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How and Why You Must Host a Live Internet Worldview Weekend Seminar with Brannon Howse

E-mail us now at [email protected] to confirm your Live Internet Worldview Weekend Seminar with Brannon Howse

Worldview Weekend is pleased to offer your church, Bible study, Christian school, Sunday school class, or home-school group the opportunity to host a Live Internet Worldview Weekend Seminar with Brannon Howse. 

Worldview Weekend has hosted as many as fifty Worldview Weekend Conferences a year in cities throughout America. While that is a lot of cities, Worldview Weekend cannot accept all the invitations we receive. Brannon also must turn down most of the teaching invitations he receives because of the constraints of a daily radio program, weekly television program and most importantly because his wife and three children are his first ministry. 

Worldview Weekend has been waiting for many years for the internet technology to be developed that would allow us to offer a Live Internet Worldview Weekend Seminar. We are pleased to report that we have now conducted many such seminars via Skype. 

Another reason we want to offer this new ministry is because Worldview Weekend has become an international organization, thanks to the internet. On a daily basis we receive e-mails from people living in such places as Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America that listen to our daily radio program or stream one of our online videos. 

Many of our international friends want us to travel to their country to conduct our Biblical Worldview Weekend seminars. Until now, that has not been possible because of the reasons mentioned above. However, now we are able to fulfill most of these requests without leaving our home town. 

Please read the testimonials from two church leaders that have hosted a Live Internet Worldview Weekend Seminar with Brannon Howse and see how easy it is for you to host such a seminar for your church, Bible study group, home-school group, Christian school, Sunday school class, men's retreat or youth group. This training is so vital and yet so easy to offer that you may want to host such a seminar in your home and invite your family and friends. 

Plug your computer to a video projector and host a live seminar on a screen or plug your computer to a flat screen television in a class room or living room. Host a live seminar on a Sunday night, Wednesday night or whatever time is best for you. Since Brannon can offer this seminar from his home office, he can be very flexible so as to fit your schedule. 

Worldview Weekend is pleased to offer you a one time, one hour seminar with a question and answer session at the end of Brannon's teaching. In addition, we offer Biblical worldview training for three or four Sunday nights or Wednesday nights in a row. 

Christian schools and home-school groups can use this technology for Brannon to teach a weekly Biblical worldview class for several weeks or even for a quarter of the school year. 

As you can see, this technology allows small and large groups many options. Take the first step now and send us an e-mail with your questions or potential plans. Our e-mail address is[email protected] 

We look forward to working with you by offering this ministry of a Live Internet Worldview Weekend Seminar with Brannon Howse.


Pastor Jiovanne Del Cristo 
Living Word Church and Living Word Youth Ministries 
Miami, Florida 

Having Brannon speak to our group via Skype was both uplifting and spiritually refreshing. With all of the deceit, falsehoods and false gospels going around, it’s enough to confuse the masses and lead them down a path of sin. Brannon is one of those individuals who has a knack for presenting the folly within these various erroneous beliefs and dogmas as well as explain a proper worldview in a concise and easy to understand manner. His emphasis on preaching the Gospel is a call to return to what Jesus stated is our great commission. Disseminating the truth of the Scriptures is of supreme importance in a world enthralled by the revisionist and relativist mantra which leads to uncertainty. We thank the Lord that He is using Brannon to unmask the falsehoods of our age and to deal with the most critical and crucial topics of our age. 

Rob Blair of Harbour Shores Church in Cicero, Indiana: 

I've had the privilege of being able to listen to Worldview Radio for a little more than 5 years now. I've also been able to attend 4 Worldview Weekend seminars when they've come to our area. I was even able to take my entire family down to Memphis and attend Brannon's 2 day Worldview Training Institute. 

I can personally attest to the blessing the many facets of his ministry has had on my family in exposing, equipping and establishing us with a Biblical worldview. Yet I recognize as much as it is needed, this may not the case for the majority of people who desperately want to be trained but CAN'T. 

Even with all the technology today, there are still many who are not able to tune into the Worldview radio program; stream it live or download the podcasts. In addition, it's not possible for Brannon and his family to physically get to every region of the country, never mind every major city. And though hundreds of people from all over the nation, even several from other countries have found the two day Training Institute to be well worth the time, money and effort to get there, not everyone can attend with the situation God may have them in at the time. 

So what can the body of Jesus Christ do if none of these options are possible? Give up? No way! There is NOW another way you can bring Brannon into YOUR church, LIVE and have him PERSONALLY speak to a you. Our church has done it twice now and it has been an HUGE SUCCESS! 

A brother in our church simply called Brannon and set up a SKYPE meeting with him. But instead of it being between just the two of them, he had Brannon Skyped directly into our church. Brannon spoke to EVERYONE in our auditorium LIVE. It was even set up where he was able to do a live Q&A, giving the event an exiting interactive dynamic that would have NEVER been there if we merely popped in a DVD. Watching a DVD presentation works great for a Sun. school format or a home Bible study group but how many people will come out to the church to watch a DVD on a Sun. night or week night? Not many. 

But if you get the word out that a nationally know radio host and author of several ground breaking books will be speaking DIRECTLY to your church LIVE and answer your questions through a closed circuit connection, it takes on a whole NEW sense of vital importance and with a personalized touch. 

In fact, after the last Streaming Worldview Weekend with Brannon, an elderly woman shared in our Sunday School class how this was the first time she had heard the Biblical worldview teachings given by Brannon. She most likely wouldn't have set up something like that by herself, but because someone else in the church did, she benefited tremendously and she's spreading the word about what she's learned already. 

How about in your church? All you need is a computer with high speed Internet access and a camera and monitor or projector hooked up to it. If your church doesn't have all those pieces maybe another church in your area does and you can make it a multi-church effort. 

Maybe someone in your church already does meetings like this all the time for their business and would like to host it at their office for their company after hours. A family with a good size living room and a flat screen t.v. could bring Brannon in to speak to Bible study group of a doz., two doz. or as many friends as can fit for a special neighborhood event. Can you see the possibilities? 

And the beauty of this format is that YOU get Brannon and ALL his wisdom, giftedness and enthusiasm for discipling the bride of Christ no matter how many are able to attend. Brannon has always put in his full commitment, expertise and energy whether there were several hundred in the auditorium such as the first time we did it on a Sun. night or even a fraction of that (due many being away on summer vacations) like we had this last time. It was still worth everyone's time because people were being equipped and Brannon was able to do it all without ever having to leave his the comforts of his home! 

Consider the incredible opportunity which the body can fully utilize now that the technology is finally available and while we still have time to use it for the equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry, to the praise and glory of Jesus name, Amen. 

Rob Blair 
Harbour Shores Church, 
Cicero, Indiana


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If you appreciate this information and broadcast please consider making a tax deductible contribution right now at
Thank you!  

You may also send a check to: 

Worldview Weekend Foundation

P.O. Box 1690 
Collierville, TN 38027