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7 Signs of The Times (Program #2)
August 13, 2017
Justin Peters Changes His Tune to "Touch Not God's Anointed" When It Comes To James White
August 12, 2017
Justin Peters & His Conflicting Positions on Interfaith Dialogue
August 12, 2017
To Understand Islam You Have to Undertand Abrogation
August 11, 2017
Justin Peters Declares That Islam is NOT a Spiritual Threat to the Church
August 11, 2017
A Verse By Verse Study of Revelation (Lesson #13)
August 09, 2017
A Former Muslim Explains The Muslim View of Salvation
August 09, 2017
Mike Gendron's New Co-Host John Fallahee Shares His Testimony
August 07, 2017
One Way Islamic Bridge of Interfaith Dialogue
July 30, 2017
7 Signs of The Times (Program #1)
July 26, 2017
Refuting The Islamic Propaganda of Jihadi Imam Yasir Qadhi (Program 4 of 4)
July 22, 2017
The Coming Ecumenical Jihad: Understanding The Spiritual & National Security Threat To America!
July 12, 2017
Minister James White Gives Jihadi Imam Platform to Speak Islamic Lies Unchallenged (Program #3)
July 09, 2017
Another Jihadi Aligned Muslim W/ Bad Dudes As Mentors Defends James White
July 03, 2017
Minister James White Does Not Refute Jihadi Imam's Lies About Jesus in a Church But Invites Him To Make Video For Christians to Learn About Islam?
June 24, 2017
A Biblical Look At Hank Hanegraaff's Conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy
June 17, 2017
Warning: So-Called Conservative Christians Defending Spiritual Enterprise with Jihadi Imam
June 13, 2017
Evangelical Minister Calls Jihadi Imam Mentor & Says He Senses A Kindred Spirit With Him During Interfaith Dialogue
June 11, 2017
Understanding & Responding To the Global War on Christians
May 31, 2017
Why is God Allowing the Marxists and Muslims to Bring Such Mayhem to America and the World?
May 22, 2017


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