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Brannon Howse: Aired December 19, 2012

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Brannon’s guest is Pastor Parker Reardon who pastors Newtown Bible Church just three minutes from the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut where 6 adults and 20 children were murdered last week. Pastor Reardon reports that he was interviewed live by CNBC and stated that President Obama’s focus on gun control was the wrong focus and it should be the depraved heart of man. Pastor Reardon reports that his interview was scrubbed. Reardon’s associate pastor Joey was in the firehouse when the parents were officially told their children had perished. How did most of the local clergy respond? Pastor Reardon also talks about how he and his church are passing out tracks as well as copies of the book by John MacArthur, “Save in the Arms of God.” Reardon talks about the difficulty in pastoring in this part of the country and challenges our radio audience to use all occasion to proclaim the gospel. We take your calls and our phone lines light up.

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On today's episode, JD begins with an update the dismissal of Caner's lawsuit WITH PREJUDICE against Jason Smathers, and he replays a short snippet from his previous interview with Jason Smathers on the subject. He then discuss a new post at Pulpit & Pen regarding nine questions for Peter Lumpkins entitled, "Leaving the Lumpkins." JD then plays portion of a video of Jacob Schrock (posted by Phil Johnson) criticizing John MacArthur and covers Rick Warren's Easter advertisement in the Daily #DOWNGRADE.

Show 70 - Heaven is for Real part 2 Heaven is for Real opened this past Wednesday night, April 16, at the number 1 spot in the Box Office. The book has sold over 10 million copies. Since my program last week I have listened to new interviews of Todd and Colton Burpo and I think it needful to revisit the issue. There was much left on the table. In this program I will play new audio clips from the Burpo family and point out logical and theological errors. You will hear Colton Burpo inadvertently pit God the Father against God the Son. Is anybody listening? Where are the prominent evangelical leaders who should be speaking out against this? Why is LifeWay promoting this and opening its customers to this deception? Go to YouTube and search "Hannity" and "Burpo" and watch the interview. How, after watching this interview, could anyone believe Colton Burpo is telling the truth? You may hear me get more impassioned than what is customary for me but I am grieved by this. I am grieved that so many people are being deceived. I am grieved that LifeWay - an organization led by men who should know better - are exposing their customers to spiritual peril. I am grieved, first and foremost, that God is being blasphemed.

VATICAN, UKRAINE & EAGLE'S WINGS Chris discusses a variety of topics including an update on the involvement of Rome in the Ukraine. What is the Vatican's interest? Is the current conflict based on a centuries-old enmity between Rome and the Orthodox Church? Also, numerous news outlets report that Vladimir Putin is a professing "Christian" who has vowed to protect Christianity throughout the world. Is there any truth to this? Also discussed is the promise of God in Isaiah that those who wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings like eagles. What does this mean for our time?

With God, we can safely entrust any secret. In fact, there are four secrets He wants us to share with Him. When we do, we will experience some life-changing results.

We have two of our Broadcast Partner's on PTIB today who will be interviewed by Jimmy DeYoung. Jim Jr, who is in Hungary teaching Revelation to students from 12 different countries, has an announcement about our latest DVD documentary, "Rome Rising". But first Jimmy talks with Dr Rob Cogdon with a European Union Up-date, with a focus on the Crisis in the Ukraine.

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #97)

Divorce: The Word of God is important. What does the Bible say about divorce and remairrage? How can we think Biblically about divorce? Is unbiblical divorce a forgivable sin? Listen in to find out!

On Today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung talks with Ken Timmerman about geo-political events happening around our world. From his vantage point in the Washington area Ken has great insight into many current events, like The Supreme Leader of Iran saying that they will never give up their nuclear program; Russia and Iran are working on an "oil deal" that will very profitable to all concerned; NATO has warned Russia to leave the Ukraine alone and a Russian military delegation made a visit to Egypt, even as a military leader is running for President of Egypt.

--New IRS documents reveal that Lois Lerner colluded with the IRS to create special hurdles for conservative groups. --GOP steps up demand for documents related to the White House involvement in the botched healthcare exchange roll-out. --Republican lawmaker introduces legislation that would cut off the pay of Eric Holder and other federal officials who have been held in contempt of Congress. --Justina Pelletier alleges in a letter that she's being tortured while under the care of the Massachusetts Department of Child and Families

“I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. I have the keys of Death and of Hades.” The glorified Jesus spoke these words as revealed in the book of Revelation. Today – a celebration of the risen Christ.

Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: Brannon explains why he does not celebrate Easter but Resurrection Sunday. Topic: Passover - Israel on high security alert as violence breaks out on the Temple Mount. Topic: Christian pilgrims arrive for Easter celebration - Jerusalem is very crowded. Topic: Netanyahu and Putin discuss the Ukraine situation to the dismay of the US. Topic: Hamas seems to have claimed theTemple Mount as their own city-state. Topic: We take your calls.

Guest: Mike Gendron. Topic: Tony Palmer is an Ecumenical officer with a Catholic delegation and he says he has been mentored by Pope Francis and Kenneth Copeland. Hear the audio of Tony Palmer saying that those that are opposed to the ecumenical movement are spiritual racists. Topic: Hear Palmer say the reason the protest of Luther is over is because the Catholic Church signed the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification in 1999. What does this document say? Why does this document not mean the Church of Rome is committed to the Biblical doctrine of justification? Topic: What is the Biblical definition of justification? Topic: We take your calls.

Today on PTIB we have a Middle East News Up-date as Jimmy DeYoung talks with Dave Dolan about issues coming out of the Middle East region. These two journalist will discuss the high security alert in Israel because of the Passover holy days; John Kerry has blamed the Israelis for the failure in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks; Israel has a new satellite that can gather intelligences information from everywhere, including Iran and Hamas has called on the Palestinian Authority to unleash an "armed struggle" against Israel.

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #96)

Rick Warren And The Goal Of… On today’s show Pastor Mike talks about the “Communion Burger” and an article by Rick Warren titled “The Aim of Preaching…” What are the major issues with this burger and article? Listen in to find out!


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