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Dr. Erwin Lutzer: January 22, 2013

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The culture in the United States is one where the occult isn’t taken seriously. It’s glamorized in best-selling books, makes big money at the box office, and garners high ratings on television. But demonic influence is very real. In this message, Pastor Lutzer helps us see the dark side of “fantasy.”

Broadcast Archive

Islamic Misconceptions About the Bible (Program #23)

Jesus Isn’t Calling–Part 2 Mike and Steve continue to talk about the book “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. Could Jesus be personally giving messages to Sarah? Or have we received everything God wanted for us to know in the Bible?

A special Sunday edition of the Pulpit & Pen Program, FBC Woodstock and Johnny Hunt's security team escorts church member off property for "spewing hate" before he had chance to engage Ergun Caner. This happened earlier today, July 27 2014. In this special episode, JD interviews that church member about his treatment at the hands of FBC Woodstock and its leadership.

On today's edition of PTIB is a Middle East Up-date from Dave Dolan, as he talks with Jimmy DeYoung. These two will discuss the instillation of Ruveun Rivilin as the tenth President of the Jewish State of Israel. He comes to that leadership position at a crisis period in Israel. Jimmy and Dave will also discuss the recent Israeli poll that says that overwhelmingly the Israelis support the IDF invasion of the Gaza Strip to deal with Hamas and who is Has and what is their "end-game".

GLENN BECK, ISLAM & FRANCE Chris discusses a series of new stories including the assertion of Glenn Beck that Jesus was "probably" married to Mary Magdalene. This is the latest of Beck's departures from Biblical Christianity, yet he continues to be embraced as a leader among Evangelicals. Also discussed are the riots in Paris over the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Jews are beginning to abandon France as the hostility of the Muslim population grows against them. In Marseille (France's second largest city) it is reported that the Muslims have taken over and created the most dangerous city in Europe.

According to David, rocket attacks by Hamas have been taking place for six years with little Israeli response, so the movement into Gaza by Israel wasn't planned although the kidnapping of the three teenagers was a spark for a search. That search, however, was carried out to a great extent in the Hebron area of Judea whereas little was carried out in Gaza. So who is this group we keep hearing about that is known as Hamas? According to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Hamas is a humanitarian organization as has been explained to her by Qatar. That's no surprise because, as David noted, Qatar is a regime that has been one of the greatest sponsors of Hamas and Suni Muslim terrorism.

The sin nobody sees can light fires of lasting conflict. Covetousness is longing for what others have and is a recipe for ongoing discontent. God’s tenth commandment makes this clear.

This week on "Encounter God’s Truth," we begin a brand new series of messages from last fall’s Answers for Pastors conference at the Creation Museum. This is a great way to mark the end of our third year of broadcasting—and it is the perfect lead-in to another school year.
Sadly, most students will not hear the Biblical truth regarding origins when they go back to school. Will you and yours be the exception?
Host Wayne Shepherd and Bible teacher Dr. John Whitcomb—the co-author of the classic book that helped to launch the modern creationism movement, "The Genesis Flood"—will encourage you through this series that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end.
We want to thank all of our friends at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum for permission to bring you the presentations in this series.

Islamic Misconceptions About the Bible (Program #22)

Cutting It Straight With God's Word, part 2 In this program we continue our study in biblical hermeneutics by looking at four of the broad based attacks on Scripture: Higher Critical, Cultural, Cultic and Hypocritical attacks. We will define them and talk about how they are manifested in both our society and churches. Then we will take a bit of a turn and we will talk about Sword Selection. In other words, which Bible translation should I use? There are so many translations out there from which to choose how do we know which ones are to be preferred and which ones are to be avoided? After all, before we can rightly interpret the Bible, we must begin with, well, the right Bible. So, let's choose our Swords!

Meet Samson: Feb by Lions, Married to a Cow (Judges 14-15)

Tom welcomes back his guest, Greg Durel, pastor of Heritage Bible Church in Gretna, Louisiana, and also one of the original speakers, along with Tom McMahon and Dave Hunt, of Reaching Catholics for Christ. Tom and Greg discuss some of the crucial differences between Catholicism and true Christianity.

Last week marked the 70th anniversary of the July 20 plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944, as portrayed in the 2009 movie, “Valkryie,” starring Tom Cruise. John’s extended boralogue explains how the plot and those connected with it are indicative of why religion and politics cannot help but mix in one way or another, and why it is essential to correct things when the politicians have become immoral. Michael Connelly from the United States Justice Foundation ( continues his exposition of the the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. This week, the third amendment is up for examination. Then the global focus is on Israel and Gaza again. As usual, the world’s media and United Nations crawl out of the woodwork to denounce Israel. We’ll examine how Israel went from being a global underdog to a pariah in just 40 years. Joshua Muravchik from Johns Hopkins University is author of the book, Making David Into Goliath: How the World turned Against Israel. Many people have been wondering what has formed President Obama’s attitudes toward the Middle East. Raymond Ibrahim ( says a secret presidential directive revealed under a Freedom of Information Act request may shed some light on that.

Testimonies on Scripture Memorization Part 1

A Model for Christian Education: In this interview with Doug Rolfe, Mike and Doug discuss a model for Christian education that is highly successful. Doug talks about the recent course he attended called Creation Apologetics Teachers College and how it has better prepared him to be a teacher and evangelist. Mike and Doug discuss the techniques used in the course that made it a success. Also included is the announcement for the 2015 offering of the Creation Apologetics Teachers College.

Goodbye Corinth–Part 1 The book of 1 Corinthians comes to a close as Pastor Mike Abendroth preaches part 1 in the final sermon of the series. Pastor Mike asks you 6 questions to help you understand Paul’s final exhortation. Please open your Bible to 1 Corinthians 16 and follow along.


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