accident in the U.K. Palmer was the man who earlier this year announced the end of Martin Luther's "protest" against the false gospel of Rome at Kenneth Copeland's church in Texas. Also discussed is the recent executive order from President Barack Obama that will force employers to hire members of the LGBT community, regardless of conscience and religious freedom. Obama specifically rejected pleas for a religious exemption, insisting that his decision advances "equality" in our country.

On this edition of Crosstalk, Abba Leiter commented on the latest rocket attacks against Israel. Factors he discussed included the effect the attacks are having on families and the performance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Vic also highlighted two stories in the news that described the following: --Hamas militants sent a donkey, strapped with explosives, on a suicide mission toward Israeli forces. --Israel strikes weapons in the Sudan destined for Hamas in the Gaza strip.

Stealing has become very common, and not simply burglary – people steal from their employers without a second thought. We forget that stealing any kind of private property violates one of the Ten Commandments.

T.A. McMahon welcomes guest Pastor Greg Durel of Heritage Bible Church in Gretna, LA. They will be discussing the important distinctions between Catholicism and true Christianity.