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Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Tuesday, March 21
Brannon Howse: March 21, 2017
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Today Brannon plays audio from a podcast that is reportedly from Sho Baraka, a so-called Christian rapper, saying that it is ok for a Christian to smoke marijuana. Then hear an audio from YouTube in which Sho Baraka talks about how shocked he was that Lifeway was even carrying his CD because it was apparently not for the Lifeway clientele. What does that tell us about what Sho Baraka believes about his own content? Topic: Hear an audio clip of Al Mohler discussing the importance of having discernment in music and the worldview it conveys. So why did Al not do that when bringing in the rapper Sho Baraka? Topic: We take lots of your calls. 

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Topic: U.S. special forces training in South Korea to apparently shut down electricity and critical infrastructure of North Korea, among other activities. Brannon warned you the day after Donald Trump was elected that America was entering perhaps one of the most dangerous times in our history because, unlike President Obama, President Trump was going to go after the enemies of America and they will retaliate. Brannon reported in the fall of 2016 that numerous experts were warning that China and Russia had already hacked into the power-grid of America. What if China gives this information to North Korea? Experts also report that North Korea has been practicing hacking into the critical infrastructure of South Korea in order to practice hacking America. The world might be about to get really interesting. Topic: Brannon gives out a list of some of the neo-evangelicals and religious right that have endorsed the Shack movie. Topic: Tim McGraw acted in the movie The Shack. Hear what McGraw says about God and the spirituality of The Shack movie and then Brannon explains how The Shack is nothing less than neo-orthodoxy. Brannon defines neo-orthodoxy. Groups like the National Association of Evangelicals were formed to oppose neo-orthodoxy and now a member of their board has endorsed the movie The Shack that is promoting neo-orthodoxy. Topic: A caller wants to know how we know Jesus is not already on earth as a world leader or king since the Bible says Jesus will return as a king. Brannon answers the question from a caller that is exploring various faiths. 

This last weekend was the time of the Jewish holiday Purim, which is from the little Old Testament book of Esther. Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will be joined by Steve Herzig, the National Director of Friends of Israel. Jimmy and Steve will discuss the Jewish holiday of Purim, recorded by the Biblical book of Esther; the interesting connection to Purim, 2,500 years ago, and to the threats of Iran today, threats to "wipe Israel of the fast of the Earth"; and to remind all that Persia of Biblical times is modern-day Iran.

Series: With the Master on Our Knees (Vol.2)

Lesson: 16

Title: A Prayer for Mercy

Passage: Psalm 51

Filename: SusanHeck-03-13-17-L16.mp3

Description: Psalm 51 was written after David’s sin with Bathsheba. Here we see a broken man who is in desperate need of forgiveness and a cleansing of his heart. As we consider this beautiful prayer of King David, we will consider the confession of David’s sin, the cleaning of David’s sin and the consequences of David’s repentance. 



It's that time of the week for Jimmy DeYoung and Dave James to have their weekly conversation on an important issue for the Church, as it relates to their daily walk. This time on PTIB Jimmy and Dave will discuss the issue of homosexuality; a Washington Post article that deals with "Homosexuality and the Church" ; and the statements by Matthew Vines that the Bible does not condemn sodomy, homosexuality. This is a very important program, you do not want to miss it.

God's Sovereign Compassion (Part 2)

Pastor Mike preaches this recent sermon titled: "God's Sovereign Compassion (Part 2)."

Join us on Mission 17-05 as we explore apologies! Have you ever had to apologize for something? What were you actually doing? What is the meaning of the English word "apologize" and where did it come from? We'll discuss this and more as we continue our introduction to Christian Apologetics and address reasons some give for opposing or rejecting apologetics in this episode of "It's NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt".

It's NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt is a weekly radio outreach of The Anvil Ministry that applies a scientific approach in conjunction with the clarifying lense of God's Word the Bible as we look at a variety of issues ranging from scientific to theological and everything in between. Former atheist and dedicated rocket engineer/scientist Jason Pratt applies the education and training he has recieved in graduate studies in aerospace engineering, tactical figher jet flights, test pilot school and numerous successful yet challenging launches and space operations missions.

The Shack part 1 March 13, 2017


My pastor, Jim Osman, and I went to see the next offering in the "Christian" movie genre, The Shack. Based from the book by the same title authored by William Paul Young, The Shack portrays one man's encounter with the Trinity as he seeks to make sense of his shattered life. In today's program we will give an overview of the movie and discuss some of the big names giving it their endorsements.

What is causing the divisiveness in America?  John is on the road for this week's boralogue, talking to normal, everyday folks about what's going on in our country.  From oppressive taxation to inept bureaucracy, John shows that it's not down to earth people causing the problems we face today; it's elites in Washington fighting for the status quo that continues to keep us divided.

First amendment freedoms are under attack and those who have fallen victim are fighting back.  Jeremy Dys (, Senior Counsel at First Liberty Institute, examines several court cases including a member of the military punished for displaying Bible verses, a man fired from his secular job for what he said in church, and the Kleins in Oregon who refused to bake a cake for a same sex marriage.

What does the Bible say about borders and immigration? Dr. Andy Woods (, Senior Pastor of Sugarland Bible Church in Houston, Texas, examines the Tower of Babel in relation to borders and what the Bible teaches us about both compassion for immigrants and obeying the law.

Is there diversity within the Christian Church?  David Leong (, Professor at Seattle Pacific University discusses his book, Race and Place, about understanding why many churches remain segregated with like-minded people and the need to get out of one's comfort zone and engage in discussion and action.


John’s quote of the week:

"Two groups of people: the establishment elites who want to see the game go back to where it was, and those of us out here who recognize that most of these elite dreams are broken and failing, as pensions are going to fail, jobs need to be created, infrastructure is crumbling, the debt grows, and it goes on and on and on."


As always, join us online for our Section 6 intelligence briefing featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.


Follow us on Twitter @steelonsteelpro as well as the Steel on Steel Facebook page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians for the latest information concerning persecuted Christians around the world. Don’t forget to stop by our YouTube channel as well for our latest videos.

Written in apocalyptic language rich in symbolism, the book of Revelation portrays the future yet to be: the glorious return of Jesus, the resurrection of the dead, the judgments, the Millennial reign, and then, the eternity which follows.


Jim Schneider filled the hour with many news stories to keep listeners informed on vital issues. They included:

--President Trump signs revised executive order suspending the original refugee program as well as entry to the U.S. for travelers from six nations.

--Hundreds of people admitted to the U.S. as refugees are the subject of FBI counter-terrorism investigations including ISIS. Nearly a third of the 1,000 FBI domestic terror cases involve those admitted to the U.S. as refugees.

--The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) blames Islamophobes and white supremacists in the White House for the travel ban.

--13 members of the MS-13 gang were charged March 2nd with 41 crimes including racketeering, 7 murders, attempted murders, assaults and other illegal acts. 10 of the 13 suspects are illegal aliens.

--A Canadian resolution condemns so-called 'Islamophobia'.

--The mayor of Rutland, Vermont, announced that the city would be taking up to 100 Syrian refugees in fiscal 2017. Citizens voted the mayor out of office.

--House Republicans introduced their Obamacare repeal and replacement bill on Monday.

--The Obama administration alleged to have wired Trump tower for sound.

--Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who resigned effective with Trump's inauguration, joins the debate over Trumps 'wiring' claims.

--Retired U.S. Army Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer doesn't doubt for a minute that Trump has sufficient evidence for wiretapping.

--A former Secret Service agent says there's a third possibility. He noted that the Secret Service conducts electronic counter measures (ECM) sweeps where they go in and check for listening devices to make sure the president is not being wire tapped or listened to. Since Trump had Secret Service protection as a candidate, the agent believes it's much more likely the Secret Service discovered something while performing a sweep of Trump tower and found out that it was the DOJ that ordered the surveillance.

--The scope of the bugging of people by former President Obama against his perceived political enemies is massive according to Pamela Geller.

--Jeff Sessions takes office as the new Attorney General.

--The number of illegals crossing the U.S. southern border drops by 40% during first full month of the Trump presidency.

--Trump's executive order halting the importation of refugees from 6 terror exporting nations also includes a section requiring the government to publicly release information on crimes committed by foreign nationals including honor killings of women.

--On the first day of office as Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke issued Secretarial Order 3345 which revokes Directors Order 219 effective immediately. What was this directive? It was a parting shot issued by President Obama at the very end of his presidency that required the phasing out of the use of lead

ammunition for hunting on federal land.

--President Trump picks former Utah governor Jon Huntsman to be the ambassador to Russia.

--U.S. private employers added 298,000 jobs in February, well above the expectations of economists.

--A coalition of forces is looking to not just de-legitimatize Trump but to personally destroy him.

--Khizr Khan claims that his travel privileges are being reviewed by federal authorities forcing him to cancel his scheduled speech in Toronto.

--FBI files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the father, maternal grandfather and father-in-law of President Obama's close adviser Valerie Jarrett were hard-core communists under investigation by the U.S. government.

--CNN taps the daughter of Valerie Jarrett as a reporter for the Washington Bureau.

--The Obama administration's former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, makes an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death in the streets as words of inspiration.

--Tim Caine, son of the former vice-presidential candidate, was forcibly arrested at a Trump rally in St. Paul Minnesota.

--Planned Parenthood insiders tell graphic stories.

--Planned Parenthood refuses to stop aborting unborn babies in order to receive federal funding.

--A new congressional bill unveiled to repeal Obamacare does include language to defund Planned Parenthood.

--The Kentucky House passed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.

--New Mexico House Democrats block bill that would have required doctors to provide life saving medical care to babies born alive after botched abortions.

--A personhood amendment in Kansas (HR-5009) would recognize the unborn as being equal to living people.

--Liberty Counsel was among several organizations invited to the White House to meet with V.P. Mike Pence to discuss concerns and give suggestions for protecting unborn life in the new GOP health care plan.

--A small town judge whose religious beliefs prevent her from presiding over same-sex marriages was publicly censored by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

--The Supreme Court sent a case involving a transgender high school student from Virginia back to a lower court.

--Hearings will begin around March 20th for Judge Neil Gorsuch.

--Hundreds of LGBTQ advocates gather for HRC's Spring Lobby Day on Capitol Hill.

--A warning concerning a new Bible app coming in June for Christian 'outsiders'.

--Tokyo to be supplying gender neutral restrooms at the 2020 Olympics.

--Children under 16 will be forbidden to see Disney's new Beauty & the Beast in Russia because it includes a homosexual character.

--A federal magistrate has rejected the ACLU's demand for $231,000 in legal fees from Kim Davis, the famous Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Chris discusses new developments involving prophecy and the rise of Anti-Christian powers in Europe, comparing passages in the Scriptures with the witness of current events.  While the Pope and his fellow Jesuits embrace Islam in the West, there are those who predict that the President of Turkey may become the head of a new Islamic Caliphate. Could this be a return of the Ottoman Empire?

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has a conversation with Mike Gendron, about the Catholic Church and some of that churches doctrine. Jimmy and Mike will discuss the Church doctrine of the Virgin Mary; where is the Catholic Church failing in their doctrine of Mary; is this the Mother of Jesus Christ, and with that information. how to use it to witness to those who are Catholic; and finally how is the world preparing for this one-world Church that will be set up in Rome during the first half of the Tribulation.

Steve Nichols Interview

Pastor Mike interviews Stephen Nichols, author of Jesus Made in America. Here is a description of the book: Jesus is as American as baseball and apple pie. But how this came to be is a complex story--one that Stephen Nichols tells with care and ease. Beginning with the Puritans, he leads readers through the various cultural epochs of American history, showing at each stage how American notions of Jesus were shaped by the cultural sensibilities of the times, often with unfortunate results. Always fascinating and often humorous, Jesus Made in America offers a frank assessment of the story of Christianity in America, including the present. For those interested in the cultural implications of that story, this book is a must-read.

If the drama of redemption were a play, it would have two acts, the Old and New Testaments. The central theme is that of a sacrifice. In Act 1, animals were killed at a temple in Jerusalem. In Act 2, the real sacrifice is revealed, the one that takes away sin forever.  

Tom DeWeese is the president of the American Policy Center. Tom is one of the nation's leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education, American sovereignty and independence and protecting our constitutionally guaranteed rights.


A recent action by President Trump reversed the EPA's Waters of the United States Rule (WOTUS Rule). The Obama administration used the EPA as a sledgehammer to role back property rights and expand the size of government. They took the Clean Water Act and stretched the definition of what's known as 'navigable waters'. They based this on the idea that water flows both above and below ground. Since they believed that even water poured down the drain eventually makes its way toward navigable waters, they declared that the EPA would have jurisdiction over all water everywhere. That included almost any piece of land that gets wet and 'puddles'. Tom cited one example of a dirt road where the tire tracks would collect rain water. Even that was to be considered a 'wetlands'.


This would have given the EPA regulatory authority over much of our private property. That put ranchers and farmers in a bad position as they were left uncertain as to what they can do on their property.


President Trump has also been calling for new investment to rebuild America's infrastructure. However, Tom has given a vital warning for local and state governments as well as the federal government to avoid calls to fund this through what's called, 'public/private partnerships'.


Tom described public/private partnerships as a government sanctioned monopoly. These are contracts with corporations that contain no-compete clauses and guarantees for profits. He sees a vast difference between contracting with a private firm to do a job and being in partnership with them. So for Tom, public/private partnerships fit the definition of fascism. This is because these companies end up getting the power of government and eminent domain, the best places to set up their businesses, tax break, etc. At the same time, government can 'hide' behind the independence of business and make excuses, laying the blame for certain things on private business. What's worse, if you're not in that partnership, you are at a disadvantage in attempts to compete. In other words, this is not free enterprise.


Last year Housing and Urban Development (HUD) began enforcing what's known as the Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing rule (AFFH). In the 60's we had the Civil Rights Act that said people could not be stopped from buying property regardless of race, color or creed. However, it did not say that you had a right to be in a neighborhood if you couldn't afford it.


For years, the American Policy Center has said that HUD grants are not free money; that they come with specific strings attached. Those strings are the creation of sustainable development, smart growth communities and Agenda 21. In a lawsuit involving Westchester County in New York, a non-governmental organization (NGO) filed suit against the county saying that they weren't in compliance with the HUD grant they had accepted. The NGO group won the lawsuit. At that point, HUD determined they could use this decision across the nation which gave HUD major power. So now HUD is not only beginning to affect property values and rights, but also local rules as HUD agents dictate terms to local, elected representatives. In other words, they tell the local representatives that they either do what they're told or they will be sued.


Here's how this plays out. One of the things that HUD is requiring communities to do when putting a comprehensive plan together, is to bring in what are called, 'stakeholders'. These are organizations in the community such as civil rights groups.


As a result of that, the NAACP in Baltimore filed a lawsuit saying that Section 8 housing (federally subsidized housing) creates ghettos and that's not fair. They won the lawsuit. Now Baltimore has to spend 30 million dollars over the next 10 years (taxpayer money not HUD money) and build section 8 housing in an affluent, upscale neighborhood. That's a recipe for destroying property values.

Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: takes on this troubling comment by Pastor Mark Dever who said, "So if you’re a pastor and you’re listening to me, you understand me correctly if you think I’m saying you are in sin if you lead your congregation to have a statement of faith that requires a particular millennial view." So Dever is condemning sin and divisiveness while being divisive? That is odd coming from Dever that publicly speaks with Russell Moore. Moore has so many theological problems it would require a book to discuss them all.