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Dr. Erwin Lutzer: January 22, 2013

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The culture in the United States is one where the occult isn’t taken seriously. It’s glamorized in best-selling books, makes big money at the box office, and garners high ratings on television. But demonic influence is very real. In this message, Pastor Lutzer helps us see the dark side of “fantasy.”

Broadcast Archive

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #95)

Justin Peters Interview Pastor Mike interviews Justin Peters on today’s show. Listen in as Justin shares his testimony and talks about his ministry, conversion, and Cerebral Palsy. Check out

We are at that time when the four "blood moons" are to appear in the sky all across the world and Jimmy DeYoung has his Broadcast Partner, Dave James, on the broadcast to find out what is a "blood moon"; are these really signs for the end times and is it dangerous to teach what may well be false doctrine that is being taught to the Church.

Organizations like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics at UW Madison (AHA), the media and similar groups may not realize it, but they're continuing this tradition of mockery to their own detriment. If God doesn't exist in their view, why are they so upset? How can we be more verbal and effective in order to reach the mockers with the love of Christ in this dark world? Find out how listeners responded across the nation when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

After Jonah preached, he got angry and depressed. God then sent a sequence of events to teach the wayward prophet some pointed object lessons. We will meet a plant, a worm and a scorching east wind.

Guest: Dr. John Whitcomb joins us for Ask Dr. John. Question: Is Moses referring to an actual speech impediment in Ex. 4:10? Or does Moses mean that he does not speak the Hebrew language very well because he was brought up by the Egyptians and was fluent mostly in their language? Would this be why Aaron does so much speaking? Question: What would have happened if the Jewish people had accepted Jesus as their King on Palm Sunday? Question: How could Jesus be forsaken by God (Mark 15:34)? Question: Can the doctrine of the resurrection be found in the Old Testament? Question: I have heard many Christians call the brothers of Jesus half-brothers, but that is confusing to me. Jesus’ actual conception did not come from one of Mary's eggs if I understand correctly. Can you shed some light on the terminology? Question: Why were portions of the Old Testament written in Aramaic? Question: How important is it to learn the Biblical languages? Question: What criteria should a young person use to evaluate Christian colleges? Question: Is there a distinction between the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation? Question: How do you understand the problem of evil?

GIDEON'S FLEECE Chris continues his teaching on the story of Gideon, and how he sought the Lord for reassurance before going to battle against the ancient Midianites. The story itself provides powerful insights for believers, and for our nation as a whole. Even as the Israelites turned aside from the commandments of God, and worshiped idols -- is this a picture of what has happened to America? Is repentance for our nation possible? If so, we will surely find the means of obtaining God's help and assurance through the Holy Scriptures.

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #94)

Arguing In Church: Tuesday can only mean one thing–Tuesday Guy is in the NoCo studios! Today, Pastor Mike and Pastor Steve examine an article by Tom Rainer, from The Christian Post, titled “10 Common Topics for Church Member Arguments.”

On this episode, JD begins with a message recently preached, entitled "Even Now, The Ax is Laid to the Root." He then moves on to a David Hankins-Joe Aguillard update and addresses "Christian Sex Witnessing" in the Daily #DOWNGRADE.

Known as the Heartbleed bug, it raises some interesting questions. For example: Why didn't the government warn the public about this? Is it possible that the NSA exploited this? Is your personal information with the IRS really safe? Find out the answers to these and other questions along with what you should do to keep your personal information safe.

On today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two Broadcast Partners, Winkie Medad and Steve Herzig. Winkie will report on a Passover sacrifice that took place in Jerusalem, Israel, not on the Temple Mount but just off that very sacred piece of real estate. Steve will give us great insight into the first of the Jewish Feast, the Passover.

Jonah finally obeyed God, but he took no joy in the revival following his preaching in Ninevah. His self-focus kept him from seeing the big picture. Instead, he sat down and asked God to end his life.

Guest: Dr. Tommy Ice. Expert Tommy Ice reveals why people using Joel 2 to claim the blood moons of 2014 and 2015 are prophetic signs are 100% wrong. We also hear from an astrophysicist with Institute for Creation Research. Tommy Ice explained why talk show hosts and authors look silly when they act like the blood moon is some kind of warning or harbinger of things to come. Topic: What are the different meanings of the term last days? Topic: 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is a controversial passage and some theologians believe the falling away that is discussed is the apostasy of the tribulation and others believe it is the rapture. How could two be confused and what is going on in the text that causes experts in Greek to disagree. This is a very interesting conversation about an often quoted text.

Some of God’s servants have to go to the school of hard knocks before they learn to obey God from the heart. Jonah finally went to Ninevah with a hard heart; he had no real concern for the people of this great pagan city.

Punished For Peach (Isaiah 53:2-6)


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