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Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Friday, May 26
Brannon Howse: May 25, 2017
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The Cost and Consequences of Sin (Part 2). Description. Topic: In this second program Brannon will list 3 more things that sin costs. Topic: We take your calls. 



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Broadcast Archive

In this program Usama Dakdok debates a leading Muslim Scholar from South Africa by the name of Joseph Ismael. The topic was on whether or not ISIS is a true representation of Islam. (Program #13)

Truths You Were Never Taught

What are some truths you were never taught?

Join us on Mission 17-14 as we begin our quest into reason and logic, does it exist here on Earth? We'll also consider arguments. How's your argument? Our launch pad is Job 9 that contains a famous argument between Job and his friends as Job ponders how can man reason with God. Blaise Pascal , one of our previous spotlight scientists, asked a similar question regarding the existence of God, and the failure of humon logic to answer, now known as "Pascal's Wager". We'll look at this gamble on eternity as it is commonly presented and as it was originally presented in the 17th century. What are the theological as well as logical considerations with this bet your life scenario?  We'll then briefly consider argument and logic as an introduction for mission 17-15.

What God did in Uganda - part 2 May 16, 2017

I continue my discussion today with my friend and board member Mike Miller as we talk about some of the things he and I experienced in Uganda. Mike tells us more today about pastor Bill and his faithful witness.

As the Protestant Reformation developed, a group called the Anabaptists faced fierce opposition because of their beliefs regarding baptism. The battle was fierce, taking its toll in human lives. Let’s examine what it means to die for the truth of scripture.

​According to today's guest, more than half of students will reject their faith by the time they're finished with college. That is exactly why the origins debate is so vitally important for Christians.

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Pat Roy. Pat is the creator of the original Jonathan Park Series and speaker for the Creation & Earth History Museum in San Diego. Formerly, Pat served at the Institute for Creation Research for 12 years and saw the devastating effects of an evolutionary worldview on the families of our society. Pat is scheduled to be the featured speaker at VCY's Trail Ridge Teen Camp July 24th through the 29th.

This Crosstalk began with discussion concerning the Creation and Earth History Museum in the San Diego area. This museum was started over 30 years ago by the Institute for Creation Research. Then ICR moved to Dallas. Some were concerned the museum would close down but instead, another company bought it and have expanded it.

The museum is dedicated to the biblical account of science and history. Others would tell us you can't be a follower of Christ and accept true science at the same time. Are these concepts foreign to one another? Pat believes they can't be because if God created the earth as Genesis shows us, that means he created/wrote the Word and is the one who's been sovereign through all of history. He went on to note how our faith is not blind but is based upon facts. This means that as we explore we can see that history, archeology, science and the Bible are all in harmony and when there's apparent conflict, it's man's misunderstanding.

Pat noted how some Christians try to combine evolution with the Bible. When you do that you're undermining the authority of God's Word. Evolution is not mentioned in the Bible. Instead, the Bible says that God created after his kind and the animals after their kind. Evolution also creates the problem of death occurring before sin entered the world. This goes against Romans 5:12.

For Pat, the Bible is more than just a collection of stories. The Bible is an actual account of true things that took place. So then what is making young Christians reject the faith of their youth? As Pat has questioned young people, he's heard that evolution made a lot of sense for them in biology class. Evolution becomes the justification for the rejection of their faith but in their hearts they don't want to be accountable to God.

As this Crosstalk moved along, Pat talked about some creationists and their contributions to science; some interesting aspects of the Creation and Earth History Museum including their life-size tabernacle display and age of the earth cave, and much more.


Chris discusses a new story from the Gatestone Institute about Germany's recent attack on property rights, reportedly "confiscating homes" to use for the continual flow of migrants into that country.  The systematic destruction of private property ownership appears to be advancing in different parts of Europe in order to accommodate the imposed Muslim invasion, promoted by the globalists.  There can be little question that the principles of Socialism and full blown Communism are at the heart of it.  But can there be any hope for Europe as long as the people and their leaders refuse to turn back to the Christian faith, and rightly honor the God of Creation?

This week's show digs into the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB's) propaganda campaign to keep the Trump Administration from designating the MB a Foreign Terrorist Organization, as well as Hamas' (CAIR) attempt to shut down UTT's training in Arizona.  As always, current events related to the Jihad in America are covered and Chris Gaubatz explains "Zakat" and its obligation in Islam to fund jihad ("terrorism").  Much more and some fun in there too, because - what's a counter-jihad without a little humor?!  Come join UTT as we put FREEDOM back on the offensive where it belongs!!!

What God did in Uganda - part 1 May 15, 2017

Four years ago my friend and Board member, Mike Miller, and I went on a mission trip to Uganda. I have preached in 24 countries around the world and each trip is memorable and meaningful. During the trip to Uganda, though, God allowed us to see much fruit in a unique way. In the next several programs I am going to be joined by Mike as we share with you some of the highlights of the trip. I trust it will encourage you.

Series: With the Master in View of His Return

Lesson: 01

Title: Introduction to 1 Thessalonians

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 1:1

Description: Maranatha - The Lord is coming! What an exciting thought as we embark on a new study, “With the Master in View of His Return”! Paul wrote this epistle to encourage the Thessalonians in their walk with Christ in view of His return! In fact, each chapter ends with the reminder of the Lord’s return! I pray you too will be encouraged as we journey together through this wonderful epistle!

In today’s program, we begin a series of classics from our Search the Scriptures Daily archives with the late founder of The Berean Call Dave Hunt and TBC executive director Tom McMahon.  This week, they address the question: Has Your Love Been Put to the Test? 

In this program Usama Dakdok debates a leading Muslim Scholar from South Africa by the name of Joseph Ismael. The topic was on whether or not ISIS is a true representation of Islam. (Program #11)

In the weekly conversation between Jimmy DeYoung and Dave James, here on PTIB, the subject is "compassion". Jimmy and Dave will discuss how people ask not to be "judged" but instead they want to be loved, is that real compassion; what is real compassion; how do we as Christians exercise compassion, one for another; and if you are really compassionate will you ever discuss "sin, hell and judgement."

Effectual Call (Part 2)

Please listen in as Pastor Mike preaches this recent sermon.

God’s Sovereignty over the Nations

It's a weekend of anniversaries: Mary's first apparition at Fatima in 1917, the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, and the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981.  We forego the boralogue this week and jump right in to the program.

First, 36 years after a failed assassination attempt on the Pope, we welcome Paul Kengor (, Executive Director of the Center for Vision and Values, who discusses how Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan teamed up with others to bring down the Soviet Union, and the best way to communicate with tyrants, as the Pope did, is through both peace and strength.

Second, it is the 100th anniversary of the Virgin Mary's first appearance in Fatima, Portugal.  Tim Kauffman (, Director of White Horse Publications, gives us the history of the many apparitions of Mary throughout history and how most of the messages from apparitions have not been scriptural. 

Finally, this weekend marks 69th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel.  Tommy Ice (, Founder of the Pre-Trib Research Center, examines Christian Zionism, replacement theology, and the relationship between Jews and the Christian church for the past two millennia.


John’s quote of the week:

"Marxism is alive and well in the West. You see it in most of the progressive ideologies in institutions such as American colleges and elsewhere.  Not to mention liberation theologians inside the Catholic Church.  Marxism is alive and well."

As always, join us online for our Section 6 intelligence briefing featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.

Follow us on Twitter @steelonsteelpro as well as the Steel on Steel Facebook page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians for the latest information concerning persecuted Christians around the world. Don’t forget to stop by our YouTube channel as well for our latest videos.