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Worldview Weekend-TV Presents: Astronomy and Comets With Mike Riddle

Astronomy and Comets In this video Danny Faulkner (Ph.D. Astronomy) answers the following questions. What are comets? What makes up a comet? How do comets differ from meteors? How fast do comets travel? Why are comets good evidence for a young earth and solar system? Dr. Faulkner concludes by addressing the issue of star formation and why stars do not form by naturalistic processes.

Mike Riddle

Mike Riddle – President of CTI & Education Specialist

Mike is an international speaker and educator on Christian education and apologetics. Mike is also an adjunct speaker for Answers in Genesis. He holds a degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in education and has been involved in creation ministry for more than thirty years. Prior to getting involved in creation ministry, Mike was a captain in the U.S. Marines and a national champion in track and field. Mike’s experience in the education field includes:

•Teaching  junior high and senior high school mathematics

•An instructor at the Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry and the Institute for Creation Research graduate school.

•Managing U.S. Sprint’s world-wide technical training

•Managing Microsoft’s world-wide engineer training

•Development and delivery of courses on presentation skills and teaching methods

Mike currently lectures and teaches world-wide on creation apologetics, Christian education, science and the Bible, and developing a biblical worldview. He resides in Northern Kentucky with his wife Lesley.