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Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Wednesday, April 26
Brannon Howse: April 26, 2017
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Security expert Clint join us today to discuss the threat of MS-13 working with Islamic terrorists inside America. Topic: Why do many police departments not have a post 9-11 mind set to protect their communities? If the law enforcement cannot adequately protect your family, church, Christian school, or conservative event how should we respond? Topic: How are soft targets in America at risk from a terrorist attack and how are local authorities making the risk worse? Topic: Why is intel and understanding of that intel so important for local police to protect their communities? Topic: What is  the life of a Christian worth? Apparently $5 because the bond was set at $2,500 for the Muslim man that made a terroristic threat against Brannon Howse, Shahram Hadian and the 500 Worldview Weekend attendees in Sioux Falls. That works out to about $5 per person. 

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Bulls and Papals

NoCo banter continues as the Pope's liberal statements are examined.

Chris discusses an article posted by the Jesuit's America Magazine in which they interviewed Franklin Graham about a new documentary produced by his organization. While avoiding anything to do with the new film, the Jesuit writer went on about Graham's "anti-Muslim" and "anti-LGBT" comments.  Also discussed is the story of a Muslim who recently attended a World View Weekend conference, and was found out in his car video-taping himself making threatening comments while brandishing a series of firearms.  At last report, he has not yet been arrested.


The misconceptions presented by skeptics and muslims concerning David. (Program #9)

Guest: James Simpson, Former FBI Counter Terrorism expert John Guandolo & Shahram Hadian. Topic: Hear the audio of the ABC news station in Sioux Falls from Tuesday night in which they interviewed and seem to defend the Muslim man that brandished his guns in the parking lot of a Worldview Weekend & told us to be scared and terrified. The fake news media reported numerous false things. Would the media be interviewing a Christian man that had done  this to a muslim conference and seeking to help remake his imagine? Topic: James Simpson reveals some stunning facts about why he thinks the politicians are letting the Muslim community run their town. Topic: John Guandolo gives his thoughts on what happen in Sioux Falls as well as what he thinks about the perpetrator, his worldview, how serious his threat really was and he thinks still is. John explains why this is a growing national problem. 

The Perfections of God - Omniscience part 2  April 19, 2017

Today we continue or discussion on the Omniscience of God. Specifically, we will deal with the question of whether or not Christ was omniscient while on earth. Many say that He was not based upon His statement in Matthew 24:36. Was He omniscient? Or were there things He did not know while on earth?


Join us on Mission 17-08 as we explore Saturn and one of it’s moons, Enceladus, in the quest for extraterrestrial life on board NASA’s Cassini orbiter and who or what is Huygens? It’s not just the partner probe to Cassini, the Huygens lander that touched down on Saturn’s largest moon Titan back in 2005 but a who, find out on this episode of It’s NOT Rocket Science.

He first appeared in the Garden of Eden as the serpent of paradise. Now he’s targeting every believer who runs the race of life toward God’s goal. In this message, you’ll find more about how Satan got his infamous start. 

Guest: Pamela Geller, Leo Holmann, Steve Haugaard, Shahram Hadian. Description. You do not want to miss hearing Pamela Geller's views on the Muslim man that filmed his Koran & filmed the attendees at the Sioux Falls Worldview Weekend Rally before going to his car and telling those in attendance to be scared and afraid as he brandished 5 weapons and ammo. Hear shocking details of how Pamela & her team were targeted for assassination by men in body armor who drove from Phoenix to Garland, Texas. Pamela reports how she, nor the Garland police, were warned yet an FBI agent followed the man to her conference and watched from a distance. I guess the message today is that we can no longer rely on our government or law enforcement to protect us from Muslim terrorists. Topic: Brannon explains how he was told by a religious leader in Sioux Falls that a local government official apparently does not like Brannon expressing his disgust with the lack of charges against the Muslim and has accused Brannon and Shahram of coming to Sioux Falls to just make money and sell books. Pamela responds to this stupid comment. Brannon describes how he believes that he and Shahram were harassed by the Muslim man and now by a few elected officials. So free market capitalism is offensive to some elected officials while the threats of a Muslim man brandishing weapons in the parking lot for a Christian conference is defended by elected officials? Some elected officials are apparently offended that Brannon was hosting a free-will offering meeting for those that listen to his radio program or support his ministry. The lesson from this is that Americans who are targeted and victimized by Islamists and speak out will also likely be trashed by authorities that want to appease the Islamists and cover their cowardice appeasement. Topic: Leo Holmann joins us to discuss his book Stealth Invasion and the connection to the events in Sioux Falls. Topic: We take your calls. 

The misconceptions presented by skeptics and muslims concerning David. (Program #8)

As the Jewish people, world-wide, come to the ending of their eight day Feast, to them called Passover, Jimmy DeYoung will bring Winkie Medad to the PTIB mikes to share the last weeks activities during these holy days for the Jews. Passover is a one day Feast and the Feast called Unleavened Bread is a seven-day Feast. Jimmy will discuss with Winkie why the two Feast are combined and called "Passover"; Winkie will also give a report on the symbolic sacrifice of a lamb, several days before Passover, and just off the Temple Mount, instead of on the Temple Mount; and finally they will look into the "priestly blessings" pronounced on some 80,000 Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.


The Tongue Is a Fire

Listen in to today’s episode of NoCo.

The Perfections of God - Omniscience part 1 April 18, 2017

Today we turn our attention to the Omniscience of God. We will see that this entails more than most imagine and will also discuss a growing heresy related to it known as Open Theism.

We who run life’s race face an adversary. He’s called the devil, the prince of darkness–but we don’t have to let him block the track. His weapons are lies and deceit, but we have a defense. Let’s begin a probing look at Satan, the serpent of paradise.

Chris discusses some of the controversies surrounding the annual celebration of the Easter holiday, which is sometimes called "Resurrection Sunday."  The New Testament places an important emphasis on a believers' faith in the Resurrection of Christ, and the Apostle Paul argued it to be a critical component of salvation (Romans 10:9, 1 Corinthians 15:2,17).  Also discussed is some of the history behind the word "Easter" and whether or not it comes from a Pagan origin, along with recognition of the holiday itself.  Was Easter adopted in place of some pagan tradition? Or was the annual remembrance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ observed by the early church?

​Brannon Howse is the founder of Worldview Weekend and president of Worldview Radio and WVW-TV which distributes biblical radio and TV programming. He teaches God's Word and the importance of a biblical worldview, biblical apologetics and biblical theology and doctrine.

Shahram Hadian was born in Iran into a Muslim family. His parents had a sense of urgency to leave Iran in 1978 and moved to the United States. While in the states, Shahram committed his life to Jesus Christ. This brought immediate disapproval from his family and his culture.

Now, as a former Muslim, Shahram has formed the TIL Project. The Truth in Love Project exposes the true goal of Islam and the threat of Shariah in America. He ran for the office of governor in Washington State in 2012. He has served as a police officer and a pastor.

On Sunday, April 9th, Brannon held a Worldview Weekend rally in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The rally dealt with the global war on Christians and also featured Shahram Hadian as one of the speakers.

Brannon began presenting his account of the event by mentioning how an Islamic group held an event at a local library about hate crimes/speech and those who are allegedly intolerant toward Islam. Brannon and Shahram's names were mentioned so this is how people knew they were going to be coming to speak.

One-sided articles began appearing and Brannon was never contacted for a quote. He believes this fanned the flames and soon after, Muslims, along with interfaith groups, began the process of filing for protest permits.

Brannon hired two off-duty police officers. The radicals then began to register in large blocks for the conference with what Brannon believes was a goal to disturb the conference. This caused Brannon to hire two more officers at the expense of Brannon's organization.

As the story unfolded, Brannon explained that during his conference speech, he began noticing an alarming amount of activity by the hired police officers. After his speech, one of the officers showed him smart phone information where a man who had come to the conference had created a Facebook page and Facebook videos. This man filmed his Qur'an for about 45 seconds and panned the crowd at the event. The man went to his car where he brandished 5 weapons, including two assault rifles, a considerable amount of ammunition and also used the words, “be scared” along with “be terrified”.

Historian Bill Federer is also having challenges in relation to this topic and he joined the conversation later in the program with his own comments.


Guest: Shahram Hadian and South Dakota State Representative and attorney Steve Haggard. Topic: A self-described Muslim man came into the Worldview Weekend in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and stood at the back of the auditorium and filmed his Koran for about 45 seconds before panning the crowd. We later found out he was live streaming on Facebook. One of our off duty police officers approached this man that was holding a Koran, filming our event and wearing a T-shirt that said he was a Muslim. The officer asked the man to stop filming as we had announced at the beginning of the conference that no audio or video recording would be permitted. Upon being approached, the man announced immediately that he was leaving. The officer asked him if he had a concealed weapon on his person to which he said he did. The man also told the officer he was live streaming on Facebook. When the officer asked his name he told the officer “John Smith, the Muslim John Smith.” The Muslim man then proceeded out to his car in the parking lot where he filmed two more Facebook live videos. He was clearly angry and discussed that Shahram and I were promoting books. He seemed very upset with the resources he saw on our resource tables. He then began showing the camera 3 pistols, two assault weapons, and what appeared to be an extended magazine. With the brandishing of each weapon to the camera he said “be scared” or “be terrified.” In fact, he said “be terrified” twice. Now how is that not a terroristic threat? Please remember, he is in the parking lot of our Christian conference that is being attended by some 500 men, women and children. The attendees included a state representative and a state senator. I was shocked the Muslim man was not arrested for making what appears to me, and the many lawyers and law enforcement officials from across the country that have watched the videos, to be a threat for the purpose of fear. Remember in his videos made in the parking lot he tells us to “be afraid” and “be terrified” as he flashes his weapons and ammunition to the camera that was live streaming on Facebook. Why has this man not be charged? Is there now a double standard for Muslims versus the rest of Americans? Are elected prosecutors scared of being seen as politically incorrect? Are elected prosecutors more concerned about their political careers than doing what is right? We discuss these topics with our guests.