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Grave Influence Training Curriculum

Online or In-Person Training Institute graduate discount


Grave Influence: 21 Radicals and Their Worldviews That Rule America From The Grave

A Biblical Worldview Curriculum

Cost: $599.00

Recommended for 14 through adult

Curriculum comes in an attract three-ring binder

Take our online training institute or in person institute training for $299.00 and you receive this curriculum as part of your tuition price. Full details at
This curriculum comes complete with:

  • Leader’s teaching notes
  • Student worksheet masters (no need to purchase student workbooks)
  • Thumb drive with 1,092 Power-point slides
  • Thumb drive with numerous video clips for you to play for your class that will assist you in presenting a professional and informative training class.

Many of the 23 lessons in this curriculum are short and thus you can teach two-three lessons in a one hour class. You can teach this class in twelve, one hour class sessions or you can slow it down and use all the resources provided and teach this class over the course of fifteen to twenty sessions.

The Twenty Lessons Include:

Lesson One: Bringing the Worldview and People Together Under One Agenda

Lesson Two: National Consequences for Rejecting God

Lesson Three: Alice Bailey and The New Movement

Lesson Four: Helen Schucman: Author of the Bible of the New Age

Lesson Five: Julius Wellhausen: Higher Criticism

Lesson Six: Soren Kierkegaard: Spiritual Existentialism

Lesson Seven: Friedrich Nietzsche: Postmodernism
Lesson Eight: John Dewey, the father of modern education

Lesson Nine: The Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism

Lesson Ten: Betty Friedan and Feminism

Lesson Eleven: Williams James and Mandatory Volunteerism

Lesson Twelve: Alfred Kinsey and The Sexual Revelation
Lesson Thirteen: Aldous Huxley and a Planned Economy
Lesson Fourteen: Benjamin Bloom’s education revolution for changing a student’s worldview toward humanism
Lesson Fifteen: B.F. Skinner, behavior psychologist
Lesson Sixteen: Charles Darwin and consequences of evolution
Lesson Seventeen: Karl Marx, socialism, communism and Marxism
Lesson Eighteen: John Maynard Keynes, Fabian Socialism and International Socialism
Lesson Nineteen: Christopher Columbus Langdell and moral relativism applied to the law
Lesson Twenty: Saul Alinky and community disorganization and community reorganization
Lesson Twenty-One: Sigmund Freud and the true goal of psychology
Lesson Twenty-Two: Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and abortion
Conclusion: Why This Can Be The Finest Hour For Those Committed To a Biblical Worldview

Cost: If you have taken our online Worldview Weekend Training Institute in person or online, the curriculum is available for just $249.00. If you are alumni please e-mail us at [email protected] with your first and last name. Once we verify that you have completed our Worldview Weekend Training Institute, we will e-mail you a link that allows you to purchase the curriculum at the alumni price of $249.00

If you have not taken our online training institute you can take the course online at this link:

If you have not gone through our Worldview Weekend Training Institute, the curriculum can be purchased for $599.00.

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