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Thank you for taking our FREE online worldview test. I developed this test as a service to you, and thousands like you, who want to know how their worldview rates.

After you've taken the test, you will get an instant score. Your worldview will be tested in the area of law, economics, civil government, religion, social issues, sociology (family issues) education and science. Your worldview will be rated for these eight areas as either: Strong Biblical Worldview Thinker, Moderate Biblical Worldview Thinker, Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker, Socialist Worldview Thinker or Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker. You will also receive an overall worldview score and rating.

Upon completion of this test you will see your score immediately, as well as a report on how your worldview compares with others in your age category and those with a similar background. This report is very interesting and informative, so we encourage each of you to complete all of the pre-test background questions.

This test will take you between 25 minutes and 35 minutes to complete. Please take your time completing this test. My goal is that this test will encourage and challenge you to develop an even deeper biblical worldview.

I also want to invite you to begin attending one of our Worldview Weekends if you don't already do so. You can see our Worldview Weekend cities, dates and speakers at We have a wide range of worldview books, videos and teaching material for junior high through adult that can be purchased on our online bookstore at

This test is not meant to frustrate you, but rather to challenge and be a tool to show where your worldview is strong and where it needs improvement. Do not get frustrated, it is only a test. The good news is you can always improve. We all have room for improvement. In the next few weeks, we will post the biblical response to every question at the end of the test next to your score. Again, our goal is to encourage you and challenge you, not to frustrate or discourage. This test is a free service we offer for educational and research purposes.

I really want this test to be a tool you can use to get your friends and family to evaluate their worldview.

Thank you again for putting your worldview to the test.

Brannon S. Howse
President & Founder
Worldview Weekend

Our Privacy Policy: Under no circumstances whatsoever does Worldview Weekend give away, disclose or sell your e-mail address or other information.

See the Test Frequently Asked Questions.

An extremely small percentage of people complain about not being able to take the test; this has been traced to a browser problem on their part. If you have this problem you may need to update your browser. Thousands are taking the test with no problem but if you are having a problem this is all we can suggest.

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For those of you scoring the highest score possible, Biblical Theism, you will be REWARDED with a beautiful, professional looking certificate. This certificate will certify that you took the test and scored as a Strong Biblical Worldview Thinker. You can print out your certificate at the end of the test, but it will also be emailed to you so you may save it or print it out on beautiful parchiment paper. This certificate would look great on your wall and would also be very rewarding for students who take this test.
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These questions are asked simply to rate your score against people that are in the same general age, have the same general level of education, income and background. None of the information you give is sold or given away. No names or identifying information appears on any of our charts or graphs.
If there is a question you donít want to answer in the background questionnaire, then leave it blank. Don't leave answers in the actual worldview test blank or it will negatively impact your score.
The background survey questions are not required to take the test.

Answer I am taking this test before I read a worldview book
I am taking this test before I take a worldview class or conference
I am taking this test after I read a worldview book
I am taking this test after I take a worldview class or conference
I am simply taking the test

Answer this question only if you are a student I am a home school student
I am a public school student
I am a Christian school student
I go to a Christian college
I go to a secular university

Answer I am an adult in the work place
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I am a home maker
I am retired

Answer this question only if you have graduated from high school. I have a college degree
I don't have a college degree
I am working on my college degree

Answer I regularly attend a bible teaching church
I don't attend church

Answer I am a self professing born again Christian
I am not a self professing born again Christian

Answer I was raised attending a solid bible teaching church
I was not raised attending a solid bible teaching church

My income range is $10,000 to $25,000
$25,000 to $50,000
$50,000 to $100,000
$100,00 to $150,000
$150,000 or higher

If my final score does not rate me as having a solid Biblical worldview I will Do nothing about it
Look at attending a Worldview Weekend or biblical worldview class or reading some biblical worldview books so I might obtain a solid biblical worldview.

Worldview Weekend I have attended a Worldview Weekend
I have not attended a Worldview Weekend

Which of the two categories more closely describes your political leanings? Conservative

Which political party and candidate are you most likely to support in an election? Republican
Green Party
Socialist Party
Libertarian Party