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Ozarks 2020

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Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, January 27
Brannon Howse: January 27, 2020
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Guest: Jeffery R. Nyquist & Usama Dakdok. Topic: Did China Steal The Coronavirus from Canada and turn it into a Bioweapon? Hear the audio of a news report from Canada that leads us to believe that indeed the Coronavirus was stolen by China from a Canadian lab. Topic: What are the odds that this virus was stolen from Canada months before the outbreak, and the outbreak occurs twenty miles from China’s top virology lab where the stolen virus was taken? A seafood market? Improbable! Topic: How contagious is the Coronavirus? Topic: We pray that the Coronavirus does not become a pandemic and if it does not, this current situation should reveal to us that bioweapons are a serious threat and one of the major tools of the new way of warfare. Topic: On January 25th, 2020 we received an email from YouTube that stated: “Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our hate speech policy. We have removed the following content from YouTube: Video: Some Evangelicals Are Helping the Marxists and Muslims Sabotage America.” Telling the truth with TONS of documented facts and video clips is now hate speech? These were older videos and so apparently YouTube is stepping up its crack down on conservatives as the fall of 2020 elections approach. Yet, YouTube is FILLED with hateful rants by Islamists and Marxists about Christians, conservatives and Jews. Some of these videos feature individuals like Linda Sarsour, Yasir Qadhi, Dalia Mogahed, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Siraj Wahhaj who was on a list of co-conspirators in the trial of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. This is the second video in one week that YouTube has removed. Listen as we play real hate speech from YouTube in Arabic and Egyptian Usama Dakdok translates. Topic: We take your calls.

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Broadcast Archive

Those who say there’s no God have little hope on their deathbed.  But those who believe in Jesus know that their times of death are in God’s hands. We can glorify God when it is our turn to die.


You may recall as children when someone would say that their brother could beat up the brother of someone else or that their father was stronger than the father of someone else.  Here we see the appeal to a higher ability or authority.

We also see this in the adult world when someone yells out, ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Allah is greater or Allah is bigger) with the implication being that someone’s Allah is bigger than the God of someone else.

In the account of Elijah and the prophets of Baal we see that any such notions of superiority over the God of the Bible are simply false, as God demonstrated His power and authority as being supreme.

Going back to Genesis, Satan questioned the authority of God’s Word by asking, ‘Yea hath God said?’  So can we really trust what was written into this ‘Bronze Age’ book when we have so much more science and enlightenment today?    

Joining Jim to look at this issue of ultimate authority was Jay Seegert.  Jay is the Founder and Managing Director for The Starting Point Project. Jay holds degrees in both physics and engineering technology.  He’s an International speaker and author, serves on the Board of Directors for Logos Research Associates and is speaker for the Creation Science Association of Fiji.    

For Jay, everyone begins somewhere with their belief system.  For the Christian, he believes that God exists and the Bible is His Word.  This foundational starting point is then used to define everything else: science, philosophy, history, ethics, morality, etc.  From there you can ask individuals what starting point they’ve chosen and why they believe that starting point allows them to be confident that it will help them accurately define and describe everything else.

Why do we struggle with this issue of authority?  Why have some churches moved away from the Bible’s position of authority and now believe it really doesn’t matter any more?  If we accept so-called, ‘real science,’ will that disprove the Bible? How is it possible to have so much biblical illiteracy in a land seemingly so rich and full of biblical truth?

These questions and others are covered as Jay brings answers that will strengthen your faith in the authority of God’s Word.  


UTT's John Guandolo spoke at the ROCK the RED Conference in South Carolina this past weekend, and interviewed Army Chaplain Ray Moore about a radical approach to education - taking it out of government hands, as well as Lucretia Moore, whose story will bring you to tears.  All of this and much more on this week's UTT Radio Show.

The History, Goals, & Tactics of the Power Elite. (Part 1) Topic: In 1913 President Wilson warned of the Power Elite that controlled and dominated America to the point that we no longer have the freedom of opinion and are dominated by a small group of men. Topic: In his 1980 book, The Real War, Former President Richard Nixon warns of the Power Elite that pick what America debates, who is allowed to be seen on television and who is declared good and who is declared evil. Nixon warns that the group of Power Elite sets the course of America. Topic: Today Brannon warns that this long standing Power Elite are at war with freedom loving, patriotic and Constitution loving Americans who largely support the policies of President Donald Trump. The question is what will the Power Elite do to stop President Trump from being re-elected as he sets back their self-described New World Order? Topic: Brannon plays a portion of an interview conducted by Kevin Freeman with a white hat hacker that has discovered that the passwords and user names needed to access voting records and even change the votes of Americans have been deliberately placed online for anarchists, marxists, and black hat hackers to find. Topic: Are the Power Elite willing to prosecute, persecute, and even kill those that get in their way? Topic: We take your calls.

Tamara interviews the daughter in law of President Trump, Mrs. Laura Trump. Then Tamara interviews  Mario Diaz of Concerned Women for America on the Executive Order President Trump signed concerning religious freedom. 

How Could Jesus Not Know the Time or Hour? With host David Hunt and T.A. McMahon

What Happened to Authenticity in the Christian Church? We are joined by Dr. Douglas McLachlan (Author, Pastor). Topics discussed include: The Lack of Authenticity in Christianity. The Collapse of the Cosmos. The Condition of the Church. The Consecration of the Church.




Islamophobia and the 2020 Presidential Elections (Program 7) 

Ken Timmerman covers geopolitical events around the world for PTIB and joins Jimmy DeYoung at the Broadcast Table to give his insight into these events that may well be setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled. Today on PTIB Jimmy and Ken will discuss the increase in the enriching of uranium by the Iranians preparing a nuke WMD; President Putin gaining more powers in order to stay in a position of leadership in Russia; and the warning from Putin of a catastrophic Middle East War in the very near future.

Believers count on a life beyond this life. Meanwhile, we live to bring glory to God. Whether our days are many or few, all of us will die. We want to live in such a way that when life is over, God receives glory.

The players in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump are coming together.  Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was sworn in last Thursday to preside over the proceedings.  Senators were also sworn in as jurors in the process.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated that she believes they have a strong case for the president’s impeachment.  This, in spite of the fact that she insists that more investigation, more witnesses and more information needs to be taken into consideration.

Helping listeners get to the truth, Robert Romano, Vice President of Public Policy with Americans for Limited Government, joined Jim to bring focus and clarity to this multi-faceted issue.

Nancy Pelosi felt the impeachment issue was urgent, couldn’t delay, or wait on the courts to decide certain matters.  On the other hand, she held on to the articles of impeachment for nearly a month. Robert believes they put the brakes on perhaps so that they didn’t have to follow through with this over the Christmas vacation.  

Now that we’re into a new year, they’re ready to move ahead.  Robert also indicated that in regard to concessions, Pelosi may have been counting on Republican senators to possibly be weak and not necessarily want to stand with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  McConnell communicated that he has enough votes to proceed to trial even without the Democrats in the House submitting their articles, so this means he may have enough votes to proceed to a rapid dismissal or acquittal once they get past opening statements.

Pelosi said this was a solemn occasion and not something to celebrate.  Mitch McConnell called this a partisan performance with Pelosi handing out golden pens that came to her on silver platters.  Robert believes this shows it’s about appearances and political theater for House Democrats. Due to the likelihood of a speedy acquittal, the only reason to do this is to damage the president heading into the 2020 election and if it doesn’t have that effect, this becomes, as Robert described, ‘one of the greatest political blunders in history.

This program answered many question you may have had.  Here’s a small sample of those that Robert looked at: 

–Did the House ever prove the charges levied against the president?  

–What is the opinion from the Government Accountability Office and is it incriminating against the president?  

–Does the impeachment have anything to do with alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election or not?  

–Was President Trump acting inconsistently with the way previous administrations have acted on such issues?  

–Is Hunter Biden really relevant to this issue?