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Brannon Howse: Aired December 19, 2012

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Brannon’s guest is Pastor Parker Reardon who pastors Newtown Bible Church just three minutes from the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut where 6 adults and 20 children were murdered last week. Pastor Reardon reports that he was interviewed live by CNBC and stated that President Obama’s focus on gun control was the wrong focus and it should be the depraved heart of man. Pastor Reardon reports that his interview was scrubbed. Reardon’s associate pastor Joey was in the firehouse when the parents were officially told their children had perished. How did most of the local clergy respond? Pastor Reardon also talks about how he and his church are passing out tracks as well as copies of the book by John MacArthur, “Save in the Arms of God.” Reardon talks about the difficulty in pastoring in this part of the country and challenges our radio audience to use all occasion to proclaim the gospel. We take your calls and our phone lines light up.

Broadcast Archive

Last evening a grand jury came to the conclusion that Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed teenager Michael Brown, will not face criminal charges. Vic noted that during the initial unrest, 75% of the the arrests indicated that a majority of the people who came to protest were from outside the Ferguson area. Last evening, however, the majority of the arrests were people from the Ferguson area. Vic then went on to show how the media has irritated the situation by including key words in their headlines. He specifically read one headline that had inflammatory words related to race and a lack of firearms possession. Other elements to this story that were mentioned include the response to the decision from Brown's parents, comments from President Obama and action taken by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

Islam Faith and History (Part Three)

On today's program, JD discusses Doug Wilson's article opining on Russell Moore's "toasting to gay marriage." He then further critiques Soteriology 101.

Beginning with some biblical instruction concerning Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Vic came to a point that is critical to understanding the main thrust of this Crosstalk. Vic qoted from 1 Kings 18 where it says, "And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word." Vic then asked if things aren't that way now as people are being challenged to make that decision and they remain in the valley of decision. This would seem to be the case, even at the highest levels of our government, as beginning with words of adulation from Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey (and an introduction by Speaker of the House John Boehner), Imam Hamad Ahmad Chebli of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey took to the House floor. He delivered a prayer declaring Allah as the most gracious, the most merciful, the sustainer of the world, the master of the day of judgment. Vic played the audio cut of the Imam and then took calls from Crosstalk listeners to gauge their response to this prayer of blasphemy against Almighty God.

Tomek Krazek Interview–Part 2
Pastor Mike continues to interview pastor and missionary Tomek Krazek. They continue to discuss the spiritual climate of Poland, Tomek’s testimony and church, and various other topics.

On today's program, JD gets caught up on sincere questions and Biblical answers.

Islam Faith and History (Part Three)

On PTIB today we will have a Middle East News Up-date from Dave Dolan as he talks with Jimmy DeYoung. These two journalist will discuss the aftermath of the "synagogue slaughter" that happened last week in Jerusalem; the terrorist plot to assassinate the Foreign Minister of Israel, and other Israeli political leaders; Iranian nuclear talks have been extended and Iran is saying they will flood the Gaza Strip with hundreds of thousands of Iranian fighters.

When the government commands one thing and the Bible commands the opposite, what do we do? The answer is not always clear, since we are called to obey those who rule over us. How four men handled this in ancient Babylon can give us guidance.

Ask Dr. John with Dr. John Whitcomb. Question: Please explain what the Gap Theory is and why it is not Scriptural. Question: Please explain the "olive tree" in Romans 11:19-24. I am wondering about the “grafted” branches being able to be “cut off.” Question: Can you please help me understand the qualifications for pastors in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1? Question: There is a position espoused at my church that takes a middle ground position on the sign gifts. The pastor is unwilling to believe that 95 percent of the reported sign gifts today are authentic—especially in places where the gospel and the church is well established, such as in the United States. He does believe that the sign gifts may be used in frontier church planting situations among the first generation of believers. Once a church matures, the greatest sign of God’s presence is love. Is there a danger in taking this position? Question: What is a good way to study the differences or similarities between the coming millennial kingdom and the Kingdom of God that applies to all saints (OT and NT) even outside of the coming thousand-year kingdom? Question: I have a friend who is being led astray by teachers who use Scripture to promise that speaking the name of Christ will bring healing. He has spent week-long seminars on retreats about this topic and it is affecting his marriage now, and his family is attending many different churches—partially because of this issue. What should I tell him? Question: What forms should we expect apostasy to take in these last days? Question: What are some of the most important lessons from the Pilgrims?

Tuesday Guy Pontificates
@TuesdayGuy now has a working microphone and is teaching a new Sunday School class. “Shut Door” Theology, The Message, J. Gresham Machen, and an article titled “1 in 4 Pastors Have Struggled with Mental Illness, Finds LifeWay and Focus on the Family” are the major topics discusses between Pastor Mike and Pastor Steve on today’s show.

We go to the Washington, D.C., area for today's PTIB as Jimmy DeYoung talks with Ken Timmerman who will give us a report on the geo-political events happening in our world. These two journalist will discuss the Iranian Nuclear talks: if these talks are extended is this good or bad; Iranian leaders say they will flood the Gaza Strip with a million Iranian fighters and did the CIA blunder with the real count of the fighters in Islamic State, as compared to the report of over 200.000 fighters, reported by the leader of the Kurdish fighters.

Topic: Is church membership in the Bible? Well, that depends on what you mean by church membership. Are Christians being unbiblical if they do not sign a form and join a 501-C3 corporation known as a church? Let us look at the Bible on this topic. Topic: In an article a columnist states that churches should not just let someone up and leave a church but that it might actually be more Biblical to require that the church leadership and even church members vote as to whether someone can remove their name from the church role. Why is this not only extra-Biblical but perhaps extra-creepy and even controlling and arrogant on the part of church leaders who don’t want you to resign because they might actually want the opportunity to excommunicate you and if you resign your membership they miss that opportunity? Why does this sound like junior high behavior? Topic: Why is church discipline not hindered by someone requesting to have their name take off the church membership list? Topic: We take your calls.

Christians in America are rapidly becoming like Daniel and his friends in Babylon. The Christian life is out of sync with our pagan environment. How do we reconcile what we believe with what we must do in order to live in such a culture?

Once, Christians were a dominant force in American culture. That day is no more. How do we live as a minority in a now-pagan culture? The surprising answers come from Jeremiah 29, where God tells captive Israel how to live in a faraway land.

Topic: Brannon takes the first half of the program to discuss the serious economic, social, and constitutional implications of the Executive Order by President Obama to give amnesty and Social Security numbers to over 5 million illegal immigrants. Brannon explains how you can largely thank many of the so-called evangelical and pro-family leaders that were pushing for amnesty and were using Scripture out of context to do so just as Obama did during his prime-time address to the nation. Some of the pro-family groups that were not pushing amnesty were at the very least giving credibility to many of those that were despite being warned not to do so. Topic: Brannon names the names to remind you of who he thinks should also be credited with the partial destruction of America that this action will bring long run. Topic: What Scripture did Obama use out of context to justify his illegal action and what is the correct context of the passage Obama misquoted? Topic: The country and evangelicalism is melting down while pro-family groups continue to feed the simpletons a heavy diet of silly moralizing e-mails concerning who is not saying Merry Christmas and whether TLC will continue to carry the Duggers. Yet, no mention by the pro-family industrial complex of the evangelicals that twisted scripture to guilt evangelicals into thinking they are unbiblical for being opposed to amnesty. Topic: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung joins us to discuss the Middle East. Topic: Synagogue slaughter brings back memories of the Holocaust and puts Israel on High Alert. Topic: A deadline for Iran’s nuclear deal draws close as Israel warns the world of a dangerous situation. Topic: Palestinians in Gaza Strip and in West Bank celebrate murders of Jews and call for more Jews to be killed. Topic: Israeli security forces uncover assassination plot on Israel’s Foreign Minister and other political leaders.


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