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Freemasonry, Masonic Lodge and the Shriners: Are They Compatible with Biblical Christianity?

After hearing this presentation, several men in attendance repented of their involvement with the Masonic Lodge, cancelled their membership, and committed to returning home to reveal to their friends and family members the need to also reject the unbiblical teachings of the Masonic Lodge. In this presentation, that includes multiple graphics, Ron reveals the beliefs, doctrines, and rituals of the Masonic Lodge and the Shriners from their own authorities. Dr. Carlson has studied the original writings of these groups and through their own words and through Dr. Carlson's study of the Word of God, he reveals why no confessing Christian can take part in the works of darkness of these two groups. In this fast paced, graphically rich, presentation Dr. Carlson reveals the following: Their historical background, the Blue Lodge and initiation ceremony, the goal of a universal religion, the religion of morality and works, revival of the ancient mystery religions, their view of the Word of God and Jesus Christ, the secret password to Masonic deity, Masonic salvation versus God's truth in the Bible and finally the worldview of the Shriners. Hear the stories of church pastors, deacons and elders who have been members of the lodge and how their church ministry exploded when their leadership repented and rejected the false teaching of the Masonic Lodge. Hear the story of one church that sand blasted the Masonic symbol off their church after hearing this presentation.

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