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Dr. Erwin Lutzer: January 22, 2013

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The culture in the United States is one where the occult isn’t taken seriously. It’s glamorized in best-selling books, makes big money at the box office, and garners high ratings on television. But demonic influence is very real. In this message, Pastor Lutzer helps us see the dark side of “fantasy.”

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Run From Joyce Meyer: Do you or someone you know listen to Joyce Meyer? We would encourage you to closely investigate what she teaches compared to the Bible. Pastor Mike and Steve examine her ministry on today’s show.

On today's program, JD starts with an advertisement from a bridal magazine highlighting "11 Maternity Wedding Gowns Designed to Flaunt Your Baby Bump." He then moves on to a megachurch pastor who says he was "nudged by Jesus" to change his views on human sexuality, endorsing gay "marriage" and then moves on the Matthew Vines' "gay christian" book being published by a Christian book publisher. Then, JD talks about the marijuana -holiday (4-20) falling on Easter and some churches preaching pot-themed Easter sermons and then covers "Mystery Church Guests" being paid $45 to visit churches and critique the worship experience.

On today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung talks with Winkie Medad in Jerusalem, Israel, about the violence on the Temple Mount caused by the Palestinian Islamic terrorist; effort to perform a "Passover sacrifice" on the Temple Mount; "Priestly blessings" offered at the Western Wall to thousands and Hamas is trying to make the Temple Mount a "city-state" under their control.

Mark began by noting that it was Elihu, one of Job’s friends who said, For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. So Mark decided to have his adult Sunday school class look at some of the triples from the Bible. What began as a 2 or 3 week curiosity turned into a 6 month adventure.

Money can be our idol, and we can be its worshipers. God wants to break the stranglehold money has on our hearts, and the key is giving in secret.

EASTER, SPURGEON & THE ANTICHRIST Chris discusses the origins of the word "Easter" and how it is often traced to a pagan goddess from the ancient world. But is that the whole story? An interesting article from Answers in Genesis proposes an alternative history of the word, tracing its root to the German word for "resurrection." Also discussed is a devotion from Charles Spurgeon who warned in the 19th century of the effort to "restore the Antichrist to his ancient seat." Exactly what did he mean?

Jesus' Offer to Israel (Luke 19:28-44)

Tom and TBC staff member Mark Dinsmore discuss in detail some of the aberrant teachings, such as Sozo and Theophostic Prayer, that are deceiving pastors and their flocks everywhere.

The Privilege Of Evangelism–Part 1 If God has saved you, you likely have a deep burden for the lost. It is an honor to proclaim the good news of the gospel that saves sinners. On today’s show, Pastor Mike preaches a sermon from Acts 17 on evangelism.

One of the greatest mysteries in life is how anyone could come to a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and then depart from Him. Judas is the classic example of an apostate - one who abandons the faith he once held. Judas walked and lived with the Son of God for over three years, a royal privilege granted to only 11 other men. Yet after witnessing the Messiah's sinless life, seeing His miracles, experiencing His divine power and hearing His profound wisdom, Judas betrayed Him. In today’s program we want to discuss the fatal sin of apostasy. What are the Primary Cause of Apostasy? How long has apostasy been a part of Christianity? Clearly from looking at church history apostasy does not happen over night. What is the process of a person or institution drifting into apostasy?

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #98)

Vision and a Strategy Today the church is out-numbered, out-financed, and surrounded. The church is being attacked on four fronts by four powerful movements. • Modernism • Postmodernism • Gay rights • Apostasy in the church In addition, our freedoms as individuals and as a nation are being forfeited. In this session Mike discusses his vision how we can fight back and protect our freedoms.

Most of you have probably heard of Elizabeth Elliott who was the wife of Jim Elliott. Jim Elliott was one of five missionaries who was killed in Ecuador by the Acua Indians. Elizabeth Elliott has gone through some tremendous trials in her life, not only the loss of one husband, but two. Even at the date of this writing, she is suffering with Alzheimer’s. She has certainly been a role model of suffering for all of us to follow. She once said something that I have never forgotten, she said, “No suffering is wasted.” No suffering is wasted, do you believe that? Peter did! He believed there is a purpose to suffering, to persecution, and he ends his letter by sharing with his readers just what that purpose is. We have come to the end of Peter’s letter to these persecuted Christians, and see Peter, the apostle of hope, end on a hopeful note, as he reminds his readers that God is in control. This is a hopeful end, and a great way to end his letter to these readers. Let’s read these words together. In our lesson, we will cover the verses 10-14 of chapter five. This lesson will be a great source of encouragement as Peter gives his readers six reasons to retain a hopeful attitude under fiery trials, and they all with start with the letter G. Join us as we finish this wonderful epistle of 1 Peter together!

irst time in a while Eastern and Western dates for Easter fall on the same date. Most people don’t get mad for no reason. So why then are so many farmers, ranchers, and property holders fuming at the Bureau of Land Management and other government agencies? John’s boralogue points out that understanding what’s at stake at different levels of reality from environmental to financial makes it easy to understand why. Then we’ll continue this thread in a spirited discussion with James Simpson (, who details all the financial dealings surrounding the Bundy ranch issue in Nevada. It’s far more than the mainline media reported. Next, after Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, we posed the possibility of using an airplane to deliver a homemade nuclear bomb. Of course one should ask if that’s really feasible? Robert Gleason, author of The Nuclear Terrorist (, says sadly so, especially since security around the world’s nuclear facilities is appallingly weak, making the theft of uranium and plutonium easy to accomplish.

On today's episode, JD begins with an update the dismissal of Caner's lawsuit WITH PREJUDICE against Jason Smathers, and he replays a short snippet from his previous interview with Jason Smathers on the subject. He then discuss a new post at Pulpit & Pen regarding nine questions for Peter Lumpkins entitled, "Leaving the Lumpkins." JD then plays portion of a video of Jacob Schrock (posted by Phil Johnson) criticizing John MacArthur and covers Rick Warren's Easter advertisement in the Daily #DOWNGRADE.

Show 70 - Heaven is for Real part 2 Heaven is for Real opened this past Wednesday night, April 16, at the number 1 spot in the Box Office. The book has sold over 10 million copies. Since my program last week I have listened to new interviews of Todd and Colton Burpo and I think it needful to revisit the issue. There was much left on the table. In this program I will play new audio clips from the Burpo family and point out logical and theological errors. You will hear Colton Burpo inadvertently pit God the Father against God the Son. Is anybody listening? Where are the prominent evangelical leaders who should be speaking out against this? Why is LifeWay promoting this and opening its customers to this deception? Go to YouTube and search "Hannity" and "Burpo" and watch the interview. How, after watching this interview, could anyone believe Colton Burpo is telling the truth? You may hear me get more impassioned than what is customary for me but I am grieved by this. I am grieved that so many people are being deceived. I am grieved that LifeWay - an organization led by men who should know better - are exposing their customers to spiritual peril. I am grieved, first and foremost, that God is being blasphemed.


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