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Jesus versus Mohammed

Dr. Lutzer’s keynote presentation is based on his experience visiting the locations of the seven churches of Revelation. He’ll share the lessons we need to learn from these churches, which experienced significant conflict with Islam. He’ll answer questions such as: • Does Islam’s victory over these churches prove its superiority over Christianity, as they claim? • What options do Christians have if they live in a Muslim country? • What does this conflict mean to the future of Europe and America? There is no example in history where Muslims have given Christians equal rights. All Muslims who take the Koran seriously believe that they should work toward having a Caliphate, that is, the Muslim rule of the world. Clearly, our conflict with Islam is here to stay. Because Islam is also an ideology, only the church can confront the ideological/theological issues that are involved in this religion. Passivity is not an option so how should Christians respond is one of many questions Dr. Lutzer answers in this timely presentation.

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