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Why Christians Should Reject Social Justice and its Missional Madness and Reclaim the Great Commission by Jesse Johnson

Much of the push for the church to engage in social transformation and indiscriminate care for the poor of the world comes from a wrong understanding of the relationship between the church and Israel. There is no doubt that Israel was called to care for the poor in their land—regardless of their creed. The alien, foreigner, slave, and sojourning widow were all protected by the Law, and if Israel would have kept the law, there would have been no poor in the land.

The question is this: does the church have a similar task? Is the church charged to care for the poor of the world, in the same way Israel was? In this presentation Jesse reveals with Biblical clarity that the answer is “no,” and he aids us in understanding God’s mission to the world. Believers are called to minister to the poor in within the church, and to meet the needs of believers worldwide. Obedience to these commands is one of the most basic ways that God’s glory is revealed through the church. In this presentation Jesse explains that while Israel was to stay and obey, the church is supposed to go and proclaim. Israel was supposed to transform their culture as a means to attract the world. The church is supposed to scatter around the world, and preach Jesus. We don’t wait for them to come to us, but we go out knocking on doors.

Jesse Johnson

Jesse is an elder and the Teaching Pastor at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA (in the Washington, D. C. area). Jesse is a graduate of The University of New Mexico (sociology), and The Master's Seminary (M. Div., Th'M.), where he taught Apologetics and Evangelism. Prior to coming to Immanuel, Jesse served as the Outreach Pastor at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. He has edited a number of publications including Fundamentals of the Faith, Co-editor of Evangelism in the John MacArthur Pastoral Library Series, and was a contributor to Men of the Word and Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong. Jesse and his wife Deidre were married in 2006 and have two daughters, Madison and Savannah.