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The Real Jesus Among False Christs By Jared Carlson

What is a cult? What are four categories of cults? What deceives most people about the cults? Jim Jones convinced over 900 people in his cult to commit suicide. Why is it important to note that not one Bible was found among the dead cult members of Jim Jones? What Biblical truths can we use in sharing Biblical gospel with those deceived by a cult and its leaders?

Jared Carlson

Rev. Jared Carlson is the Vice President of Christian Ministries International. With a dynamic and passionate style of communicating, Jared captivates audiences with his love for Christ and passion for evangelism. Jared is a regular speaker for worldview conferences, youth and family camps, and special church outreaches. At the age of 32, his ministry has taken him to 20 countries on four continents speaking in mission and pastor's conferences, as well as high schools, universities, and seminaries. Jared is also a frequent speaker for many Christian summer camps and youth conferences around the nation. Jared is a graduate of Bethel University with a degree in Biblical Theology and Communications. He received his Masters degree in Theological Studies from Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN. His travels include study tours in Greece and Turkey. In addition to his role with C.M.I., Jared also serves as the Senior Pastor of GracePoint Church in New Brighton, MN. Jared and his family reside in Minnesota.