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Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Wednesday, April 26
Brannon Howse: April 26, 2017
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Security expert Clint join us today to discuss the threat of MS-13 working with Islamic terrorists inside America. Topic: Why do many police departments not have a post 9-11 mind set to protect their communities? If the law enforcement cannot adequately protect your family, church, Christian school, or conservative event how should we respond? Topic: How are soft targets in America at risk from a terrorist attack and how are local authorities making the risk worse? Topic: Why is intel and understanding of that intel so important for local police to protect their communities? Topic: What is  the life of a Christian worth? Apparently $5 because the bond was set at $2,500 for the Muslim man that made a terroristic threat against Brannon Howse, Shahram Hadian and the 500 Worldview Weekend attendees in Sioux Falls. That works out to about $5 per person. 

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Abner Chou: Lesson #12, Verse by Verse on 2 Timothy 

In today’s program, we continue a series of classics from our Search the Scriptures Daily archives with the late founder of The Berean Call Dave Hunt and TBC executive director Tom McMahon. This week they address the question: Why Is Prophecy a More Sure Word? 

Series: With the Master on Our Knees (Vol.2)

Lesson: 21

Title: Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication

Passage: 2 Chronicles 6:12-42

Description: Solomon’s prayer of dedication for the temple is indeed a beautiful prayer that we can take principles from as we contemplate our own prayers of dedication. What do you desire to dedicate to the Lord this day? Whatever it might be, is it for the glory of God and the honor of His name? Solomon’s prayer will challenge us as we consider this beautiful prayer of dedication.



The misconceptions presented by skeptics and muslims concerning David. (Program #7)

Bondage or Freedom of the Will

The bondage of free of free will is the topic of today’s show.

Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone – He is risen!  The world is in chaos, including the age old battle between truth and falsehood.  In this week's boralogue, John shows that Jesus, through His death and resurrection, has won that battle and is the Truth.  He may have died on that cross but He conquered death for all of us and is our living hope.  Our belief in that is crucial both now and for all eternity.  He is risen indeed!


There is a decline in Christianity within many Western European countries.  Will that decline spread west across the Atlantic?  Christian speaker and author Dr. Alex McFarland ( discusses intelligent design, atheism's inferior argument, Europe's religious decline, and the need to be spiritually prepared to face the world.


The Left has become an apologist for Islamic ideology, but what reason would they have for doing this?  Nonie Darwish (, Director of Former Muslims United, examines the ideological differences between Christianity and Islam, why some countries give in to Muslim beliefs, and similarities between Koranic and Leftist tactics.


John’s quote of the week:

"Reality is always true; it always wins no matter what people think about the truth.  The problem we seem to be running into isn't so much one of truth; it's a lack of agreement as to what truth is."


Section 6 is on Easter break this week but we'll be back next week with more analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.


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“I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. I have the keys of Death and of Hades.” The glorified Jesus spoke these words as revealed in the book of Revelation. Listen today as we celebrate the risen Christ. 

Jim brings us 'News Round-Up' to make sure listeners could get caught up on national and international news.

--President Trump signed a law that overturns a last-minute Obama era regulation forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood.
--The U.S. military has dropped the largest ever non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan.
--Kim Jong Un the reclusive leader of North Korea is reportedly desperate. The regime is openly suggesting that its nuclear sites are focused both on American/allied military bases in the region and also on the U.S. mainland.
--North Korea may soon conduct its 6th nuclear test.
--Japanese warships join the American naval fleet near Korea.
--China's president tells President Trump that Beijing is willing to work with Washington on ending North Korea's nuclear weapons program but wants to do so through peaceful means.
--China takes a big step toward easing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea by turning away North Korean coal ships.
--President Trump told China's president that Beijing would get a better trade deal with Washington if it helps solve the U.S. problem with North Korea.
--Russia veto's a U.N. resolution that would have condemned the reported use of chemical weapons in a town in northern Syria.
--A joint statement issued by Russia, Iran and their allies in Syria denounced the U.S. missile strike on a Syrian air base.
--The Iranian president encourages the Syrian people and army to give a response that makes Americans regret their attack.
--Vladimir Putin claims the attack was a 'false flag' to discredit Russia.
--Sarin gas was indeed used in Syrian attack.
--Russia flies nuclear capable 'Bear' bombers near Japan.
--Iran's former president unexpectedly filed to run in the nation's main presidential election which contradicts a recommendation from the Supreme Leader to stay out of the race.
--Iran will be receiving its first Boeing aircraft within a month.
--Since 2013, Israeli doctors and nurses have treated more than 3,000 Syrians wounded in the bloody 6-year civil war that has ravaged the country.
--American and allied anti-submarine military aircraft have been spotted in operations off the California coast.
--Russian military plane flies over the U.S. taking pictures via a 1992 accord.
--Attorney General Jeff Sessions pays visit to U.S/Mexico border and warns those seeking illegal entry into the U.S. that this is the Trump era.
--An estimated 4,000 Somali migrants are expected to be deported.
--The federal government will test 20 different prototype border walls near San Diego this summer.
--Lansing, Michigan, council reverses its decision to deem itself a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.
--Former President Obama plans to speak at a forum in Berlin with Angela Merkel to share ideas about global responsibility in an increasingly interconnected planet.
--Hawaii House of Representatives votes on a bill forcing pregnancy centers to promote abortion.
--Hillary Clinton to receive Champion of the Century award from Planned Parenthood.
--Maryland Governor Larry Hogan allowed a bill to become law that would provide 2.7 million dollars in state money to Planned Parenthood if Congress and President Trump cut off taxpayer funding to the abortion provider.
--An abortion facility in Bossier City, Louisiana, has closed its doors and returned its outpatient facility license to the Louisiana Department of Health.
--An Oklahoma mother allowed her daughter to go on an educational field trip only to have her return with a 3 year chemical contraceptive implant inside her arm.
--Another 'peeping-Tom' caught at yet another Target store. This incident occurred at a West Knoxville store.
--An open lesbian has been chosen to be the next commandant of the U.S. Air Force Academy.
--An Oregon circuit judge is battling the war of his life because he refused to perform same-sex marriages. He faces $600,000 in fines.
--The American Center for Law & Justice declares victory over the IRS after a Washington State group with 'Tea Party' in its name was approved by the federal agency to receive tax exempt status as a lobbying organization.
--Marvel Comics forced to issue an apology following the discovery of alleged anti-semitic and anti-Christian references in a recent issue of 'X-Men'.
--A new study of America's oldest, physician aided suicide program shows that numbers of those being euthanized have been steadily increasing and reveals that some are opting to end their lives because they can't afford chemotherapy.
--Ruth Bader Ginsburg mistakenly labeled South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham as one of the women of the Senate.
--President Trump has replaced his federal hiring freeze with agency cuts to end the billions wasted.

Chris revisits the issue of the Rwanda genocide and the fact that the Church of Rome has officially acknowledged its role in planning and carrying out this atrocity.  Catholic bishops acknowledged the crime at the end of 2016,
while Pope Francis offered an apology to Rwanda president Paul Kagame in March of this year.  Yet given the close relationship between Rome, Islam and radical Marxism should the Western world be concerned that these powers appear to be working in concert together towards a common end?  Given that Communists, Romanists and Muslims have all carried out acts of genocidal murder in the past 100 years, is it too far fetched to imagine they may have similar designs in the not too distant future?