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Brannon Howse
Aired Tuesday, September 25
Brannon Howse: September 25, 2018
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Guest: Dr. Andy Woods joins us for another installment of Ask Dr. Woods. Question: In the wake of current political global events which are fast nearing crisis proportions, there have been many articles popping up saying we are amid the Tribulation already. Some feel that the pre-trib. position has been a deception in the church. I was hoping you can point me to some relevant scriptures as a response. Question: Does Revelation 12:5 refer to the rapture? Question: If an unsaved man is in an accident and is in critical condition at the scene but receives Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior before he passed away (at the scene). Is that man in heaven, despite how bad a person he was all his life? What scripture do you have to back this up? Question: Is suicide the unpardonable sin? Question: Who are the 24 elders in Revelation 4? Question: Where did Cain get his wife? Question: What is the significance of the recent discovery of the Red Heifer in Israel? Topic: We take your calls

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Broadcast Archive

Peter LaBarbera is the founder and president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, a non-partisan, non-profit group dedicated to exposing the homosexual-bisexual-transgender activist agendas.

Peter's organization has become a victim of censorship and intolerance. The story involves a homosexual activist/convicted sex offender who's on the sex offender registry list in 2 states. In 3 of Peter's website stories they had a picture of this man's mug shot from one of his arrests. He didn't want that photo to be seen, so Peter noted that this individual sends threatening letters to anyone who publishes things like that, while claiming that his privacy is being violated.

This individual contacted the Internet service provider and communicated that his mug shot is a copyrighted picture. The ISP wrote to Peter's web host and gave them 5 days to take the picture down. The next day, Peter's entire website was down because his web host said this is a specious claim and they refused to take the picture down.

The regular Americans for Truth site is back up, but another site Peter had called 'Americans for Truth Censored' is still down.

This story was followed by more LGBTQ news involving the following:

--A Sesame Street writer claims (although it appears he's taking it back) that 'Bert' and 'Ernie' are a gay couple based on his own same-sex relationship.

--Cartoon Network promotes the LGBT agenda with a lesbian kiss on a children's TV show.

--Drag queen story hours taking place in libraries across America.

--An anti-bullying group in Canada has created a transgender puppet character with accompanying booklets and videos to be used by teachers in the classroom.

--81% of family television comedies are showing children being exposed to sexual dialogue.

--New York City is the most recent city to allow a 3rd gender option on birth certificates for those who don't identify as male or female. They will be classified as 'Gender X'. This will begin January 1 of 2019.

--Bisexuality to be promoted through a 'bi-pride' event this weekend.

--A biologically male rapist, who identifies as a woman, is accused of sexually assaulting 4 female inmates shortly after being transferred to an all-female facility.

--A number of U.S. multinational companies have signed on to an open letter that calls on the British government to legalize same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

--The most extreme supporters of sex change in Scotland are proposing an option to allow children to change their sex on their birth certificate even if their parents object.

--The largest department store in Finland takes a stand against gender norms and launches a gender neutral shopping floor for everyone.

Those at the Pentagon, in Washington, can read the evidence daily that this world is in a "cold war" situation, in fact, a "dual cold war" with Russia and China as the co-equal participants. And at the same time, Russia is holding the largest Russian Military Exercises since the cold war, and China is participating, in these exercises. Bob Maginnis, who has a day job at the Pentagon that calls for Bob to daily read all these reports that are tangible evidence of Bob's report. This is ahead on today's edition of PTIB with Bob joining Jimmy DeYoung at his Broadcast Table.

Guest: Jim Simpson. Topic: Did you know there is a good chance Russia built an Atom bomb in their D.C. embassy? Topic: Deep state working with big tech firms look to shut down conservatives on social media so they can stop the truth from being heard so their neo-Marxist information operation gives them a huge election victory so they can continue with their revolution in America. Topic: We take your calls.

How LifeWay Bookstore Are Promoting the lies of Islam (Part 13)

In 1989 a Muslim Brotherhood leader described on CSPAN how they planned to hijack America’s educational system to turn Americans into Muslims. You might think we are exaggerating but you will hear the audio for yourself in this broadcast. We will then look at how their 1989 goal is well on its way to being accomplished in 2018 as the U.S. Department of Education is funding the indoctrination of America’s school children into Islam. Topic: We take your calls.

The D.C Circus--Behind The Scenes. We are joined by Peggy Nienaber (V.P. Operations, Faith & Action D.C.). Topics discussed include: Are accusations like this going to discourage great people from ever considering high office or the High Court? What about the background checks on nominees? What about Brett Kavanaugh is most disturbing to those in the leftist, progressive movement?

This week the most sacred of the Jewish holy-days, Yom Kippur takes place. On this day in Israel, all of the State shuts down its activities and the Nation comes to a stand still. It is an amazing site. This week also marked the 25th Anniversary of the Oslo Accords, the peace treaty between the Israelis and the Palestinians, a Peace Treaty that is not working, it has never been normalized, waiting to be "confirmed" by the soon-coming Anti-christ, the one who confirms the three treaties already in place. Israeli leaders are looking ahead into 5779 to suggest the hope for the peace Jewish people are awaiting. And Prime Minister Netanyahu is praising President Trump for closing the PLO offices in Washington, DC. These are the issues that Jimmy DeYoung and Dave Dolan will discuss today on PTIB.

How LifeWay Bookstore Are Promoting the lies of Islam (Part 12)

In Bible times, all roads led to Rome. Some feel that all spiritual roads lead to heaven, even those that never intersect. They think that anyone who is sincere in their belief deserves a chance at heaven. But what does fairness look like from God’s point of view?

Mat Staver is the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a non-profit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and the family. Mat has argued two landmark cases before the Supreme Court

​Mat began by noting that since the first week of hearings when he last appeared on Crosstalk, things just got worse in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination process. There's eyewitness evidence that people were being paid $50 per person to protest, they were signing civil disobedience forms, and they were getting orchestrated/coordinated text messages and e-mails while in the confirmation room. These communications would tell them what to scream, when to scream and when to scream louder. Then when they would get arrested, their fines were paid for by various organizations such as Linda Sarsour's Women's March.

Eventually, 10 Democrats on the committee voted to cancel or delay the hearings. Each vote had to be voted down. When that hearing finished, it meant they would come back and this week they would vote Brett Kavanaugh out of committee (this Thursday).

Since they weren't able to cancel the hearings or shake Kavanaugh during testimony, his opponents sent a letter from Dianne Feinstein to the FBI, a letter that the FBI isn't investigating. Mat indicated that Feinstein held this letter for at least 6 weeks. The letter, from a woman named Christine Blasey Ford, alleges that when she was in high school (36 years ago), Brett Kavanaugh got drunk and tried to sexually assault her. She doesn't remember the exact year, where the alleged incident occurred, how she got to the alleged home where it occurred or how she got home. Originally she said there were 4 people involved, now she's changed that to 2 people.

Mat believes this was a, '...last minute, pressured release by other Democrats and their radical public interest organizations in which she was saving this in case they could not torpedo the nomination...'

This broadcast includes a look at Christine Blasey Ford's connections to the political 'left', her parents loss in a past foreclosure case overseen by Kavanaugh's mother, Clarence Thomas audio from 1991, an explanation of the Soros connection, and response from Crosstalk listeners.


Guest: Thomas Littleton. Topic: Sounds like fake news but it is not. Mark Dever, who has been an annual speaker for John MacArthur’s Shepherds Conference for years and is booked to speak for his church in March of 2018, has his church sponsoring a Living Out conference. This is the UK organization that has a survey that churches can take to see if they are being inclusive towards the LGBTQ community. One of the ways a church can prove this is that church members are willing to share their children with same-sex attracted people. Did you ever think you would see the day when the so-called conservative wing of evangelicalism would compromise in this manner? What does this say for the future of evangelicalism? How is this setting up the true church for persecution? We cover these topics and more with Tom Littleton who has written an article on this breaking news story.

Eyes To See, Ears To Hear. Topics discussed include: The Impact of Hurricane Florence. The Lesson to be Learned from Hurricane Florence. Accusations against Judge Kavanaugh. Today is Constitution Day. Today is Constitution Day.

How LifeWay Bookstore Are Promoting the lies of Islam (Part 11)

Ken Timmerman, who is in Southern France, will join Jimmy DeYoung, at his Broadcast Table, to discuss a number of geo-political events, happening around the world, on todays edition of PTIB. Jimmy and Ken will discuss the Russian Military Exercise, now going on, with the assistance of China; Turkey trying to stall the removal of rebels in the Syrian Civil War; Russia wanting a total victory in Syria; are Americans forgetting 9-11; and is Iraq's instability in the setting in place an Iraqi government, actually setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

​​Twila Brase is the president and co-founder of Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom.  She's a certified public health nurse, has provided testimony before state legislative bodies and she provides daily commentary on the Health Freedom Minute.  She's the author of 'Big Brother in the Exam Room:  The Dangerous Truth about Electronic Health Records'.

According to Twila, there are serious dangers lurking behind the government’s $30 billion electronic health record experiment. She says this omnipresent technology turns doctors into data clerks and shifts attention from patients to paperwork, while health plans, government agencies, and the health data industry profit. Patients who think they are protected by the HIPAA privacy rule will be shocked to discover their medical records are an open book.

According to Twila, back when Hillary Clinton had her plan, she wanted to have a national major electronic health records system. While that never came about, part of her bill, which never passed, was called, 'Administrative Simplification'. That ended up being part of the law of that we now know as HIPAA. It was to take away the privacy and consent rights of individuals so that such information could be digitized and shared.

Once HIPAA was passed, the move was now on to place everyone's data into an electronic format. Then in 2009, 4 weeks after President Obama was inaugurated, they passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This huge bill also included something called the 'High Tech Act'. This was the 'Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act'. The act mandated that doctors and hospitals put in a government approved electronic health records system. The system was to be used meaningfully (the way the government wanted it used) otherwise access to full payment for Medicare patients would be lost.

There were government health record systems before this, but those were made by doctors for doctors and useful for patients. That's not what the government electronic health records system is for. Nonetheless, the government EHR was mandated, so by January of 2014 everyone had to have it in their offices and bedside in order to become fully paid for Medicare patients.

She described how the Illinois Pain Institute took a vote of their staff and they decided to get rid of it and went back to paper. Now Twila is hearing from some doctors that there are extra costs tied to the EHR system, so it would be better in the long run to get rid of it and take the Medicare penalty for refusing to use it.

​When you review this broadcast, you'll find out if the current EHR system has harmed anyone, why Twila believes your data is a tool of control, how this is affecting physicians, the ransomware factor, listener questions, and more.


Any runner can tell you that there’s only one goal line and only one route to get there. Since rules are rules, you have to follow the track in order to win. The Bible makes it clear that there is only one way to God.