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Brannon Howse: Aired December 19, 2012

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Brannon’s guest is Pastor Parker Reardon who pastors Newtown Bible Church just three minutes from the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut where 6 adults and 20 children were murdered last week. Pastor Reardon reports that he was interviewed live by CNBC and stated that President Obama’s focus on gun control was the wrong focus and it should be the depraved heart of man. Pastor Reardon reports that his interview was scrubbed. Reardon’s associate pastor Joey was in the firehouse when the parents were officially told their children had perished. How did most of the local clergy respond? Pastor Reardon also talks about how he and his church are passing out tracks as well as copies of the book by John MacArthur, “Save in the Arms of God.” Reardon talks about the difficulty in pastoring in this part of the country and challenges our radio audience to use all occasion to proclaim the gospel. We take your calls and our phone lines light up.

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Islamic Misconceptions in the Book of Deuteronomy (program #2)

Am I A Fundamentalist? Tuesday Guy anchors today’s show. Pastor Steve examines an article titled “Top Ten Signs You’re A Fundamentalist (Christian).” Is this article rooted in Biblical ideas? Listen in to find out?

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung talks with Col. Bob Maginnis about his reflections on 9-11, 13 years ago, the attack on the Pentagon. They will also discuss the speech by President Obama, which was the announcement of the effort to discredit and destroy the Islamic State. Bob doesn't believe the plan will work, especially since the President told the enemy that he would authorize the use of ground troops.

Grace Mally has been involved in youth discipleship ministry. She and her family have a ministry called Tomorrow's Forefathers, with the goal of equipping families to be grounded in the Word and fruitful for Christ's kingdom. She, along with her older siblings coauthored, 'Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends'. She also enjoys arranging witnessing and outreach events in her community and speaks at family conferences. Her latest book is, 'Will Our Generation Speak? A Call to be Bold with the Gospel'. Grace began by noting how the Bible says all of us are responsible for communicating the gospel so no one can say we don't have the gift to share God's Word. Nonetheless, many Christians have concerns about their part in this process. For example, someone might say... “I just can't do it.” Or maybe your response might be, “I don't have the right personality for this.” Gospel sharing is not dependent upon personality but obedience. In fact, as Grace noted, sometimes a quiet person is actually a very effective witness for the gospel because such individuals tend to listen, and are calm and natural with people.

Sooner or later, we all experience suffering. But believers have the promise that suffering for the sake of Jesus will be rewarded. Today Pastor Lutzer gives another lesson on why nothing else matters but the glory of God, especially when we’re in pain.

Guests: Usama Dakdok and Mike Gendron. Topic: Saudi Arabia arrests Christians including women and children at church with their Bibles. Topic: Pope Francis says that those that do not see Mary as their mother are orphans. Topic: Pope Francis and former president of Israel discuss united world religions. Topic: Pope Francis marries copies that were cohabitating. Topic: We take your calls.

In today's program we will look at two more common errors people make in interpreting Scripture. First is the error of Spiritualizing - reading a truth into a text that is not supported by that text. For example, is the Song of Solomon a metaphor for Christ's love for the church? The second error we will examine is that of Culturalizing. For example, when the Bible condemns homosexuality and appears to limit positions of spiritual leadership in the church to men, is that really binding today or does it merely reflect the culture of biblical days and is, therefore, no longer relevant as some claim?

The Beginning of a Letter from a Father to a Son I Timothy 1.1-2

Tom welcomes his guest Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries. Today’s discussion involves UFOs and extraterrestrials: Are they real? What are they? Should we witness to them? Should we fear them? In this two-part program Tom and Mike hash out some troubling conclusions that are drawn even by many Christians concerning this phenomenon.

Islamic Misconceptions in the Book of Deuteronomy (program #1)

Mike interviews Dan Biddle (Ph.D.) and Dave Bisbee from Genesis Apologetics In this session, two creation speakers and teachers, Dan Biddle (Ph.D.) and Dave Bisbee answer some important questions about our youth. • What are they being taught and how are they responding? • When do students begin to have doubts about the Bible and why? • Why is it important to teach a young earth? • Is there any scientific evidence we can teach our youth that supports a young earth? • How can parents help our youth trust the Bible?

Faith Without Works–Part 2 Listen in as Pastor Mike continues this recent sermon given at Bethlehem Bible Church in West Boylston, MA. What is the relationship between “faith” and “works”? Is it possible to have faith without works? Do you have faith? More importantly, do you have saving faith? Pastor Mike examines what true faith really is as he preaches a sermon from James 2:14-26.

We’ve often said that political correctness is killing us and it is. Recall that PC doesn’t care whether something is true or not; it just tests to see if what is being said or done matches PC orthodoxy. John’s boralogue details how political correctness in Great Britain allowed the rapes of 1,400 young women to go unstopped for over a decade. It’s a major scandal in that country but our media have ignored it. Speaking of political correctness, with fall “falling” on the nation again, new students are flooding onto college campuses, where orientation sessions should actually be designated indoctrination courses. Jennifer Kabbany from debuts to describe some of the nonsense roaring around colleges today. Then Mark Nestman ( explains how U.S. FACTA laws which went into effect on July 1, 2014, are seriously crippling the ability of U.S. citizens to live or work abroad. We’re the only country in the world to impose this kind of onerous regulation on foreign banks. Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly from the United States Justice Foundation provides his weekly commentary on the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, focusing on Amendment #7 this week. As the Internal Revenue Service continues to “lose” more emails related to a scandal where it allegedly targeted conservative organizations to harass them, it seems an even greater scandal has been underway in Wisconsin, where prosecutors are accused of trumping up charges against conservative politicians in order to defame them and defeat them in elections. Professor William Jacobson is a law professor at Cornell University and publisher of The Legal Insurrection blog. Finally we’ll shift gears. Oftentimes Christians and pastors say very silly things when discussing theological issues because they are ignorant of church history and the decisions of previous generations. We’ll have an interesting conversation with church history professor Dr. Robert Rea, Ph.D., about this subject as he delineates themes from his new book, Why Church History Matters - An Invitation to Love and Learn from Our Past.

On today's episode, JD discusses a new social media challenge, "Burn White Jesus." Then, he discusses John Kerry and President Obama's assertion that ISIS is not Islamic, and then plays a clip from Bill Maher about Islam and gives his thoughts. JD also discusses a Roman Catholic cardinal who claims that Mohammad was a true prophet of God, and then a Spurgeon Calling segment.

The First Last Supper (Text: Mark 14:22-26)

This week on "Encounter God’s Truth,” host Wayne Shepherd introduces a discussion between author and Bible teacher Dr. John Whitcomb and Answers in Genesis founder and president Ken Ham called, "An Evening with Creation Apologetic Pioneers." They open by talking about issues such as the importance of Biblical authority in the midst of contemporary attacks against it, as well as the historical background to the modern Biblical creationism movement. Moderated by Steve Ham, the senior director of outreach for Answers in Genesis, this dialogue reminds us that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end. It is part of our series called “Creation Apologetics.” Whitcomb Ministries thanks Answers in Genesis for permission to bring you the audio in this program.


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