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Dr. Erwin Lutzer: January 22, 2013

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The culture in the United States is one where the occult isn’t taken seriously. It’s glamorized in best-selling books, makes big money at the box office, and garners high ratings on television. But demonic influence is very real. In this message, Pastor Lutzer helps us see the dark side of “fantasy.”

Broadcast Archive

Sovereignty and Responsibility–Part 3
How can God be sovereign over salvation, but mankind responsible? What is TULIP? Is God the author of sin? Does He ordain everything including evil? Pastor Mike continues discussing these topics on today’s show.

On today's program, JD answers two questions; one about theological labels and another about the church constitutions. Then, a special Voice in the Wilderness segment from P&P contributer, Kofi Adu-Boahen in London.

Islam Faith and History (Part One)

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung talks with Dr. Rennie Showers, focusing on a very interesting issue. The issue, was Jesus ever married. Recently in the Jerusalem Post there was an article discussing the merits of the "Lost Gospel", an ancient manuscript that reported that Jesus was married and that He had children. Dr. Showers is an expert on "life of Christ" and also on "church history" and will speak to the subject.

Chris discusses the book of Psalms and its many promises of deliverance for those who put faith in God. While the Scripture tells us that in the world we will face many troubles (Psalm 34:19), yet the Lord promises to deliver His people from the hand of all their enemies, and from every trial.

Vic began by describing a recent meat-cleaver attack on worshippers in a synagogue by Palestinian terrorists. Why did CNN call it a deadly attack on a Jerusalem mosque? Why did another source allege that 4 Israeli's and 2 Palestinians were dead in Jerusalem without saying who the Palestinians were when in fact, they were the attackers?

Joining Vic to discuss this was David Rubin. David is a former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, in the region of Samaria, known to most as the West Bank. He is the founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund dedicated to healing the trauma of children who have been victims of terrorists attacks as well as rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel. He is author of Peace for Peace: Israel in the New Middle East and The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama.

Topic: Part Two: An in-depth look at the worldview of Charles Finney. As we discussed in a previous program, Charles Finney has influenced evangelicalism in many ways including altar calls, long and manipulative services, the church as a political and moralizing organization and the rejection of major Biblical doctrines. In this program Brannon quotes directly from the writings of Finney that reveal that he rejected the doctrine of original sin, imputation, and justification by faith. Brannon quotes numerous verses to document the biblical doctrines that Finney rejected. Topic: We take your calls.

Juvy Christianity
What should you look for in a youth ministry? Should it be fun, exciting, and relevant? Pastor Mike discusses this important topic on today’s show.

On today's program, JD discusses multiple topics, including a Southern Baptist pastor who said that members desiring to be taught doctrine are the "excrement of the church." He also discusses Rick Warren calling the Pope "Holy Father" and a woman interrupting the Muslim worship service at the National Cathedral.

The nation is reeling from statements made by Jonathan Gruber, the chief architect of Obamacare, revealing that lies and deception, lack of transparency, and stupidity of the American people were critical to the passage of the health care law.  All of this comes forward as enrollment in Obamacare has begun.

Jesus looked on Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives and wept over the destruction He knew the Romans would soon bring. Centuries earlier, the prophet Jeremiah wept when the city was destroyed. Do we weep for our nation, soon to feel judgment?

On PTIB today we have two of Jimmy DeYoung's Broadcast Partners who will focus on Europe. Dr. Don DeYoung will give us a report of the European Space Probe that landed on a "comet" in outer space after a ten year journey. But first, Dr. Rob Congdon has a European Union Up-date that will include a discussion on Russian President Putin who the EU says is trying to intimidate NATO.

Part Three on Finney: Do you know that Charles Finney was one of the first promoters of feminism and women preachers within evangelicalism? Do you know that Charles Finny greatly influenced Catherine Booth, one of the leaders of the Salvation Army that was also a feminist that pushed for women preachers within evangelicalism and was a female preacher herself? Topic: How Charles Finney was really pushing Word of Faith theology before even Word of Faith theology was known. Topic: We take your calls.

Should believers living under national judgment circle the wagons and live off the grid, or engage their flawed culture with enthusiasm? The surprising answer comes from God’s instructions to captive Judah living in Babylon.

How the word inerrancy was brought forth within evangelicalism but is now being rejected by evangelicalism. How has the role of pastor changed over the past years?

When the judgment of God falls, things we hold dear are often laid waste. The city of Jerusalem with its temple was ransacked and looted by invading armies whose actions were within the plan and will of God.


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