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Brannon Howse
Aired Wednesday, September 18
Brannon Howse: September 18, 2019
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Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Exposing the anti-Israel propaganda & Scripture twisting of Neo-Calvinist John Piper. (Part 3) Topic: Today Brannon quotes directly from an article by John Piper that reveals must about the worldview of Piper but also how he has assisted in infiltrating evangelicalism with the unbiblical teaching of Kingdom Now Theology as well as Replacement Theology. Topic: Brannon reads from Piper’s article in which he declares that the Jews are enemies of God? Are all Jews enemies of God? Why would a pastor write such a thing? Would he say the same of all gentiles? Topic: Brannon reads from Piper’s article in which he declares that the kingdom of God is already here. What proof does Piper have for such an outlandish claim? Why does Jesus tell us in the Lord’s Prayer to pray “They Kingdom Come” if the kingdom is already here? Topic: Piper takes scripture out of context to say God has cancelled his covenant with the Jews. However, the Scripture Piper quotes says no such thing. Topic: Why is this topic so important?

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Broadcast Archive

Shahram Hadian is a former Muslim from Iran who came to the states in 1978 and committed his life to Jesus Christ.  Shahram started the TIL Project, the Truth in Love Project, which exposes the true goal of Islam and the threat of Sharia in America.  He has served as a pastor, a police officer, and a former candidate for Governor in Washington State.

When you look at 9-11 media coverage across America, you’re likely to find articles and other remembrances about the first responders, the loss of life, as well as ceremonies taking place.  However, there’s one thing that is noticeably absent. That’s the motivation for the attack.  

Shahram noted that from our media, government officials or even law enforcement we see no mention of Islam.  He believes it’s intentional because we know that after 9-11, and particularly after the Obama administration came in, there was a concerted effort to remove reference to the motivation for the attack.  That’s in spite of the fact that the 9-11 Commission Report highlighted the motivation of jihad, Islam and its supremacist ideology, along with the mention of Muslims. 

Shahram contends that post 2009 (post Obama), we can see that within the law enforcement/national security apparatus, the media world, the education system and perhaps even within our churches, the mention of the ideology and motivation behind 9-11 has been eradicated.

So basically things have gone from Islam to jihadism to radical Islam to terrorism and now it’s moved on to terms like violent extremism.  The result is that 18 years later, when we say ‘never forget,’ are we remembering all of 9-11 or just the trauma of it without remembering the reason behind it?

Are we any better 18 years later?  You’ll be better able to answer that question when you review this broadcast as Shahram gives a brief overview of the ideology of Islam, whether we’re safer now after forming the Department of Homeland Security, examples of how Islam is proliferating in spite of 9-11, the results of the 9-11 Senate hearing on Monday, and much more including input from Crosstalk listeners.



Guest: James Simpson. Topic: How conservatives and Christians are emboldening the Islamic and Marxist enemies of America by caving to their demands and then running for the tall grass like a bunch of cowards when called a few names. Brannon explains how this behavior will only turn cowards into slaves  of the red-green axis in the long run. Topic: Jim joins Brannon to explain how CAIR shut down another conference in the Midwest. This time the conference was to feature James Simpson and Shahram Hadian and yet a church cancelled the event apparently after a neighboring Christian school expressed safety concerns. Brannon and Jim discuss how terrorism by Islamists and Antifa both in Europe and in America is working by scaring many Europeans and Americans to the point they surrender to the demands of the red-green axis. Topic: The King of Jordan declares that ridiculing Islam creates more terrorists. Topic: The organization of Tony Blair is working to shut down those in Europe that speak ill of Islam even after Islamic terrorist attacks. Topic: We take your calls.