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Brannon Howse
Aired Thursday, June 22
Brannon Howse: June 22, 2017
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The Nazi History of the Muslim Brotherhood: Would we sit and interfaith dialogue with the Nazis in the 1930s so we might find where we agree? Would we invite a Nazi into a church to explain his view of Nazism unrefuted? Would we ask a Nazi to make a video or write a book so that Christians can better understand the true face of Nazism? Would we say we sense a kindred spirit with a Nazi? Would we say it was an honor to have you in our presence? Would we call a Nazi a mentor? Would we boast that we learned a lot about Nazism from a Nazi? Would we defend a Nazi when he calls the Jews and Christians filthy and worthy of having their life and property taken? Then how can Christians accept when pastors all over America are sitting in interfaith dialogues with Muslim Brotherhood proponents and Muslim Brotherhood front groups? How does Brannon believe so-called American Christians are repeating a very similar mistake as that of the German Christians in the 1930s when they brought Nazism into their churches and gave it a platform?

James White sat in a church in Memphis and engaged in an interfaith dialogue with Islamic Imam Yasir Qadhi who is part of the Muslim brotherhood, as documented by numerous sources. If the supporters of James White can jettison the Word of God that forbids such spiritual enterprises as documented in 2 Corinthians 6:14 or 2 John 9-11, can they also jettison the history and facts about the Muslim Brotherhood? Are these people now ready to spin the facts about the Muslim Brotherhood and their explicit involvement in the Nazi Holocaust and justify lifting up and promoting a Muslim Brotherhood proponent in an interfaith dialogue? Brannon believes that it is sad that many of the evangelical intelligentsia are about to be further revealed for the non-thinking, group consensus, pragmatic, good ol' boy compromisers that they are when it comes to this black and white issue of James White and Yasir Qadhi that they are defending. 

When one sits with a Muslim Brotherhood proponent and participant, they are sitting with a man whose Muslim Brotherhood organization dates back to Adolf Hitler. The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood was Hassan al-Banna, and he and Muslim Brotherhood Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, both worked closely with Adolf Hitler to murder the Jews. It was al-Husseini that was the big proponent of the final solution so that Jews would not end up in Jerusalem. He was able to convince some of Hitler's top people not to let the Jews be exported to other lands. Instead, the Mufti of Jerusalem convinced Hitler and his top men to exterminate them. Listen and learn from this vital and firmly documented history and what we can learn from it as Christians in America. If Christians in the 1930s would be wrong to sit with a Nazi in an interfaith dialogue in a church seeking where they might agree, how can Christians in 2017 sit with a Muslim Brotherhood proponent and seek the same? How is it any different when you understand the worldview and history of the Muslim Brotherhood? Muslim brotherhood is Islamic-nazism!

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Four Clubs For the Price of One

Broadcast Archive

Monday 6.26.2017--Pat Abendroth Church Today

Listen in to Pat Abendroth (Pastor Mike’s brother)

Interview with Jim Osman part 1 - June 15, 2017


You have heard me talk about my pastor, Jim Osman, and have even heard me interview him on several different topics. I thought you might like to get to know Jim a bit more and learn more about the ministry to which God has called him and Kootenai Community Church.

Jesus taught us to call God “Our Father.” In the Bible, God has revealed many names, but only one character: absolute holiness combined with infinite power, love, and justice. In this message, we’ll come to grips with “The Father We Worship.”

Martin Mawyer began his career as a freelance journalist resulting in his position as the editor-in-chief of Jerry Falwell's 'Moral Majority Report'. In 1990 he founded the Christian Action Network, a non-profit organization created to protect America's religious and moral heritage through educational and political activism efforts. He's the author of 4 books and 3 documentary films. His most recent book is, 'Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America'.

This program centered on the subject of a program called Access Islam. Access Islam is a 10 point lesson plan funded by the Department of Education and made available to public schools throughout the U.S. Teachers can access the program through the PBS Learning Media site where a host of down-loadable educational programs for teachers can be obtained.

Martin doesn't consider Access Islam to be an academic lesson plan. Instead, he views it as religious indoctrination. He also described it as, '... a Sunday school class on how to become a Muslim, act like a Muslim, perform Muslim duties and to evangelize as a Muslim.'

He noted how after 9-11, our government decided we needed to educate school children on Islam. The thought was that the 9-11 terrorists were radicals and students didn't know much about Islam or that area of the world. The idea was to develop learning materials so students would have a better understanding of what happened, along with a better understanding of Islam and its history. The problem is that once something like this gets into the hands of activist groups, that seemingly benign goal, suddenly turns into something very dangerous in our public schools and that's what has happened.

Martin told listeners we've been seeing this trend since 9-11, and of all the Islamic education programs developed for public schools, he believes that Access Islam is by far, the most radical of them all.

What are the grade levels? Are liberal groups outraged by this apparent embracing of religion in public schools? Does this program have children working with verses of the Qur'an? These and other questions are answered when you review this vital edition of Crosstalk.

Worldview Radio: Guest: Chris Pinto: Topic: Brannon exhorts his audience to not follow him, but follow the truth he represents. Topic: Has educational pride & elitism caused many within even so-called conservative evangelicalism to become spiritually blind as part of judgement from God, and thus embrace the same error as the liberal wing of evangelicalism? Topic: Undercover agent exposed that the Center for American Islamic Relations uses interfaith dialogue to stop criticism of Islam. Topic: Can a believer be a good father, a good citizen, and a good church member without compromising? Topic: Why are Christians not called to compromise the truth to reach people with the gospel? Topic: Has the Great Commandment been elevated over a redefined Great Commission, and if so, what does that mean? Topic: Hear an audio from CNN from 1989 of a Muslim speaker explaining the ultimate goal of Islam is to make all of America Muslim. Topic: Does the Great Commission require Christians to not oppose Islam so we don’t offend Muslims and thus can reach them for Christ? People on social media are actually saying this and Chris Pinto responds. 

Misconceptions in the Book of Proverbs #2

Open line for Worldview Radio audience from all over the country sounds off on James White & Yasir Qadhi and their spiritual dialogue. While we know what the pragmatic & compromised good ole boy club of the Christian Mafia thinks, what does the average Christian think and do they think evangelical leaders have a double standard for their own buddies? Does the Christian Mafia have a standard for Rick Warren and others on the theological left and one from themselves on the theological right? Brannon opens the program with a statement and then its all callers. 

Misconceptions in the Book of Proverbs 

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has as his guest, a journalist, politico and Broadcast Partner, Winkie Medad . Jimmy and Winkie will discuss that President Trump did not move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, at least not yet; the Israeli PM says there is no connection between that move and the Jewish Settlements; that there is a plan to make Judea and Samaria a part of the Jewish State of Israel; and that God has plans for the Jewish people and those plans will be played out, even as there is movement in all of the political arena, that the Lord will bring to fulfillment.

Misc Maundy John Piper

Listen in to this episode of NoCo!

The Love of God part 2 - June 14, 2017

Today we will look at some of the attributes of God's love. We will see that God's love is multifaceted in that it is uninfluenced, sovereign, holy and immutable. What a joy it has been for me to go on this journey with you. Thank you for joining me and giving me this privilege.


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When it comes to the Bible, doubts have to give way to faith that it is what it claims to be – the very word of God. The Bible is the only book that can take you across the gorge of death into eternity. Let’s find out why we can trust the Bible.

​Dr. Tommy Ice is the director of the Pre-Trib Research Center. He founded the center in 1994 with Dr. Tim LaHaye. Dr. Ice has co-authored over 30 books, written hundreds of articles and is a frequent conference speaker.

Why is Bible chronology important for us to know? Dr. Ice believes it's because the Bible is the Word of God. It deals with real events in history. Through the Bible we see chronological issues that you can figure out in order to determine factors such as how old the earth is, how long ago Abraham was called, etc.

Dr. Ice noted a very interesting fact about the Bible compared to all other religions. All other religions are based upon a philosophy or ethics. The Bible does have those things but only the Bible is built on whether or not something actually happened in history. This is because it's God's record of His revelation.

For Dr. Ice, history is not just a cyclical series of human events but it's progressing in a linear manner. He cited Hinduism which is the polar opposite of Christianity. It's full of cycles with history going nowhere. He agreed that man's nature is cyclical in the sense that you have people doing the same things over and over again. However, he described history as, '...progressing from a garden to a city...with a cross in between.' That's progress because history has meaning and purpose.

'Charting the Bible Chronologically: A Visual Guide to God's Unfolding Plan' begins with creation. One creation chart deals with the divine institutions that God created for mankind to function under. These five institutions are responsible labor, marriage, family, civil government and nationalism/tribal diversity. The book also deals with the kings of Israel, the giving of the Mosaic Law, the inter-testamental period, the birth and life of Christ, the Church Age as well as what the Bible predicts for the future.

As this program progressed, Jim had Dr. Ice explain the following:

--Why is the book based upon a young-earth view?
--How God addresses the 'formless and void' earth issue.
--When were angels created?
--How long did Adam and Eve live before the fall?
--What are the 3 kinds of covenants in the Bible?
--What is a 'dispensation'?
--What point is Dr. Ice trying to communicate through chapter 40 when he asks:
'What is Your Choice?'


Chris discusses a new article on Frontpagemag about the publication of the book, "The Strange Death of Europe," by Douglas Murray.  The book details the condition of the wearied countries that are now being invaded by Islamic immigrants, who threaten to overthrow and ultimately replace the Western European people.  The book and article make reference to the famous "Rivers of Blood" speech given by U.K. politician Enoch Powell that was often referenced during the time leading up to the Brexit vote. Today, Powell is considered one of the greatest British leaders in history, whose warnings have sadly gone unheeded.  During the program, we play an excerpt from his
famous speech where he warns that his country is heaping up its own "funeral pyre."

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has Dr Rob Congdon join him to discuss the recent United Kingdom elections. Jimmy and Rob will discuss will the loss of her majority in the British Parliament cause Teresa May to have to step down politically; can the PM continue with her plan for Brexit; will this political mis-step have a major effect on the end time scenario in Bible Prophecy, found in God's Word.

The Love of God

The Love of God. Are you sure you grasp this biblical concept?