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Worldview Weekend Radio

Brannon Howse
Aired Friday, April 3
Brannon Howse: April 03, 2020
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Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: Holy week in Israel, Passover and Easter, will look like no other Holy week in the past. Topic: Trump peace plan is the sticking point in the formation of an Israeli government. Topic: Iran may be pushed by its coronavirus crisis, to attack Israel and other Middle Eastern enemies. Topic: Israeli intel believes that Iran has enough enriched uranium for a weapon of mass destruction and may be moved to make a bomb as the world is focused on the coronavirus crisis. Topic: We take your calls. 

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Broadcast Archive

This week on “Encounter God’s Truth,” we turn once again to the classic Bible teaching of author and theologian Dr. John Whitcomb. We hear him open to the Minor Prophets and provide more Old Testament background to Christ’s presentation in Luke 24, which was first shared on the road to Emmaus. His message goes on to apply this vital Biblical truth to each of us, explaining why every listener must have a dynamic encounter with God’s truth. You see, like the disciples who met Christ on that road following His resurrection, we must also appropriate God’s promises in our personal lives. Following the lesson, host Wayne Shepherd shares Dr. Whitcomb’s answer to a question as to how we can counter the lack of interest in serious Bible study that appears to be growing in our time. Thanks for listening to “Encounter God’s Truth”! Each week we build our faith solely upon God’s Word—which is true from the beginning to the end.

Americans are adrift in a sea of moral relativism. We need a moral compass. The cross of Christ is that compass, and the church must live by the cross if our culture is to survive. Let’s help the world by first calling the church back to the cross of Christ.

Just some of the headlines on today’s Round Up!

– Congress OKs 2 Trillion dollar Stimulus

– One World Government needed (?)  

– “Social Distancing” is working!

– China Hitting a Coronavirus Milestone

– Faulty Virus Tests from China?

– Feds to Develop New Guidelines

– Hospitals Ban Pastors

– President Trump Gives 4th Quarter Salary

– Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Upset

– Rep. Ilhan Omar Responds to COVID-19 “release ICE”

– Iran releases 85k prisoners

– New Orleans Mayor Refuses Responsibility


The National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service just released its report regarding drafting America's daughters, mandatory national testing, & compulsory community service. This Commission was set up by President Obama and Senator John McCain in 2016 and the report was just released a few days ago.

The Obamas were pushing this agenda before they were in the White House through an organization knows as "Public Allies" that was consulted in the writing of this report. This is Common Core on steroids. Today Brannon gives a brief over of what is in this report that the Commission is recommending the U.S. Congress make into law. 

On Wednesday and Thursday night Brannon will host an hour each night on this topic and show the screen shots from the report. Text WVW to 88202 for a reminder and link to watch. Brannon will show screen shots to document EVERYTHING. This Commission also calls for mandatory national testing, as well as pushing social justice, brainwashing through community service with "appropriate" and "certified" non-profits. This is what Brannon was warning about in his 2009 book, Grave Influence, in the chapter on Williams James, as well as his 1995 book Reclaiming a Nation At Risk, and a 1996 special report on the NAEP. Learn about all this on Wednesday and Thursday night. Follow us at or at

Guest:  Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: Jesuit trained Dr. Fauci. Dr. Fauci has boasted openly of how his thinking was formed and influenced by the Jesuits. Is Fauci part of the medial deep state and part of that Jesuit and globalist movement that former Jesuit Malachi Martin warned us about? Topic: An update on the Digital Dollar. Topic: Some of the inflated Coronavirus death rates came from the liberal Imperial college of London that works with the United Nations, the Fabian Socialists Society, and promotes sustainable development. Topic: Hear the audio of Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task for refuting the numbers of Imperial College of London. Topic: U.S. Attorney General Indicts Maduro, the President of Venezuela. This is is very interesting timing as China and Russia are in Venezuela. If America goes to war with China over the Coronavirus would it begin in Venezuela?Topic: Brannon recommends one his favorite movies during the Coronavirus shut down. Brannon talks about watch the Bridge on the River Kwai. Topic: The formation of an Israeli government is very close as political leaders say no to a fourth election. Topic: Wars in the Middle East continue even as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies. Topic: The Palestinian leaders say that the Israelis are trying to implement the Trump Peace Plan during the coronavirus crisis. Topic: Nine hundred Jews this month immigrate to Israel even in this terrible time of the coronavirus crisis.

BIBLICAL IMPLICATIONS OF COVID-19. “Pastors’ Point of View.” Here, we discuss how the coronavirus fits into Bible prophecy. When society-halting events, such as the coronavirus, come on the scene, many wonder how does all of this relate to God’s prophetic word? Unfortunately, many are going to the wrong biblical passages in an attempt to explain the prophetic significance of this phenomenon. Here, we show you the right prophetic passages, which help explain the coronavirus situation.


Constitutional Contracts. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: Using the Change of Pace for Good. The Importance of Contracts. Constitutional Context for our Current Chaos. Praying for America and Our Leaders.

Islamophobia and the 2020 Presidential Elections (Program 52)


Winkie Medad will be at the Broadcast Table here on PTIB to up-date us on three different issues. Jimmy and Winkie will discuss the election process as they are trying to form a coalition government, are they any closer to that happening; is there a real possibility that Israel may have to go to a fourth election; Winkie's report on the fight in Israel against the coronavirus; and his report of a scholarly Rabbi who says the Vatican must return the Temple implements, taken by General Titus from the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, back to Rome, so that  Vespasian, the father of Titus, could re-build the Roman Empire, in 70AD.

Many who seek justice call for “a level playing field” of opportunity. There is one place where the field is level, and that is at the foot of the cross of Christ. This cross is the only basis for reconciling people of different racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.